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1 Pozzuoli, 20th-21st January 2005

2 Private Technological Research Centre Non-profit making organization Founded in 1989 by companies and public institutions We focused in chemical field, construction and wood-furniture sector basically Multidisciplinar Boasts a surface area of 5.000 m2 More than 55 employees Introduction

3 Generic research Co-operative research Individual projects under contract Technology services Main activities

4 Certification Testing raports Technological advisory services Spreading and transfer of technology Technical training Technological Services

5 2003 Income / Services

6 Staff evolution

7 CIDEMCO is accredited by ENAC (the National Accreditation Entity) for the purpose of carrying out tests on: adhesives, varnishes, building hardware, wood and its derivatives, furnitures, paints, wood preservatives, sealants, acoustic, fire reaction, fire resistance and windows. Likewise, it is accredited for the calibration of colorimeters and glossmeters. This accreditation is valid for those certificates issued by CIDEMCO laboratories in any country belonging to EA (European Cooperation for Acreditation). All tests are guaranteed by a UNE-EN-ISO 17025:1999 quality system. ACCREDITATIONS

8 CIDEMCO is Notified Body for the Construction Products included in 89/106/CE Construction Products Directive CPD

9 Certifications and Quality Labels Certification is the act by which a third party (independent, impartial and competent) demonstrates the fact that a product, process or service is in accordance with one or several technical specifications. In addition to the fact that Certifications and Quality Labels constitute efficient sales tools, they also improve the technical credibility and image of the company.

10 Office Furniture Lasur Wood Floors QUALITY LABELS

11 Wood Preservatives Wood Treatment Curative Treatment QUALITY LABELS


13 Department of Materials Environmental adaption of materials Ageing of materials by ultraviolet radiation Development of adhesives and aqueous coatings Replacement of toxic compounds Migration of toxic substances Reduction of volatile organic compounds Protection against fire Technological Lines


15 Removing of occluded bubbles in quick-driying industrial coating (EBU) Natural fibers as reinforcement for thermal bridges breakdown strips in aluminium window profiles (ECOWINDOW) Commercial CAD for the furniture ind. (Furniture- ASP) European R&D Projects ON PROGRESS

16 Eco-houses based on eco-friendly polymer composite construction materials (ECO-PCCM) Development of innovative particleboard(chipboard) panels for a better mechanical performance and a lower environmental impact (DIPP) Innovative green wood treatment to achieve Risk class 4 protection (SURFASAM) European R&D Projects ON PROGRESS

17 Increasing wood exterior joinery service-life by innovative coatings (WEXCO) Development of aqueos base varnishes for use in interior woods (WINTEW) Development of aqueos base resins by photopolimeration (URCURE) Reduction of abrasiveness in the machining of decorative plastics surfaces (ASPLAS) European R&D Projects FINISHED

18 Fireproof treatments for wood compatible with antixylophagus treatments (MICEX) Silicone sealants curable by U.V. Radiation (SERU) Production process for the elimination of the wood veneer breaking in its use as moulding (VENEER) Applications of recycled paper mills effluents to wood substitutive products (RESPRO) European R&D Projects FINISHED

19 Improvement of superfitial hardness of pinus for use in parquet flooring (HARD-FLOOR) Upgrading of non durable wood species by appropiate pyrolisis thermal treatment (PIROW) High performance wood gluing aqueus adhesives (WOOD-GLUE) Make-ready of a detection system for insect attact by acoustical method (INADEC) A laser system for optimizing and cutting straith and curved pieces (LASSY) European R&D Projects FINISHED

20 Durable, enviromentally friendly compatible, fireproof and water resistant particle board (TAHI) New manufacturing techniques in the agglomerate cork industry (NEW- CORKING) Structural products manufactured from recycled cellulose (CELULOSA) European R&D Projects FINISHED

21 Low temperature curable powder coatings (LOTEC) Device for measuring and control of varnish thickness on line (VARNISH) Calibration and testing for the evaluation of plywood glue bond performance (PLYWOOD) ) Electromagnetic radiation absorbing paints (FECO) European R&D Projects FINISHED

22 Durability of Sandwich Panels (ASPAN) Antigraffity Coatings (ANTIGRAFFITI) Development of anticorrosive pigments based on conductive polymers (CP-PROTECON) European R&D Projects FINISHED

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