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Sygic Update Assistant

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1 Sygic Update Assistant
Sygic map and content updater for not connected PND and InDash devices

2 Sygic Update Assistant – the easiest way to drive with the latest maps in your customer device
Roads are changing very often. The only way to keep customers PND/In Dash device always up to date is with the Sygic Update Assistant. We created this service for you to make sure that end users are getting the latest software and map changes.

3 Sygic Update Assistant connects your PND/InDash to Sygic server and enables you fast and easy content updates Software updates Content updates Update your software to the latest version Enjoy easy access to free or paid* map updates *depends upon project specification Discover and enjoy the latest software features Update your speed camera trap database Enhance your software with the latest bug fixes Uninstall maps you don’t need currently and restore them later to save space on your device

4 Enjoy multilingual environment:
English French German Turkish Italian Spanish Czech Portuguese (PT) Polish Russian Slovak Hungarian Regions: Western Europe Europe DACH (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) Iberia (Spain, Portugal) North America Australia/New Zealand Chile GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries)

5 System and software requirements
Sygic version requirements WinCE and Android releases Sygic Drive 10 version 832 or higher Sygic 11.0 or higher Computer OS requirements Windows XP or higher Device requirements Connection via mass storage mode, or SD card

6 Comfortable and easy installation
1. Download and install Sygic Update Assistant from 2. Connect your device to the computer or insert the storage card to the card reader. Sygic Update Assistant will run automatically. 3a. If you don’t have Sygic Update Assistant account please fill in your address and a password by your choice. Then click „Create Account“ 3b. If you have an account in Sygic Update Assistant please fill in your and password. Then click Login. If you forgot your password click on „Click here“ and an will be sent with your new temporary password.

7 4. Choose the map you want and click on “Buy now” button to buy new products or “Restore” to get to previous versions of products you already own. 5. Fill in your PayPal or Credit Card details and press “Review and Continue“

8 FAQ 1. What is the Sygic Update Assistant?
Sygic Update Assistant is service that we implemented to keep your maps always up to date. You can update your current maps, buy new regions or temporary uninstall maps you don’t need and restore them later to save space on your device. 2. Where can I find Sygic Update Assistant ? You can download and install the software from 3. Which devices are compatible with Sygic Update Assistant? This service can be used only on PND/InDash which are not connected to the internet. The device has to be connected to the PC via mass storage mode or SD card. 4. Which region maps can I update? You can update your current maps that you paid for. Or you can buy additional/bigger regions. Currently available maps are Full Europe, Western Europe, DACH (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland), Iberia (Spain, Portugal), North America, Australia/New Zealand, Chille, GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Aram Emirates). 5. Which Sygic software versions are compatible with Sygic Update Assistant? Sygic Drive 10 version 832 or higher and Sygic 11.0 or higher for WinCE and Android devices can be updated via Sygic Update Assistant.

9 FAQ 6. Is it possible to purchase single country through the Sygic Update Assistant? Currently you are able to purchase only the above mentioned regions. 7. Which are the available languages for this software? You are able to choose between English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian and Turkish languages. 8. Which paying methods are available? Customers can pay via credit cards or PayPal account. 9. I want to update country map or buy region that is currently not in Sygic Update Assistant list of available regions. – Contact us at 10. Can I update my Software version? Currently we are offering only map updates. The development team is working on new release of the software that will be able to update the software also. 11. How often is the Sygic Update Assistant being updated? Updated maps will be placed every quartar (if new maps are available by the map provider).

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