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© 2012 VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMware Horizon Suite A Vision to End User freedom and IT Control Roch Norwa, Senior SE, EUC Specialist, Eastern.

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1 © 2012 VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMware Horizon Suite A Vision to End User freedom and IT Control Roch Norwa, Senior SE, EUC Specialist, Eastern Europe

2 2 The pace and rate of technology change is faster than ever Sources: IDC 2012, Morgan Stanley 2011, Gartner 2012, Forrester 2012, Pew 2011 300B app downloads by 2016 of LOB apps are SaaS 80 % 52 % of companies support mobile/remote employees > 30 % of the worldwide workforce is mobile AppsAccess 66 % use 2+ devices for work ½ of all non-PC devices will be BYO by 2016 2014 Android shipments will outstrip iOS Y/YY/Y steady PC shipment forecasts Devices

3 3 So in addition to what you already own.. One Location

4 4 You are under pressure to make sense of the new Personal DevicesCorporate Devices Diverse Apps Diverse Platform Data Everywhere Diverse Devices Mobile

5 5 Transform Assets Into Central Services Broker Services Centrally by Policy Deliver Multi-device Access What you need is a new approach

6 6 Transform: Simplify desktops, diverse apps and data into centralized services Deliver: Empower your workforce with flexible access across devices, locations and connectivity VMware Horizon is the Platform for End-User Computing Broker: Manage & Secure centrally and broker services to your workforce by policy

7 7 Centralized image management for local deployment Multi-device access to applications, data and desktops VMware Horizon Suite HORIZON SUITE The platform for workforce mobility Horizon View Horizon Mirage Horizon Workspace Desktop and application virtualization NEW v5.2 NEW v4.0 NEW v1.0

8 8 VMware View Composer VMware ThinApp VMware View Clients VMware View Manager Horizon Product Family Overview Layered Windows image management Centralize management, backup and recovery Native physical computer performance Single workspace for users to securely access corporate assets on any device Centralized, policy-based management and for IT Virtualize desktops and applications into the datacenter Simplify management and reduce TCO Secure, roaming access to virtual desktops Horizon View Horizon Mirage Horizon Workspace

9 9 Horizon View: Manage & Execute Centrally Manage centralized virtual desktops Users remotely access from various devices Security & Compliance Anywhere Access Business Agility Mobile & BYOD Access OPEX Savings Highly efficient remote protocol

10 10 Overview Benefits Install-Free access to Desktops Clean, integrated, browser-based experience Access View Desktops from device platforms where no native client is available HTML Access to Horizon View Desktops Access your desktop and apps via Horizon from ANY modern device Remote protocol delivered through any HTML5 capable web-browser Access through View Portal or Horizon UI Routes to existing View desktop Leverages View Security Server for network routing when available

11 11 Unified Communication and Rich 3D graphics

12 12 Overview Benefits Mobile Clients User Interface Enhancements Make using Windows applications easier on mobile devices Makes using Windows apps on mobile much more usable and mobile centric Best-in-class Windows apps experience on the iOS & Android devices that are used by key decision makers Focus on applications, not the desktop Easier to launch apps Easier to switch between running apps Easier to open/find files Easier to use minimize and quit apps

13 13 Just in time retrieval of user persona Maintain personalization between sessions on virtual and physical desktops *new* No dependency on Roaming Profiles or extra infrastructure Details Benefits Reduce desktop costs by using stateless floating desktops Simplify management and deployment Streamlines physical to virtual desktop migration Give users consistent desktops Faster log in times View Persona Management Efficiently preserve user settings and reduce desktop TCO

14 14 Data hosted in datacenter Secure and encrypted end point access Configurable security settings vShield Endpoint offloads anti-virus protection, partner integration possible Details Benefits IP protected behind firewall Visibility to maintain compliance Choices in two-factor authentication solutions *new* Improve performance by eliminating AV boot storms vShield Endpoint Ensure desktop security and virus protection Cloud Infrastructure agent AV

15 15 End to end monitoring of desktops, users and network through dashboards Ensures health and performance of stack Enable proactive alerts Details Benefits Comprehensive visibility to track and monitor desktop environment Proactively trend and troubleshoot issues Decrease help desk time and support Streamline deployments Reduce management costs vCenter Operations Manager for View Monitor, troubleshoot and proactively respond to desktop issues


17 17 Manage a single image Business as usual for users Horizon Mirage: Manage Centrally, Execute Locally Highly efficient de-duplication & synchronization (even over WAN) Automated Win7 Deploy. Endpoint Backup & DR PC Refresh $ Savings Break/Fix $ Savings Centralized Image Mgmt.

18 18 Mirage sees Windows as a stack of layers End User PC Machine Identity Layer ( identity, customizations) Everything else (installed apps and drivers) User Personalization Layer (user data & profiles) Base Layer ( OS, infra SW, core apps) Driver Library Application Layers

19 19 Single Base Layer + App Layers = Multiple Use Cases End User PC Machine Identity Layer Everything else User Personalization Layer Base Layer Driver Library Finance Apps Human Resources Apps Training Apps Development Apps Sales Support Apps

20 20 Centrally managed Windows images deployed locally on devices Datacenter hosted virtual desktops Horizon View Horizon Mirage Security Remote & Roaming Access Offline Flexibility Native Performance Synchronization Horizon View & Mirage For Windows Desktops & Applications Thin/zero clientsTabletsPCsLaptopsMacs

21 21 Horizon Mirage – Architektur

22 22 Horizon Workspace: Manage Data & Application Access Manage policies for apps, data & more Users access workloads across devices Secure Syncing, Sharing & Remote Access Security & Compliance Anywhere Access Multi-Device Access BYOD Mobile Mgmt. Collaboration

23 23 VMware Horizon Workspace at a Glance IT ADMINS Single management console for administration, managing security and user entitlement policies END USERS Single workspace for accessing data, apps, desktops Delivered on any device

24 24 File Collaboration with Colleagues, Customers and Partners Challenge Users introduce consumer devices and apps into corporate environment to collaborate Solution Anytime, anywhere access Offline & online data access High-fidelity doc previews Document versioning, commenting and auditing v1 INTERNALEXTERNAL v2 v3

25 25 Easy Access to Enterprise Applications & Services Challenge Access apps from every device Multiple logins increases support costs Provisioning applications is costly Solution Single context-based catalog Data, Apps, Services, Virtual Desktops Single Sign On One-click access to activate / download app

26 26 Access to Virtual Desktops Has Never Been Easier Challenge Multiple logins Another client is cumbersome Installing View client devices Solution SSO brokering user to available desktops based on entitlement policy Leverage Blast protocol to access View from any HTML5 browser

27 27 Confidential 27

28 28 VMware Horizon Workspace IT ADMINS Single management console for administration, managing security and user entitlement policies

29 29 Unified Management and Policies Challenge Increased costs: too many non- integrated tools Confusing access policies hard to manage and audit Device-centric management does not scale Lax policy enforcement Solution Unified User / Identity Management Centralized Entitlement Management Unified Policies Management Context Management

30 30 Enterprise-Grade Security Challenge Data security on remote devices Authentication on personal device creates usability issues Compliance requires strong authentication Solution Endpoint registration & wipe Document sandbox Encryption on mobile devices App passcode policy 2-factor authentication

31 31 Secure Mobile Workspace Management Challenge Users want mobile device Keep personal data private IT doesnt want to be liable for personal content Protect sensitive corporate data and take control of mobile apps and updates Solution A mobile workspace that is completely enterprise-owned and controlled Provision, manage and remove corporate data and applications on employee devices IT Admin Android (Available in limited markets in Q1) IOS (We are working on this for a future release. Do not make packaging/pricing assumptions)

32 32 Many capabilities, one suite Physical Desktops Virtual DesktopsMulti-Device Workspace HORIZON SUITE The platform for workforce mobility

33 33 Thank You!

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