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© 2011 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Building the Killer Insurance Marketing App Bob Evans Director, Mobile Insurance Solutions

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1 © 2011 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Building the Killer Insurance Marketing App Bob Evans Director, Mobile Insurance Solutions 205-259-6513

2 Session Objective Explore the general capabilities of mobile devices and how they can be exploited to provide business value for insurance, and some techniques for doing so.

3 Growth of Desktop, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets Source: IDC and Gartner Computing HAS BEEN Going Mobile!

4 Consumers and Employees are Demanding It… In todays on-the-go world, insurance consumers demand reliability, transparency, and ease of communication from their insurance provider –1 out of 5 US online adults affirm that the ability to check policy information or to pay bills using a mobile phone influences their decision regarding a provider –1 in 10 online Generation Y insurance owners have connected with their insurer through their mobile device in the past year –Consumers top desired functions from their mobile phone are: being able to report an accident, locate an agent, track a current claim, access their insurance policy, and pay their bill on their mobile phone Claims adjusters are demanding wireless devices and applications, which is driving Tier 1 and Tier 2 insurers to invest in these technologies –Mobile solutions can drive an efficiency gain of up to 30% in claims processing –Arming adjusters with mobility enablers can contribute to operational excellence, cost savings, and superior customer service –Insurance CIOs are investing in wireless solutions for claims handling

5 …and Insurers are Responding Insurers are considering or piloting customer-facing mobile applications to help consumers access policy/account information, file claims, pay premiums, locate offices/agents, and access financial tools and calculators Now almost every top insurance carrier has one, showing that the apps race is definitely on Insurers are also investing in mobile apps that improve the productivity of company resources such as mobile e-mail services, sales force apps, and field service apps Insurers continue to emulate the mobile tech adoption path of banking peers

6 Mobility Challenges Missing necessary tech and business skills Supporting numerous platforms Security exposures Delivering on end user experience Required infrastructure investment Identifying meaningful process improvements Supporting B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Technology) Developing acceptable ROI Impediments To Successful Adoption

7 What Can These Devices Do? Device Level Picture Video Audio GPS Accelerometer Magnetometer Orientation Wi-Fi Wireless (Edge, 3G, 4G, …) Keyboard/Touch Gyro Feature Level Personal Information Management (PIM: email, calendar, contacts, To-Do, etc.) Phone (voicemail, conference, Caller ID, etc.) Mobile-Browser Native Application Location-based services Data tethering SMS/MMS Music/Video Player (some with radio) Push/Notification

8 Mobile Brings Intersection of Medium and Context Sensors Personal Information Mgmt Portable Touch GPS Physical Awareness Intimate and Interactive Location Aware Personal, Social, Connected Relevant where needed Always on Always on us

9 © 2011 Computer Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Mobile Connected, Located & Pervasive Copyright © 2004-2009

10 The Mobile Device Wars: Wild West of Mobility The mobile rEvolution is big business, on a global scale –Fragmented –No dominant set of standards –Major players battle for supremacy. Comparable to browser wars – but at a much more sophisticated level with more players and big dollars at stake. This fragmentation make designing content for mobile problematic –Do you design high-quality content optimized for each device? –Or, design for a single lowest common denominator? –Difficult questions that drive the design and architecture of most mobile solutions today

11 Mobile Development Considerations Mobile application requirements –Rich UI –Utilize on-device capabilities –Responsive and touch-friendly Native development for multiple devices is expensive –May require new skills –Vary across mobile platforms Web technologies –Normally use existing skills –Portable across devices –Offer limited capabilities as compared to Native apps –HTML5 and CSS3 provide improvements

12 Designing for Tablets Enabling technologies –HTML5 –CSS3 –Javascript libraries Solution – hybrid web + native offer best of both Native mobile development frameworks –Phonegap –BlackBerry WebWorks –Appcelerator Solution: Hybrid Web + Native Apps

13 Designing for Tablets Both Mobile and HTML5 are relatively new, so legacy support is not a concern HTML5 capable devices –iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch –Blackberry PlayBook, BB6, BB7 –Android Phone and Tablets –Windows Phone –WebOS –Most modern desktop browsers HTML5 APIs –Geolocation –Databases, files and storage –Drawing and charting HTML5 + Mobile = Perfect Fit

14 Adapting for Different Form Factors Screen1Screen 2 Combined Activity

15 Better Other Considerations Dynamically adapt to available real-estate and form factors CSS3 Media Queries Custom CSS –Form-factor specific –Device specific Device specific UI adaptations –Back buttons –Rotation –Context menus –Hardware buttons Good

16 Core Insurance Solutions Policy Billing Policy Funds Policy Claims Security Integration Mobile Enabled Applications Multi-Channel Delivery Native Devices Mobile Web Services Roadmap Consultancy Development Example Mobile Insurance Framework Extending the reach of business assets into the mobile space Mobile Framework Hosted or On-Premise Broker/Agent 2Work Consumer Cloud Manage Testing Policy Other Adapters

17 Putting the App in the Ecosystems Privacy policy EULA Distribution –App Store or Enterprise deployment for iPhone –App World or OTA for Blackberry –Market for Android including OTA capabilities Gathering data –Ecosystems include online tools for monitoring downloads –Web application monitoring tools for browser access


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