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2 activAeon XA Developed as an automated tool to assist Service Providers with their license reporting obligations under the Microsoft SPLA program

3 Complexity of SPLA License Program
Hosting Environment Server & desktop operating systems Server & desktop applications User activity Hosted services SPLA License Rules Usage rights detail how software must be licensed & reported Rules difficult to understand & apply SPLA License Report Details license requirements - Timely & resource intensive - Accuracy hard to achieve in dynamic environments

4 Consequences of Getting it Wrong
Lack of compliancy with software use rights. Audit by Microsoft to determine accuracy. Lost revenue from end customers Over-spend due to inaccurate license reporting. What do they do if they suspect someone doing it wrong? Would they even know??

5 activAeon’s SPLA License Solution
1. Automated detection of installed software and precise monitoring of user activity 2. Data from all managed devices / sites held in a centralised database 1 2 3 4 Tracks exactly what’s installed and where Monitors exactly what’s been used and by whom Calculates and presents precise license requirements Automates production of SPLA License Report 3. SPLA license logic built into system, automatically interpreted and applied to raw data 4. Automated production of SPLA License Report, guaranteeing accuracy of results

6 Technology Overview Distributed agent based technology
Agent service installed on each managed device collecting: Device profile Detailed software inventory Product and Device Use Agent features Offline data storage to ensure no loss of data Encrypted data communication Centrally managed Central management console (AMS) Distribution and management of agent services Device, domain and customer manipulation Tailored report generation to meet licensing and end-customer requirements

7 Architecture

8 activAeon XA Console

9 Agent Deployment

10 Multiple Agent Deployment

11 Software Inventory

12 Detected SPLA Products

13 Application Provisioning

14 Virtualisation

15 Virtualisation

16 Customer License Associations

17 Non-SPLA Application Management

18 Generated Reports Microsoft SPLA /LUR License Submission Report
Customer License Report Summary of SPLA license submission Server Products Licensing Details server product license requirements Microsoft Exchange Details MS Exchange License requirements Windows Licensing Details Windows License requirements Desktop Application License Summary Details application licensing for remote desktop Terminal Server Licensing Details Remote Desktop licensing requirements Desktop Application Usage Details application activity within remote desktop sessions Terminal Server Session Activity Details user session activity within remote desktop

19 Microsoft License Usage Report






25 Engagement model Resold via SPLAR’s globally
No upfront installation fees Monthly agent license fee to mirror SPLA Downloaded simply and easily via internet

26 activAeon benefits to Partners
activAeon reduces the amount of time and resources taken to report by 72% activAeon increases Service Providers ability to report; easily, accurately and in line with SPUR by 71% activAeon users claim their ability to identify accurate end user license usage has increased by 104%. This ensures billing of end customers is based upon accurate usage data

27 Contact us activAeon Ltd Lugano Building 57 Melbourne Street Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne & Wear NE1 2JQ UK Tel: +44 (0) Web: 27

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