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LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 1 SHOCK VALUE NM State Science Olympiad 2013.

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1 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 1 SHOCK VALUE NM State Science Olympiad 2013

2 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 2 SHOCK VALUE Event Parameters Students are allowed to use any notes and/or calculators. Notes must be 3-hole punched and secured in a 3-ring binder of any size. Calculators cannot have any attached external probes or sensors. The event supervisor provides any needed equipment. Students may bring and use their own basic multimeters in place of event supervisor supplied ones.

3 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 3 SHOCK VALUE Competition Topics 1.Basic electrical DC circuit theory concepts of voltage levels current flow and direction, electrical pathways, volts, amperes, ohms, schematics, ohms law.

4 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 4 SHOCK VALUE Competition Topics 2.Basic electrical device concepts battery polarity, parallel vs. series wiring of components, light bulb and motor connections, dry vs. wet cells. No semiconductors will be used.

5 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 5 SHOCK VALUE Competition Topics 3.Basic electrical circuit construction/ analysis switches, power source, voltmeter measurements, light bulb/motor connections.

6 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 6 SHOCK VALUE Competition Topics 4.Basic magnetism concepts North and South poles, Earth's magnetic field, Electromagnet principles, magnetic vs. nonmagnetic materials, magnet shapes/types.

7 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 7 SHOCK VALUE Competition Topics 5.Basic magnetic applications use of a compass to determine directions/poles of a magnet, operation of an electromagnet, use of magnets in motors.

8 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 8 SHOCK VALUE Competition must have at least one task or question from each of the five areas. Competition must consist of both hands-on tasks and questions. 50% of the score must be from hands-on tasks and 50% must be from the theoretical portion. The event supervisor may provide some mathematical relationships. Topics not included in the events are semiconductors, AC circuit theory and devices, capacitors, or inductors.

9 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 9 SHOCK VALUE Competition Format There are two competition times: one for Even and the other for the Odd numbered teams (12 or 13 teams are competing in each time slot). The competition will consist of six to seven stations through which the teams rotate. There are at most two teams working at each station. Each station focuses on one of the five areas. Teams have about 6 minutes (depending on the number of stations) at each station. They are not permitted to return to a station.

10 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 10 SHOCK VALUE Task/Question Examples Build a specified circuit. Identify parallel or series circuits. Measure voltage in a circuit. Identify circuit symbols. Questions about magnets. Identify North and South poles of a magnet.

11 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 11 SHOCK VALUE Circuit Symbols

12 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 12 SHOCK VALUE Series and Parallel Circuits

13 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 13 SHOCK VALUE Constructing Electrical Circuits Construct a series circuit containing a battery, light bulb, and switch. Construct a parallel circuit containing a battery, two light bulbs, and switch.

14 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 14 SHOCK VALUE Ohms Law V = I R Potential difference: V volts Current:Iamps Resistance:Rohms

15 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 15 SHOCK VALUE Ohms Law Ohms law states that current is inversely proportional to resistance How much current flows through a lamp that has a resistance of 60 ohms when 12 V is connected across it? I = V/ R I = 12 V / 60 ohms = 0.2 amps

16 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 16 SHOCK VALUE Voltage Measurement

17 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 17 SHOCK VALUE Station Schedule Example Time Period Station A1 B7 C6 D5 E4 F3 G2

18 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 18 SHOCK VALUE QUESTIONS?

19 LED:NMSO Workshop 11/02/2012 19 SHOCK VALUE ACTIVITIES Build a circuit Measure voltage with a multimeter

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