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Cross Platform UI testing using Sikuli

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1 Cross Platform UI testing using Sikuli
-Amit Dixit -Dipesh Bhatewara

2 Objective Testing of mobile based application
Current platform specific tools Challenges Generic Solution For All The Platforms

3 Mobile Platforms And Testing Tools
Android Android Instrumentation Robotium Seleniumdroid iOS UI Automation FoneMonkey Frank Symbian CTS (Compatibility Test Suite)

4 Android Android Instrumentation Robotium Selenium droid Paid Tool
Instrumentation framework based on JUINT3 Framework supports activities , toasts , context menus etc. Robotium Extends Android Instrumentation Framework Can develop powerful test cases  Can handle multiple activities  Blazing fast test execution Runs on a device Selenium droid Runs in android browser Use native touch events to emulate user interaction Paid Tool See Test

5 iOS UI Automation FoneMoneky Frank
Tests in JavaScript Allows you to write test scripts to exercise your application’s user interface elements Runs on a connected device / simulator FoneMoneky FoneMonkey is a functional testing tool for the iPhone providing for the interactive creation, editing and playback of automation scripts Easily incorporated into continuous integration Frank Provide support for automating functional testing of an iOS app. Integrate with BDD tools like cucumber Works on device and simulator

6 Challenges Generic Challenge Technical Challenge
Diversity of devices /platforms Application complexity Technical Challenge Large no of test cases Verification of UI

7 Solution Test Automation Benefits
Generic Way for Test Automation on multiple platforms(Use tools like Sikuli). This will solve maintenance problem. Build Reliable and comprehensive test framework Benefits Cost Reduction Increased productivity Better application Quality

8 Nature of Mobile Applications
(xcode – objective C) Calculator(XCODE – Objective C) (webos – JS/CSS) Application (Calculator) (java – android SDK) Calculator (webos – JS/CSS) Calculator (java- android SDK)

9 Approach to solve the problem
Image based test automation Automate user operations eg. Click, type, drag- drop, mouse actions etc. Visual verification of the expected output Not dependent on platform underneath Can be used to automate emulator as well as device. 9

10 Advantages of the approach
Can accurately test GUI and rendering of applications. Write test outside the device Can be used to automate multiple devices without getting into details of each platform technology Can perform actions on Emulator (Virtual Boxes) Easy to automate.

11 Limitations of the approach
Highly depends on the Resolution. Can not run in background. Dynamic paths are tricky to automate.

12 What is Sikuli? Visual technology to automate GUI using images.
MIT research project. Open Source license. Sikuli IDE Sikuli Script API Automates anything on screen without internal API's support Works on Windows, Mac, Linux.

13 Sample Sikuli Script 13


15 Solution proposed in demo to test Calculator
Use Java for test Project, Use Junit Import Sikuli Script API Write single test which will use an interface for calculator operations Implement interface for Android and Iphone with different set of images required for automation Run same test by changing the configuration on multiple emulators/devices Can see the device on your machine using VNC and use that view to run your test on.

16 Q & A 16

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