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Prof. YU Kunshan Smart Grid Research Institute of SG

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1 The Development of SiC Technology and Its Application in the Power Grid
Prof. YU Kunshan Smart Grid Research Institute of SG Department of Electrician New Material and Microelectronics 2012.9 Shanghai

2 Outline Introduction Characteristics and Advantages Latest Progress
1 Introduction 2 Characteristics and Advantages 3 Latest Progress 4 Application 5 Key Technologies 6 Prospect Application of Power Grid 7 Conclusion 2

3 1 Introduction The requirements of power devices in power grid:
Power device is widely used in transportation, iron and steel smelting, motor drives and power systems. It is indispensable in the development of low-carbon economy, energy conservation, control field warming . The requirements of power devices in power grid: High operating voltage High power density High junction and Operating Temperature High power capacity High switching frequency Low losses Easy Control Silicon power devices determined by the material properties is closed to the performance limit. 3

4 1 Introduction Typical applications of power devices in power grid.

5 AC transmission technology
1 Introduction The demand of power devices in power grid. AC transmission technology Demand Domestic thyristor-based FACTS equipment has developed, such as: SC, HR, FCL, SVC. Higher voltage, Greater capacity. The relevant demonstration studies based on Turn-off devices FACTS equipment have been carried out , such as:STATCOM, UPFC. Higher voltage, better performance of series and parallel. Domestic Turn-off devices -based DFACTs equipment has developed, such as:DVR,SSTS,DSTATCOM, APF. Greater flow capacity, More cooling capacity. More Efficiency FACTS or DFACTs, such as:TCPST, CSC, SST. Research and integrated of power electronic devices based on new materials. 5

6 DC transmission technology
1 Introduction The demand of power devices in power grid DC transmission technology Demand HVDC technology based on thyristor has developed and the capacity is growing. R&D of thyristor based on new material(SiC) VSC-HVDC technology has been carried out. Presspack IGBT More compact, more efficient HVDC and DC grid technology. Research and integrated of power electronic devices based on new materials 6

7 2 Characteristics and Advantages
Outstanding advantages of silicon carbide power devices. The critical avalanche breakdown electric field intensity is 10 times that of silicon. High Voltage Current density The current density can reach 4 times that of the Si. The thermal conductivity is three times that of silicon, can work properly at 300 ℃. The temperature coefficient is close to zero. High Temperature Switch much faster than silicon devices, reducing the switching losses. Conduction resistance of several tenth of the equivalent silicon devices, reducing conduction losses and the total energy consumption can be reduced more than 30%. Low Loss SiC is suitable for the power electronic devices with high-power, high temperature and anti-radiation. 7

8 2 Characteristics and Advantages
The thickness of Si, SiC, GaN, and Diamond withstand 10kV voltage. Use of silicon carbide, the thickness of the device is reduced to silicon’s 1/10. Si GaN SiC Diamond 8

9 2 Characteristics and Advantages
Characteristics of the power devices based on SiC and diamond material. Wide Band gap High Temperatures High breakdown electric field High Voltage High carrier drift velocity High Frequency High thermal conductivity Low Loss GaN thermal conductivity is not high enough , have advantages in terms of high-frequency; Diamond preparation is very difficult, the processing technology is restricted ; SiC power devices fastest growing in high voltage power device. 9

10 The Type of SiC Power Devices
3 Latest Progress The Type of SiC Power Devices SBD、JBS Switch Bipolar diodes IGBT SiC power device Rectifier PIN Unipolar transistors Bipolar transistor MOSFET JFET BJT,GTO 10

11 3 Latest Progress SiC Power Devices Manufacturers Schottky diodes
IGBT/Thyristor Cree PiN/JBS diodes Cree Schottky diodes Infineon/SiCED Mitsubishi Rohm Semisouth IR STMicroelectronics MOSFET Before 2011 Cree Fairchild Mitsubishi Philips Rohm GE SiC devices JFET/SIT Cree Semisouth Infineon/SiCED Hitachi Toshiba BJT TranSiC Cree The CREE prepared 20kV devices , low-voltage devices have entered the market. 11

12 SiC Power device parameters
3 Latest Progress SiC Power device parameters One-to-one correspondence with the silicon-based devices, a variety of silicon carbide devices have been developed in the lab. 1700V, 50A SiC SBD has been commercialized. 1700V, 50A SiC MOSFET has been commercialized. Schottky diodes 1300A/5000V 10kV PIN diodes 180A/4.5kV 19.5kV POWER MOSFET 100A/10kV thyristor 100A/5kV GTO 100A/9kV IGCT 200A/4.5kV IGBT 13kV MOSFET GTO 12

13 Schematic diagram of SiC SBD
3 Latest Progress 1、SiC SBD Schematic diagram of SiC SBD Cree-1200V/50A SiC SBD 13

14 3 Latest Progress 2、SiC JBS
Cree 10kV 20A SiC 模块 Large wafers, big chip, acceptable yield Cree has producted 10kV/20A JBS diode on 3-inch wafer. Chip area is ​​15mm x 11mm, yield is 37%. 14

15 3 Latest Progress 3、SiC PiN Diode
The left shows Cree product a 10kV/20A PIN diode on 2-inch wafer , the yield reached 40%. Right is a PiN diode with positive 3.2V/180A, reverse leakage 1μA/4.5KV. 15

16 4、SiC BJT Bipolar Transistor
3 Latest Progress 4、SiC BJT Bipolar Transistor TranSiC V/20A BJT . Rutgers University producted 1kV/20A BJT on 2-inch wafer 。 SiC BJT switching quickly , can work at 100kHz. The process is relatively simple, relatively high yield. 16

17 3 Latest Progress 5、SiC MOSFET
Cree produced a 10kV/20A MOSFET on a 3-inch wafer. The area of ​​ the chip is more than 8mm x 8mm. 17

18 3.4 SiC JFET 3 Latest Progress 6、SiC JFET
2009, SiC JFET products to market 18

19 3 Latest Progress 7、SiC IGBT
Cree Inc. reported a silicon carbide n-channel IGBT with 22mΩcm2 characterized resistance and reverse voltage of 13kV, about 10 times lower than 13kV silicon carbide unipolar devices. 19

20 3 Latest Progress 8、SiC Thyristor
In 2009, Cree reported a silicon carbide GTO, N- Substrate Cree 9kV GTO, Single-chip current 400A 20

21 3 Latest Progress 9、Si IGBT and SiC JBS Hybrid modules
55kW three-phase Inverters used 600V/600A IGBT and 600V/75A SiC SBD, the efficiency is more than 90% . The loss of reverse is substantial decline at the peak power 47kW. 21

22 3 Latest Progress 10、all SiC MOSFET and JBS Hybrid modules
A 1200V 800A SiC dual power module for DC / AC inverter circuit is composed by 20 80A SiC MOSFETs and 20 50A SiC JBS, the inverter loss is 40% less than that of Si hybrid modules, up to 97.5%.Switching frequency to four times higher. 22

23 3 Latest Progress Domestic Research
Domestic:urgent needs to enhance the research level of SiC power device Compared to other countries, SiC is a comprehensive study of the late start has become a hot topic in recent years. Although having the basic process and the foundation of high- voltage device, there is a large gap from us to foreign advanced level. 23

24 The problems in domestic
3 Latest Progress The problems in domestic The leading R&D Department is military, major in radar and microwave devices. The R&D of power electronic devices efforts does not match the user demand. Foreign SiC substrate material is costly, Domestic SiC substrate material lack of quality and stability . The requirement of devices processing is strict. There is no civilian device process line here in China. 24

25 Efficient compact power
4 Application Efficient compact power Widely uesed in household appliances, office equipment, power management and UPS Schottky diode has went into the civilian market; Kansai Electric Power Company for wind, solar inverter, Mitsubishi Electric for silicon carbide inverter air conditioner , The conversion efficiency can be increased from 95% of the silicon device to 97-99%.

26 Automotive electronics
4 Application Automotive electronics Toyota hybrid electric vehicles have been used in motor control, and higher breakdown voltage, less open resistance value rate, 600 °C high temperature operation, improve power conversion performance of hybrid electrical power automotive. 26

27 Military applications
Reduce ship weight Aircraft carrier CVN-78 1、 Aircraft launching system using the new technology of silicon carbide power . 2、SiC-based high frequency power electronic module, the volume and weight of the transformer is less than half the volume and weight reduction can be a better configuration of the other tasks sensor systems, weapons and other equipment. Reduce the total weight of the aircraft carrier 170 tons, the volume is reduced by 290 m3 . 27

28 Military applications
More Electric Aircraft MEA MEA aircraft needs high efficiency and high temperature transistor, SiC power device for energy efficiency helps to develop more small, more light and faster aircraft . 28

29 4 Application Three-phase PV inverter efficiency 29

30 5 Key Technologies Large size, low defect SiC single crystal
technology. Fast, low defects, extra-thick epitaxial material growth technology. High-voltage SiC technology. 30

31 5 Key Technologies Technology of the fabrication No. Name Device
Requirement 1 Fast and ultra thick epitaxial technology CVD Epitaxial furnace thickness more than 100um 2 High activation rate ion implantation technology High temperature high-energy ion injection machine 800keV,400℃ 3 High temperature annealing technology High temperature annealing furnace 1600℃ 4 High temperature oxidation technology High temperature oxidation furnace 1400℃ 31

32 Peripheral technology
5 Key Technologies Development goals Achieve 6 inches wafer and above. Get rid of the dependence . The price of unit area has down to 1/10. Rectifier change to large current (above 100A). Improve the characteristics. Mass Production . Breakthrough the limit of packaging temperature The control circuit and the peripheral devices Improve the controlling method. The new noise reduction strategy . SiC wafer SiC device Peripheral technology

33 Progresses in the development of device
5 Key Technologies 10kV MOSFET、IGBT Progresses in the development of device 10kV SiC PIN 6500V MOSFET 1200V – 6500V Si &SiC Hybrid model 6500V PiN 4500V MOSFET 4500V JBS 3300V MOSFET 3300V JBS Future Prospects 1500V MOSFET 1200V SBD 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 33

34 6 Prospect Application of Power Grid
Significant demand for grid Transmission system Improve safety and reliability Increase transmission capacity Improve transmission efficiency Maximize the access to renewable energy to Power system Distribution system Improve the security, reliability and economy value Improve the performance of electrical equipment Improve energy efficiency SiC power device will provide a efficient solution 34

35 Electronics technologies used in renewable generation
Decreases loss:2/3,Increase generating capacity:2-3 % 35

36 6 Prospect Application of Power Grid
Key Technologies of DC SiC device( High voltage 30kV 、large capacity 3000A) 1 2 By using SiC power devices, an all-DC power grid will be established eventurally 5 DC circuit breaker DC cable 3 4 VSC- DC Grid measurement, control and protection in DC 36

37 7 Conclusion Experts concerned the excellent performance of SiC power devices. It need to make more mature development of diverse applications. SiC power devices will drive the generation, transmission, and distribution with technological progress. The new SiC power devices used in various types of grid and electric equipment, it makes the possibility that the electric equipment can be attached power quality control ability. This feature will change the pattern of power quality control technology . 37

38 Thank You ! 38

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