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JUNE 13, 2013 Electronic Device Pilot Update Kings Fork High School.

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1 JUNE 13, 2013 Electronic Device Pilot Update Kings Fork High School

2 Purpose Review To enable students to use mobile devices in a way that enhances their learning to promote access to learning anytime - anywhere.

3 Discipline Data 11-12 and 12-13 Comparison

4 Student Survey 654 (45%) Responses: Q 1: Do you have at least one Wi-Fi device? Q 2 : Would you use it at school if you had Wi-Fi access?

5 Teacher Uses Bell ringers and quiz/test review (Socrative and Poll Everywhere) Access to teacher blogs, Edmodo and notes during class Remind 101 / Celly – text reminders Access apps in class: Evernote, Simplenote, Quickgraph, Vocabulary Builder

6 Teacher Responses I use Poll Everywhere to group my students for RTI Homework submitted online as soon as finished, so I have higher percentage of homework submitted this year My students accessed Google Drive from smart phones or iPads for worksheets. I use Socrative as an exit ticket after lessons for immediate feedback With limited access to computers my students accessed Jefferson Lab website on their devices. The students and parents love Remind 101

7 Teacher Responses continued My students accessed Edmodo during class to review assignments and notes. They also emailed questions during the school day about assignments. Students use the calendar function for due dates and then assign a reminder function. I was a proponent but feel like oversight of the usage of these devices was inconsistent. The policy was abused by students and teachers.

8 Summary The teachers who embraced this idea monitored the usage and integrated the devices on a regular basis. They believe these devices enhanced student engagement. (47/91 Teachers integrated devices into lessons) Other teachers did not integrate into lessons at all and/or did not monitor the inappropriate use. (37/91 Teachers did not integrate into lessons) Staff training must be ongoing for this policy to be more effective school-wide.

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