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By Thomas. To make a awesome cool water saving device.

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1 By Thomas

2 To make a awesome cool water saving device

3 2 litre plastic milk bottle 1x Craft knife 1x Basin accessory - push on tap shower head 1x Water container tap 1x Plastic container 1x

4 1.Firstly, buy all materials used for this procedure (prices, places and items listed in math). 2.Drink all the milk out of the bottle. 3.Now get your basin accessory - push on tap showerhead and pull the showerhead bit off and cut a small hole in the lid of the milk container with the craft knife and connect the end that used to have the showerhead on it and connect the other end to the tap. 4.Now cut a hole with the craft knife in the side of the bottle and fit the water container tap in it. 5.Now put the plastic container at the edge of the sink and put the device on it. Now you have made your water saving device.

5 My water saving device saves water by only holding 2 litres of water to be used by a person. Fill the device before washing hands or brushing teeth, then when you are ready to rinse, turn on the tap at the bottom of container and wash hands or rinse your toothbrush. The bathroom tap is not left running so water will not be wasted.

6 Craft Knife$6.99Riot Arts And Crafts Water Container Tap$3.99BCF Basin Accessory - Push On Tap Showerhead $12.96Bunnings 2 Litre Plastic Milk Bottle $2.00Woolworths Plastic Container$6.44Woolworths Total: $32.40 ItemPricePlace




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