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City of Boroondara Mobile Device Management

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1 City of Boroondara Mobile Device Management
Case Study Jim Papazoglou

2 Current Environment The adoption of next-generation mobile technologies, such as smartphones, is rapidly driving users to embrace a more portable lifestyle. These business-centric devices provide the workforce with more options and greater flexibility to stay informed, responsive and productive from any location. The demands on IT to provide greater access to sensitive business data and applications is also growing. This further compounds the challenges of securing and managing this infrastructure.

3 IT Challenges Mobile devices have created a number of new challenges and issues: Protecting against malicious access when mobile devices are misplaced or stolen. Enforcing corporate security and configuration policies. Simplifying provisioning and activation without overwhelming. Ensuring consistent management across mobile and non-mobile systems.

4 City of Boroondara Solution
After reviewing various products with costs ranging from 8K – 30K we decided on a product called Airwatch. Reasons for this decision as follows: Gartner positioned AirWatch as a leader based on an evaluation of completeness of vision and ability to execute. Our maturity regarding these products is low so we are beginning at a lower base. Cost, we got more “bang for our buck”.

5 Where are we at now? Have implemented Airwatch and are piloting with small group. Devices we are testing: iPhone, iPad and Android. What is our focus with this pilot: Ease of management devices on our network. Application deployment. Security features.

6 Next steps Feedback from pilot group. Tweaking of system.
Deploy to councillors and open to whole organisation.

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