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Cortado Corporate Server 6.1 – The Mobile Business Formula for Success

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1 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1 – The Mobile Business Formula for Success

2 Agenda Cortado Corporate Server – An Overview Mobile Device Management
The Cortado Cloud Desktop Security Advantages and Scenarios

3 Cortado Corporate Server – An Overview

4 Mobility Requirements:
File access: Location-independent access to central corporate data, flexible file management, convenient file sharing and numerous file handling options Consumerization/BYOD: Simple, secure and fast integration of private end-devices into the corporate network with diverse features and even more possibilities when using devices Mobile Device Management (MDM): Effective and easy management of diverse mobile devices running on numerous platforms Security: Seamless integration into the corporate security strategy, local data security and encrypted data transmission 4 Today, mobility determines how we work, whether frequent business trips, working offline in a plane, or access to the accustomed working environment while you travel all around the world. Leaner and more resource-saving smartphones and tablets only strengthen this trend of flexibility and mobility. Mobile employees want access from anywhere and at any time to the corporate network and also to be able to collaborate on projects. Additionally, private devices are also increasingly being used in business. Consumerization influences the variety of equipment in many companies and devices need to be integrated easily and quickly into the corporate network. In addition, employees switch among their mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices) or use them simultaneously. The development of mobile business is a significant challenge for the security, administration and management of devices as the variety of smartphones and tablets with different operating systems and security features must be taken into account. Secure device integration into the corporate network and encrypted data transmission is particularly important, as well as minimized data storage on the mobile device. IT administrators are also faced by increasing complex challenges made by this trend, and a mobile device management solution should be chosen based on ease-of-use and central design.

5 Cortado Corporate Server – One Core Solution For:
Board Portal… MDM Security Document Management Information Access iPad Tablet Smartphone BYOD Cortado Corporate Server Teamwork 5 Cortado Corporate Server is more than just a mobile device management solution. The enterprise solution helps integrate employees with their mobile devices, allows access to corporate resources and enables true teamwork for mobile employees. Improved Business Processes

6 Multiple Clients – One Server
Cortado app on the mobile device: Use of local resources and apps Cortado Corporate Server acts as an interface with the IT infrastructure: Use of backend IT systems Cortado Corporate Server 6 Cortado Corporate Server is a client-server solution. The server component is installed in the backend behind the firewall and runs all clients. The Cortado client, tailored to the respective mobile platform, is installed on smartphones and tablets or is available as an HTML5 version on all other web-enabled mobile devices. The open architecture of Cortado Corporate Server is fully scalable and supports all common file formats. Compared to other cloud desktop or file sharing solutions, up to 90% less data is transferred due to intelligent compression and by carrying out data operations on the server-side. Get the best of both worlds – the ease and speed of new mobile devices on the one hand, as well as the performance and security of a centralized IT infrastructure on the other hand. Native app for Android, BlackBerry and iOS HTML5 for PC, Notebook, Mac, thin client, Windows Tablet, Chromebook…

7 The Mobile Business Formula for Success
7 Cortado Corporate Server is a powerful mobile device management solution that provides a complete concept for mobile document access and delivers wide-ranging application management capabilities. It combines a comprehensive security concept with a unique cloud-desktop approach. This ensures the user has encrypted access to key company data, flexible document management and a variety of file handling options at anytime, anywhere. iPads, iPhones, Android and BlackBerry devices as well as PCs and Macs can all be seamlessly integrated into the corporate IT infrastructure and easily managed. Cortado Corporate Server – the complete solution for all mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and consumerization challenges.

8 Mobile Device Management

9 Advanced Mobile Device Management
Fully platform-independent Mobile Device Management (MDM) which allows any device to be integrated into the existing corporate IT infrastructure: Advanced Mobile Device Management: More than just device management HTML5-based Management Console: 24/7 access with any device Adaptive Mobile Device Management: Highest performance levels with every device Enterprise Resource Store: Simple management and distribution of apps User Self Service Portal: Reduced workload for IT administrators 9 Cortado Corporate Server provides cross-platform, high-performance mobile device management (MDM), allowing each device, including PCs and Macs to be fully and efficiently integrated into the existing corporate IT infrastructure as well as comprehensively managed. This solution covers the entire life cycle of mobile devices – from their setup to management, monitoring and reporting to support and finally their phasing out.

10 Advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM)
More than just device management Connect mobile devices with the corporate network Cortado Management Console enables easy management of: Devices Users Apps User rights Policies Profiles Certificates Security settings 10 Cortado Corporate Server goes far beyond just standard device management; it ensures seamless integration of mobile devices into the corporate network, including access to all its resources. Via Cortado’s Management Console, devices, users and apps as well as relevant user rights, policies, profiles, certificates and security settings can all be easily managed.

11 Cortado Management Console
HTML5-based 24/7 access with any device Easy and fast access via the internet Intuitive user-interface optimized for PCs and tablets Clear dashboard layout allows auditing requirements to be met and delivers comprehensive statistics in an instant on: Device use Installed apps Roaming devices Device-specific detailed information on hardware equipment, memory levels etc. Event log of all user activity and policy compliance 11 The HTML5 Management Console is easy for administrators to access at any time via the Internet. The intuitive user interface is optimized for PCs and tablets. A clear dashboard layout allows auditing requirements such as monitoring and reporting to be met and delivers comprehensive statistics in an instant on device usage, installed apps, etc. and device-specific detailed information, and guideline compliance by users.

12 Cortado Management Console
Control Panel Adding Users

13 Cortado Management Console
Dashboard Dashboard

14 Improved Certificate Management
Improved support for other PKI systems allow digital certificates to be issued, distributed and checked which results in: Faster processing: Via the Cortado Management Console, previously existing certificate directories can be accessed, and existing certificates used for Cortado Corporate Server. Simple assignment: Cortado Corporate Server automatically performs certificate mapping if each user should receive their own certificate. Additional option: A client certificate can be created for all users directly via the Management Console. Better overview: Optimized graphical user interface (GUI)

15 Improved Certificate Management

16 Configuration with Windows PowerShell?
“Windows PowerShell™ is a command line shell and scripting language developed specially for system administration. Windows PowerShell is based on Microsoft .NET framework and enables IT specialists to automate administration of Windows operating systems as well as programs running on Windows” ( The administrator can execute and connect simple commands on a command line, or write complex script programs with the specially designed PowerShell Scripting Language Windows PowerShell is integrated per default in the operating system since Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

17 Cortado Corporate Server: Configuration with PowerShell
The integrated Windows PowerShell configuration provides many possibilities for automated and simplified IT processes such as: Automatic mapping of drives and printers for all users with just one command Deactivate all rights for a group of users at the “touch of a button” Automatic adding of new employees (from Active Directory) as a Cortado Corporate Server user including certificate creation Automatic tasks and processes simplify IT management Increased flexibility offers especially larger organizations many advantages Saves time and reduces the change of human error Application Scenarios – Examples: Automatically add new employees (from the Active Directory) to become Cortado Corporate Server users including certificate creation Assign a specific printer to all Cortado Corporate Server users with just one command. Disable all rights for a group of users at the “touch of a button". Advantages for administrators: Simplified management Automated tasks and processes Increased flexibility especially when it comes to large environments with many users!

18 Assign Printers via PowerShell

19 Adaptive Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Optimized support for every mobile device Multiple Mobile Device Management features which can be optimally used with every device Platform-independence with the Cortado HTML5 client Support of all major operating systems for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Phone) Notebooks PCs and Macs 14 Mobile device management with Cortado Corporate Server is based on Microsoft ActiveSync, Apple Push, as well as Cortado’s own MDM services. This enables comprehensive MDM functionality thanks to flexible and adaptive MDM. Cortado Corporate Server supports all major operating systems for smartphones and tablets, as well as notebooks, PCs, and Macs.

20 Support of iOS 6.0 MDM Features
iOS 6 includes many new MDM features, which are of significant importance for enterprise use. Supervised Mode: In super­vi­sed mode the MDM profile can be configured so that it cannot be removed by the user. Supervised mode offers further configuration options such as: Blocking the iBookstore and the manual profile installation through the user Kiosk Mode – the home button can be deactivated and the menu options limited to just one or more apps Glo­ba­l HTTP proxy – all HTTP traffic is routed via this defined proxy, making communication secure and simply Kiosk mode: Ideal for use in education, or for the use of the iOS device as a menu, restaurant or city guide.

21 iOS 6 MDM-Features Disable:
Synchronization of Recent Contact with the iCloud Diagnostic data being transmitted to Apple Passbook notifications on the lock screen The use of Photostream Cortado Corporate Server 6.1 fully supports these features, this means these features can be complete managed and enabled or disabled via the Cortado Corporate Server Management Console.

22 Additional Settings for iOS 6 Devices

23 Kiosk Mode for iOS 6 Devices

24 User Self Service Portal
Central platform provides users with all relevant resources for configuring their smartphones or tablets Accessible for every user via a browser login Mobile users can configure their devices according to their needs, including security settings such as: Change password Remote wipe Remote lock Locate device 17 With the User Self Service Portal, users have access to all relevant resources. Via a browser log in, they can independently configure their tablet or smartphone and set up the Cortado app according to their individual needs. Security settings can also be made such as changing the password, remote wipe, remote lock, as well as locating the device, these can all be carried out by the employees themselves, reducing admin workload.

25 User Self Service Portal

26 User Self Service Portal
Device Configuration

27 User Self Service Portal
Password Settings

28 Enterprise Resource Store
Offers convenient app management area for administrators and users Simple administration and deployment of apps by the administrator Intranet (CRM, time recording systems etc.) Corporate apps Recommended apps from public app stores 15 Any application, whether intranet-, internet, or other apps can be centrally managed with Cortado Corporate Server. Via the Enterprise Resource Store (for users) and the HTML5-based Management Console (for admins) apps can be rolled-out enterprise-wide (over the air - OTA). In addition, apps can be designated as recommended for users and made available via cross-platform links to the respective app stores.

29 Enterprise Resource Store

30 The Cortado Cloud Desktop

31 Cortado Cloud Desktop As a native App for Android, BlackBerry and iOS and as an HTML 5 client for all other web-enabled devices, the Cortado Cloud Desktop offers: Flexibility thanks to its comprehensive security concept A completely new focus for BYOD Instant use with any device Controlled access to corporate data Faster workflows and increased productivity 22 Flexible and controlled access to corporate data is of fundamental importance for the security of the company. We’ll get back to the “open security concept” later and explain Cortado’s approach in detail then. Cortado Corporate Server delivers the features of a desktop in a secure and device-optimized way. Cortado Cloud Desktop

32 Multiple Cloud Desktop Features
Cortado’s Cloud Desktop provides users with secure and flexible access to the corporate network with any mobile device Desktop features and device handling are tailored for each device, whether as a native app for BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices or as an HTML5 version for PCs, Macs and other web- enabled devices Real mobile printing with the leading cloud printing technology Full mobility with every device Convenient file sharing Up to 90% less data volume 23 Powerful mobile device management is combined with extensive cloud desktop features. Cortado Corporate Server provides a number of unique cloud desktop features, ranging from access to documents and databases in the company, to file handling features such as file conversion, , fax, scan and print. These benefits offer companies a considerable competitive advantage: users can work independently outside of an office-based workplace, resulting in improved productivity. The use of local resources on the device, regardless of the platform, ensures optimal ease of use and high levels of user-acceptance.

33 Flexible Desktop Features Deliver Results
File Management Send s File Export Print Fax Database Reports Copy Web Capture Increased Productivity & Greater User Acceptance 24 All desktop features at a glance. Thanks to the Cortado app, mobile employees can access the corporate network securely from any device, no matter whether with the native app for BlackBerry, Android and iOS or with the HTML5 version for PCs, Macs, and any other web-enabled device. Users can also use traditional desktop features such as file handling, data-optimized file previews, editing in other applications or exporting as a PDF. The ease-of-use as well as full productivity for employees is thereby ensured, even when working on the go.

34 Convenient File Sharing
Mobile data transmission with less data volume Improved team work: Direct access to the corporate network makes complicated data synchronization unnecessary Team folders in the corporate network are always available for authorized users when on the go. Up to 90% reduced data volume during data transmission when compared to other solutions thanks to: Intelligent compression algorithms Data-optimized file viewing File operations take place mainly on the server side 25 Direct access to the corporate network eliminates the grueling transfer of files to specially designated synchronization folders; this makes teamwork while traveling not just possible, but actually easy. Cortado Corporate Server reduces data transmitted by up to 90% when compared to other providers. An intelligent compression algorithm, data-optimized file previews, as well as server-side completion of most file operations form the basis for this. File sharing is not only convenient, but also fast and inexpensive.

35 The Cortado HTML5 Client – For Any Device
Suitable for any device with a HTML5 browser: Notebook PC Mac Thin Client Windows tablets Chromebook

36 Cortado HTML5 Client: Scenarios
Access to central resources and fully using the power of the device: Home office Branch offices When on the road Temporary and controlled access for: Project partners Board meetings Freelancers

37 Clearer and Even Easier to Use
Simplified upload: Optimized “real” Drag and Drop, the user can move files instantly to the target folder No upload limits (for Firefox & Chrome) Choose between List or Tile view Sort by name, type, date or size

38 SaveBack Feature in the New Android Client
SaveBack feature for all apps which support SaveBack. Following editing of a file, for example in Polaris Office, it is automatically saved to its original location in the corporate network. Saves time and ensures everyone has access to the latest version of a file.

39 Real Cloud Printing Cortado is the founder of the Cloud Printing Alliance, offering the leading cloud printing solution and supporting thousands of printer models from over 90 manufacturers worldwide. More information can be found at NEW GRAPHICS FOR THIS SLIDE 26 Cortado offers real mobile printing with its leading cloud printing technology. We are not the only ones who believe that mobile devices will occupy a key role in the world of work: Together with its 16 partners from the Cloud Printing Alliance, Cortado offers the leading cloud printing technology. Customers receive a complete in-house solution for printing, one of the most important office functions. This ensures that the growing number of mobile employees with smartphones and tablets also benefit from on demand format- and printer model-independent printing, anywhere, at any time.

40 Security

41 Security Risks When Using Mobile Devices
communication Data saved on the device Corporate access Malware Apps Consumerization/BYOD User behavior Jailbreak Device loss or theft 28 Today, mobile devices and applications already form an integral part of so many companies. A huge step forward has been made in the race to create more flexible and productive working environments when using an smartphone or tablet, such as an iPad. Consumerization and cloud services are driving forward development and have changed user behavior; many apps and services can be used by the user with a single click or tap, making the use of mobile devices highly attractive for business use. With increasing business use of mobile devices, companies are faced with even greater security challenges. Applications are the greatest danger for mobile device security as apps can be used as a gateway to malware. Mobile devices which are synchronized or even access the mailbox or the company network can cause devastating damage in the wrong hands. The human error is a further weak point: Applications that are considered as highly secure can make no contribution to overall security if the users prefer another more user-friendly solution and use that instead. This is how sensitive data often ends up in unsecure systems despite a secure concept being in place in the organization.

42 Cortado’s Triple-Layer Security Concept
A secure device … Secure data transmission … Secure access to the backend … Thanks to its triple-layer security concept, Cortado Corporate Server offers maximum security on the device, during data transfer and when accessing the backend. Complete Active Directory integration, comprehensive data encryption, as well as focusing on only one access point for mobile device management, file sharing, and Microsoft Exchange form the foundations of this security concept. On the device Local data storage is minimized No local storage of the password Local encryption according to iOS 4 and 256-bit AES-encryption on BlackBerry Data transfer SSL-encryption Communication via port 443 (no additional ports) Office files can be converted to a PDF before being sent/downloaded When accessing the backend Full integration into the existing Microsoft Active Directory Flexible management/restriction of user rights Comprehensive auditing of user activity

43 Container Solutions Are Not Secure
Highly Secure 30 Consumerization and BYOD concepts are a security risk for businesses. The much used container approaches seem to deliver the right answer – but this is misleading, as employees need to edit corporate data on the device and want to use native apps. The cloud offers the users enough easy ways to bypass the so-called safe container. This “forces” users into unsecure and uncontrolled behavior rather than avoiding it. Data Center

44 Containers Result in Unsecure Behavior
Private Internet SD/USB/CD/DVD Wi-Fi Bluetooth, Airdrop Highly Secure 31 Cloud services and practical applications are accessible with a click for every user. Employees especially use cloud storage services and services to get around the supposedly secure container solution. The only solution – today completely unpractical – would be to switch-off internet and at work. Office Data Center

45 Security + Functionality with Cortado
Private Office Secure 32 Cortado Corporate Server offers an entirely new approach, the approach to security of controlled openness. As a result, all applications are available to users and corporate data remains safe. The security concept covers the entire lifecycle of the mobile device – from its introduction, to the allocation of rights and policies, up to the phasing out of the device, and meets corporate compliance and auditing requirements. Compliance requirements in the company can be controlled and documented and if necessary be used in the event of a claim being made that the user acted inappropriately. Compliance measures are required to prevent criminal and liability law risk to the company’s management and the company itself. Cortado Corporate Server Data Center

46 Open Security Concept Cortado offers a comprehensive security concept involving controlled openness for the entire life-cycle of the mobile device: Flexible administration and limiting of user rights Data transmission via an SSL-encrypted connection Encryption of local data Password protected access to corporate resources Minimal storage of data on the mobile device Preview feature avoids having to download files Locate and block the device remotely if lost or stolen Complete or partial remote wipe 33 The security concept of Cortado Corporate Server is based on the principle of controlled openness. Instead of prohibiting activities, all user activities are detailed in an auditing log. Employees can act flexibly - meaning they are not required to find workarounds to the current IT system, they instead are able to use the system and programs provided. This adds the flexibility to accomplish the same tasks in the office as when out of the office while the IT administration can track all actions and intervene in time when misconduct occurs. This security policy accompanies the entire life cycle of the device. This includes full integration into the existing Active Directory, data transmission via a SSL-encrypted connection and encryption of the local data on the mobile device. Access to the corporate network is password-protected and thanks to the use of the backend, only minimal data storage on the device is necessary. This significantly increases data security if the device is lost or stolen. If it actually lost or stolen, it can be located, blocked and partially or fully wiped.

47 Complete Active Directory Integration
All existing user rights are adopted for remote access Access rights of individual users or user groups can be limited Compatibility with linked applications, tracking and auditing systems is also ensured during remote access Internet access with a secure browser A secure browser is available for mobile Internet access The secure path to the internet via Cortado Corporate Server ensures correct user authentication and data security 34 Through complete integration into the existing Active Directory, all current user rights from the corporate network are adopted for remote access via Cortado Corporate Server. In addition, the access rights can be restricted further, whether individually by users or per user group. Connected applications, tracking and auditing systems compatibility is also ensured during remote access. A secure browser is available for access to websites and intranet applications via the Cortado Corporate Server (single point of entry). This ensures user authentication as well as data security.

48 Single Point of Entry Management of just one system Tracking For:
Microsoft Exchange Document management systems Intra-/Extranet 35 Cortado Corporate Server only uses standard port 443 for external communication, corporate access and mobile device management which significantly reduces the security weaknesses during data transfer. There are no additional ports required for the use which makes the solution even more secure. Cortado Corporate Server acts as an interface to all corporate resources. If requests from mobile devices reach Cortado Corporate Server, they are only redirected after checking the user rights with the connected systems such as the file system, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or the Intranet.

49 Highest Levels of Data Security on the Device
Minimized local data: With constant corporate access availability, local data storage on the device is unnecessary Backend potential: Important features such as printing, fax, and PDF export are completed in the backend SaveBack feature: No longer need to download a document in order to edit it Preview feature: Eliminate the danger of downloading potentially harmful documents User Self Service Portal: If a device is lost or stolen, a user can locate it via a web browser, remotely wipe it or block the device 36 Storing corporate data locally on the mobile device is a high risk. If the device is lost or stolen, sensitive files that end up in the wrong hands can compromise security. Cortado Corporate Server reduces this risk, as constant access to the corporate network makes local data storage on the mobile device unnecessary. Additionally, it is primarily in the backend where critical functions such as printing, faxing, or PDF exporting take place. No download is required – even for document editing and thanks to the SaveBack feature, the file will be placed after editing back on the corporate network. If a device is lost or stolen and important files were locally stored, the user can immediately locate their device in the User Self Service Portal via an internet browser, block the device and partially or fully wipe it.

50 Partial Remote Wipe Selective wiping of local corporate data from the mobile device Division of business and private data is the decisive factor when it comes to corporate data security It must be ensured that specific measures such as password guidelines and local encryption are followed Partial remote wipe ensures corporate data remains secure even if the device is lost or stolen, or if an employee leaves the organization 37 The partial remote wipe is the selective deletion of the local corporate data on the mobile device. The separation of business and private data is an additional safety factor, so that specific security measures such as password protection and local encryption of corporate data can be applied. The partial remote wipe for tablets and smartphones fulfills an important function for data security, for example, if a device is lost or when an employee leaves the company.

51 Cortado HTML5 Client – Security
only port 443 is open SSL-encrypted transmission (HTTPS) Hinter dem offenen Cortado-Ansatz steht ein dreistufiges Sicherheitskonzept. Erstens: Lokale Datenhaltung auf dem Gerät wird minimiert. Der Zugriff auf Unternehmensdaten erfolgt passwortgeschützt. Zweitens: HTML5 nutzt während der Übertragung einen SSL-verschlüsselten Tunnel vom Browser zum Unternehmensserver. Drittens: Die Zugriffsrechte der Nutzer basieren auf der bestehenden MS-Active-Directory-Rechteverwaltung, können aber für den mobilen Gebrauch (je Nutzer oder Gruppe) flexibel eingeschränkt werden. Der Nutzer kann – unter Berücksichtigung der individuellen Rechtebeschränkung – Dokumente managen, drucken, PDFs erstellen oder als Mail-Anhang versenden etc. Unter der Prämisse der Offenheit bietet die Cortado-Lösung eine Vielzahl von Sicherheitsmerkmalen bis zur Verschlüsselung von lokalen Dateien auf dem iPad. Auf dem Gerät: Die lokale Datenhaltung wird minimiert Keine lokale Speicherung des Passwortes Lokale Verschlüsselung nach iOS 4 und 256-bit AES-Verschlüsselung auf BlackBerry Bei der Datenübertragung SSL-Verschlüsselung Kommunikation über Port 443 (keine zusätzlichen Ports) Office Dateien die versandt / heruntergeladen werden, können vorher zu PDF konvertiert werden Beim Zugriff auf das Backend Volle Integration in das bestehende Microsoft Active Directory Flexibles Management/Einschränkung der Nutzerrechte Volles Auditing der Nutzeraktivitäten Full integration into Microsoft Active Directory Control of user activities Flexible device management and enabling/disabling rights No local storage of passwords, HTPPS address, minimum of locally stored data

52 Cortado: One Solution for All Devices
Cortado Corporate Server Mit Cortado Corporate Server werden Desktop-Funktionen auf Geräte wie iPad, iPhones, Android oder BlackBerry-Smartphones mittels der nativen App von Cortado übertragen. Durch den HTML5-Client können Unternehmen auch andere webfähige Geräte der Mitarbeiter wie PCs, Macs sicher in die IT integrieren. Über jeden HTML5-fähigen Browser können alle Nutzer mit nahezu jedem Gerät sicher auf zentralisierte IT-Ressourcen zugreifen. Dabei werden die Stärken jedes Gerätes und auch vorhandene Ressourcen, wie lokale Anwendungen optimal genutzt. Cortado HTML5 Client Native App Android, BlackBerry, iOS

53 Improved Security with Enhanced Proxy Support for Communication
Mögliche Funktionen eines Proxys: Schutz des Clients Schutz des Servers Protokollierung Aufbereitung von Daten Inhaltliche Konrolle häufig verwendeter Protokolle Bandbreitenkontrolle Verfügbarkeit Ein Proxy ist eine Kommunikationsschnittstelle in einem Netzwerk. Er arbeitet als Vermittler, der auf der einen Seite Anfragen entgegennimmt, um dann über seine eigene Adresse eine Verbindung zur anderen Seite herzustellen. Wird der Proxy als Netzwerkkomponente eingesetzt, bleibt einerseits die tatsächliche Adresse eines Kommunikationspartners dem jeweils anderen Kommunikationspartner verborgen, was eine gewisse Anonymität schafft. Als (mögliches) Verbindungsglied zwischen unterschiedlichen Netzwerken kann er andererseits eine Verbindung zwischen Kommunikationspartnern selbst dann realisieren, wenn deren Adressen zueinander inkompatibel sind und eine direkte Verbindung nicht möglich ist. Ein Proxy-Server ist dabei in der Lage, die Kommunikation selbst zu führen und zu beeinflussen, statt die Pakete ungesehen durchzureichen. Auf ein bestimmtes Kommunikationsprotokoll spezialisiert, wie z. B. HTTP oder FTP, kann er die Daten zusammenhängend analysieren, Anfragen filtern und bei Bedarf beliebige Anpassungen vornehmen, aber auch entscheiden, ob und in welcher Form die Antwort des Ziels an den tatsächlichen Client weitergereicht wird. Ein generischer Proxy, findet als protokollunabhängiger Filter auf einer Firewall Anwendung. Er realisiert dort ein port- und adressbasiertes Filtermodul, welches zudem eine (mögliche) Authentifizierung für den Verbindungsaufbau unterstützt. Mehr Infos: Private Enterprise Cloud Proxy as a Communication Interface Devices

54 Insights into the Solution

55 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1

56 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1

57 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1

58 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1

59 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1

60 Cortado Corporate Server 6.1

61 Advantages and Scenarios

62 Advantages for Companies
Increased productivity Optimized business processes Complete security Convenient IT administration Low costs Full auditing Best strategy for implementing BYOD Completely device- and platform-independent 45 Faster reaction times, efficient use of waiting and travel time and optimized mobile collaboration through Cortado Corporate Server lead to more productivity for enterprises. Cortado offers the best available support for each device, taking into account device-specific characteristics and allowing smooth integration into the existing corporate IT infrastructure. The security concept of controlled openness results in maximum productivity and also meets the highest compliance standards. IT administrators’ workload is reduced thanks to the full integration into the existing rights structure. In addition, devices, users, applications and guidelines can all be flexibly managed using the HTML5-based Management Console. This reduces back-office activities, hardware costs, help desk requests and data transfer costs. The restriction of access to data and applications, the encryption of documents on the device as well as SSL/MDS-encrypted data transfer ensure the highest levels of security.

63 Comfortable Administration
Auditing: Thanks to Cortado’s comprehensive security concept, the IT team can reproduce individual user activities and fully meet the highest compliance requirements through complete auditing. Remote Wipe: The administrator manages users‘ devices while on the go, even when in a taxi or train, enabling remote wipe in case of loss or other emergency. Productivity: Central management ,thanks to the HTML5 based management console, facilitates and simplifies administrators’ daily work allowing more productivity and faster response times within the IT department.

64 Advantages for Users More convenience and features thanks to BYOD
Increased data security on the device Completely location-independent mobility at any time Comprehensive file handling options Highly user-friendly BlackBerry support Native clients for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices and a HTML5 client for notebooks, PCs, Macs, and other web-enabled devices Maximum flexibility with central corporate access from any device Convenient app management thanks to the Enterprise Resource Store Easy file sharing 46 With BYOD, employees take advantage of the convenience and the functionality of their private devices in a business context. They can work flexibly with any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC on their cloud desktop and benefit from direct access to key corporate data including extensive cloud desktop features. Cortado Corporate Server supports iOS and Android, and is also fully integrated into the BlackBerry operating system. With Cortado Corporate Server, users have direct access to the file system in the business, eliminating the arduous moving of files between synchronization folders. The Enterprise Resource Store supports application management and makes it possible that apps and enterprise applications can be downloaded at any time securely to the mobile device and used immediately. If the device is lost or stolen, employees can use the User Self Service Portal to locate, block and partially or fully wipe the device, thereby effectively protecting data from third-party access.

65 Increase Productivity
Efficient use of travel and downtime: Employees can work remotely with fast and convenient access to the most current corporate data Shorter editing and faster response times: Users can competently answer s which require information from the corporate network and answer questions when on site with customers and business partners Optimized teamwork: Mobile employees can work from numerous locations and devices while still accessing the same project files and team folders Improved business performance: Workflows can be more dynamic, ordering, processing and billing can all be quickened

66 Reduce Costs Reduction in back office activities: Mobile users can complete the majority of their tasks when on the go directly with their smartphone or tablet, without requiring the assistance of other employees or having to return to their office Lower hardware costs: The more focus a company places on BYOD, the greater the hardware saving potential Lower data transmission costs: Cortado enables most activity to take place in the backend which minimizes data transmission, remaining data is compressed resulting in far lower data plan costs Simplified IT administration Many admin tasks can be completed quickly, easily, and centrally via the Management Console

67 Reduce Data Volume and Costs
Renaming Delete Copy PDF Export ZIP Export Send via Fax Print (network) Preview Cortado Client Other Solutions Traffic resulting from a (Word document, 2MB)

68 Increase Security Detailed auditing: In a system of controlled openness, user activities are monitored and saved in detail audit protocols. IT administrators can follow all steps that have been taken and if necessary, intervene in time Increased security for corporate resources: Both Mobile Device Management and corporate access run via Cortado Corporate Server which acts as a secure interface to all corporate resources No risk to the company if devices are lost or stolen: Corporate access, use of the backend and the SaveBack feature make local storage of data on the mobile device unnecessary. If the device is lost or stolen, it can be blocked, partially or fully wiped Adopts all existing user rights: Complete integration into Active Directory guaranties adoption of all existing user rights which can be further limited or enhanced and which ensure full auditing capabilities

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