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Symantec App Center 1 Silvester Drobnič

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1 Symantec App Center 1 Silvester Drobnič

2 App-Centric World Symantec App Center 2 NUMBER OF APPS On a end-userss device on average NATIVE APPS Percentage of time spent on native apps vs. web apps ENTERPRISE APPS Percentage of enterprises developing custom apps LINE OF BUSINESS APPS Percentage of enterprises running line of business apps END USERSENTERPRISES

3 Enterprise Apps - Why, Where & How Symantec App Center 3 App Drivers – Productivity – Competition – New Business Models App Adoption Phases – Mobile web extensions – Hybrid Apps (HTML5) – Native Apps Top Enterprise Apps

4 Enterprise Apps – Stakeholders & Priorities Symantec App Center 4 CIOApps TeamIT SecurityEnd User Want Support internal and public apps on iOS & Android Support tens of apps at scale Dont Want XLimitations to business strategy Want Easy way to distribute and update apps Focus on business functionality of app Dont Want XApp modifications to add security Want Control over corporate apps and data on all devices Separation from personal apps Dont Want XPolicy exceptions for mobile apps Want Easy way to discover and get apps and content Choice of devices and apps Dont Want XIT monitoring personal apps

5 Company Controls Apps & Data Only Company Controls Personal DeviceCompany Controls Standard Device 3 21 Unmanaged Managed Company OwnedPersonally Owned Company Owns an Unmanaged Device BYOD User & App Access Threat Protection Secure File Sharing Device Management App & Data Protection User & App Access Mgmt. Threat Protection Secure File Sharing Device Management App& Data Protection User & App Access Mgmt. Secure File Sharing App& Data Protection Evolving Endpoint Adoption Map Symantec App Center 5

6 5 Pillars for Enterprise Mobility Symantec App Center Control Points User & App Access App & Data Protection Device Management Threat Protection Secure File Sharing DeviceAppsData 6 Company credentials extended to both public and private cloud services Corporate data separation and delivery of IT services Configuration, control and management of mobile devices Mobile Security Threat detection and removal Enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration in the cloud

7 Symantecs Comprehensive Solution Symantec App Center User & App Access App & Data Protection Device Management Threat Protection Secure File Sharing MPKI VIP DLP for Mobile Mobile Encryption CMS ITMS SEPO3O3 Complementary Products Symantec O 3 App Center Mobile Management Mobile Security Content Center Primary Products 7

8 Symantec App Center 8 Foster ProductivityStay CompliantEnable BYOD Mobilize apps and data Facilitate collaboration Support enduser devices Separate corporate data Enforce security settings Policies on per- app basis

9 Symantec App Center Enables Productivity Symantec App Center 9 Mobilize Apps & Content In-house Store Distribute/Update/Revoke specific apps/content Web, Native, HTML5 – in-house, external apps PDFs, Videos, ePub documents, Forms User and IT Friendly Consumer-style portal, reviews, screenshots Corporate Branding Versioning and expiration options

10 Symantec App Center Secures Corp Data Symantec App Center 10 Mobilize Apps & Content Enterprise Security Policies Authentication: LDAP/SAML – online, offline access Encryption: FIPS 140-2, AES 256 – for all selected data Data Loss Prevention: Copy-paste, Sharing restrictions Advanced Protection: Targeted Data Corporate Apps and data are containerized Applies to in-house, custom or third party apps No source code changes required

11 Symantec App Center Truly Solves BYOD Symantec App Center 11 Clear Separation of Corporate & Personal Data Allow Personal Devices Access to corporate information, securely Auto-configuration of settings like Wi-Fi, VPN Lock and wipe specific corporate data only Privacy - Addressed No device level controls No monitoring of device apps or data Focus on corp. data and apps vs. entire device Corporate apps Per-app policies Pinpoint revocation Personal apps Personal data

12 End-to-End Process is EASY Symantec App Center 12 1 2 3 Upload app to console Select target group and apply Select policy settings for app 1 2 Download App Center Get the Apps IT Administrator End user

13 Symantec Technology Advantage Symantec App Center 13 App Protection Without Source Code Changes

14 Symantec Ecosystem Advantage Symantec App Center 14 Go-to Source for Apps – Symantec App Catalogue App Center Ready Apps* Moxier Mail Enterprise Email with direct push iKonic Mail Secure access to enterprise email Xavy Connects to MS Lync & Office Communicator iAnnotate Read, Annotate and Share PDF documents Good Reader PDF reader with annotation features Polaris Office Mobile Office to edit MS Office docs Apps with built-in Symantec security technology Extends containerization to third-party apps Apps with built-in Symantec security technology Extends containerization to third-party apps * For complete list, visit:

15 Symantec for Mobile Apps Mobile Protection Quick & Easy Expedite deployment of apps with an easy-to-use SaaS app store 1..2..3 Scalable & Seamless Enable any number of apps with no source code changes Independent of MDM Address mobile application needs without managing the complete device 15

16 Symantec App Center Solves Requirements Symantec App Center 16 No Compromises Needed EXAMPLE TEXT Go ahead and replace it with your own text. Productivity EXAMPLE TEXT Go ahead and replace it with your own text. Compliance EXAMPLE TEXT Go ahead and replace it with your own text. BYOD Support all apps (in-house and public) Enterprise protection for all corporate data Clear separation of corporate and personal info

17 Packaging Options Symantec App Center 17 Symantec App Center Basic Edition Symantec App Center Standard Edition Symantec App Center Enterprise Edition Device Management Basic App Management App Management App Protection App Management App Protection Device Management SaaS On-Premise SaaS On-Premise BEST VALUE SaaS

18 Symantec App Center 18 Symantec App Center Silvester Drobnič

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