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Cool-Head Device Brain-Saving device by Hypermed, inc

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1 Cool-Head Device Brain-Saving device by Hypermed, inc
Cool-Head Device Brain-Saving device by Hypermed, inc. Patent granted in Taiwan, pending in Us

2 2007 Buffalo bills tight end kevin everett suffered neck cervical spine injury and received prompt cooling treatment enabling eventual recovery

3 NYC Man Survives After Heart Stops For 45 Minutes
Sep 2, :57 am US/Eastern Joseph Tiralosi's Heart Beats Again After 45 Minutes; Doctors Kept His Body Cold While Removing Clot. Lived Through Episode Without Brain Damage NEW YORK (CBS) ―  A Brooklyn man is on his way to recovery after doctors say his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes.  Joseph Tiralosi was released from the hospital Tuesday. He had gone to the emergency room at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center on Aug. 17 because he wasn't feeling well. Within minutes of his arrival, he collapsed and his heart stopped beating.  Doctors and nurses tried CPR and shocked him multiple times with a defibrillator. A last-ditch effort to break up any clots finally worked, and Tiralosi's pulse finally came back.  Doctors kept his body cold while they removed a clot and Tiralosi's heart started working normally.  Doctors say he lived through the episode without incurring any brain damage. 

4 Cool-head Device, Utilizes advanced cerebral Oximetry feedback control

5 Market & Revenue Projection for Cool-Head Device
In the U.S. 1 million people every year suffer brain and spinal cord injury due to stroke, cardiac arrest, anoxia, and trauma. Rapid deep cooling with cerebral feed-back control can improve recovery. Global market 3 million people yearly Priced at $3,000 per patient, if only 12% of the 3 million patients world-wide uses Cool- Head Device, potential annual revenue is one Billion dollars ($1,000,000,000).

6 Patent-Pending Cool-Head Device

7 Taiwan Patent Granted, US patent pending
Filed by Dr. Thomas Yee, MD of Hypermed, Inc. PRECISION-CONTROLLED COOLING SYSTEM FOR INDUCING DIVING REFLEX AND ACHIEVING SAFE HYPOTHERMIC CENTRAL NERVOUS PROTECTION BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a cooling system for inducing and maintaining diving reflex and protection of central nervous system of human patients who have suffered anoxic brain injury, spinal injury or trauma to central nervous system. 2. Description of the Prior Arts Diving reflex is a physiological phenomenon of mammals, including humans, wherein as the face is exposed to icy cold fluid, the heart rate slows, metabolism slows, and the body preferentially directs oxygenated blood to the brain and heart, preserving the viability of these key organs. This phenomenon has been repeatedly demonstrated in incidents of successful resuscitation of cold water drowning victims, who survived longer periods of lifelessness than

8 Cool-head Device patent granted in Taiwan

9 5 reasons Why Cool-head device is superior
Cerebral Oximetry monitor provides feed-back control of cooling, optimizing brain’s oxygen supply and demand balance Nasal-Pharyngeal temperature probe measures brain temperature and provides feed-back control of precise cooling Special cooling membrane designed with minimal internal resistance to the flow of chilling water, optimizing heat exchange Cooling membrane covering patient’s face and to induce protective “diving reflex”, which slows metabolism, and shunts oxygenated blood to brain and heart, prolonging survival. Focusing on the head which naturally accounts for 25% of body heat exchange, cooling membrane also covers neck and torso.

10 Deal to investors Form new company with investors to sell Cool-Head device $25,000 per share, representing 1% of company equity. 10 to 50 shares available to investors Device being proto-typed. Patent granted in Taiwan and pending in U.S. Projected annual sales of 100 million dollars within 3 years.

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