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Improvised Explosive Devices

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1 Improvised Explosive Devices

2 Vehicle Borne Explosive Device (VBIED)
The “Trojan Horse” of Terror: Used indiscriminately against many targets including first responders. Easily hijacked. (Cheap) They can conceal a large amount of explosives. Cars, Trucks, Bicycles. Ingredients: Vehicle, Explosive -Agent, Detonator. Success depends on surprise as well as accessibility to target areas. May be a “secondary device” after initial attack.

3 Bomb Maker Dies in Fatal Blast
Nonthaburi, Thailand – Police say a forensic examination confirms that a body retrieved from the debris of an apartment building hit by a powerful blast is that of a suspected bomb maker. Police believe the explosion occurred accidently, while the bomb maker was assembling or moving a bomb. The explosion killed 4 people and injured 9 others, destroyed the first and second floors of the five-story apartment. IEDs are a threat that is constantly evolving. What makes IES’s so dangerous is the fact that they can be manufactured anywhere by anyone with materials that are readily available.

4 Bombers killed by premature explosion
Two suspected terrorists were killed in Jos, Nigeria, when the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) they were carrying on a motorcycle unexpectedly exploded. Believed that the bombs were meant to target churches in the area. IED’s made by inexperienced bomb-makers many times will fail to detonate or explode prematurely.

5 Twin Suicide AtTackS Karachi, Pakistan - Two suicide (homicide) bombers blew themselves up at a Sufi Shrine killing nine worshipers and injuring 64 others. The bombs exploded in quick succession at the entrance to the shrine. Suicide – “Homicide” - bombers have become a weapon of choice for terrorists worldwide. They are low cost, low technology, low risk weapons that are readily available., requiring little training. (“Push Here”) They strike fear in the general population.

6 Deadly Twin VBIED Blasts
Two vehicle borne explosive devices (VBIED) recently exploded outside the headquarters of the Kurdish Intelligence forces in Kirkuk, Iraq. Killed 7, injured 80 others. The first car bomb exploded outside the al-Ansar mosque just as a police patrol passed by. A few minutes later a second car exploded on nearby Mohammed al-Qasim Highway as police were responding to the scene. Cars arouse little suspicion.

7 Upscale Shopping center attacked
The Taliban took responsibility for a recent suicide bomber who detonated his explosives at the entrance of the upscale City Center shopping in Kabul, Afghanistan. This attack demonstrate the “shift” in terrorist’s tactics focusing on “soft targets”. Targeting of civilians is an effective tactic for these radicals because it not only creates a sense of fear, panic, and mistrusts, but it has tremendous economic impact that reverberates beyond the area of attack.

8 Bombs damage rail tracks
Coordinated attacks at four sites in Sindh, India. Bombs damaged the rail tracks near Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah and Mehrabpur districts. Terrorists make note of methods, taking lessons from all attempts, whether successful or not, which could be applied to other systems. There have been 30 deliberate derailments in India since January 2000.

9 Explosives found outside train station
Jammu Train Station, India – Suspicious bag lying outside station, a few yards from security area. Bag was found to contain 10 explosive devices. Train cars carry hundreds of passengers in an enclosed environment where any attack has the potential to wreak maximum damage. Economic disruption can be substantial.

10 Bicycle Bomb Four people critically injured when an improvised explosive device placed on a bicycle exploded in Model Town, near Wensam College in Pakistan. College campus, the ever present bicycle arouses little suspicion. Devices can be detonated with remote control or with a delay mechanism.

11 Explosives discovered in woodland area
Police in Northern Ireland’s Portglenone Forest uncovered two pipe bombs buried . Terrorists have been known to test their devices prior to launching their attack by performing test explosions in rural wooded areas. Oklahoma Bomber Timothy McVeigh detonated at least one small explosive device in a wooded area near his residence to test his chemical mixture.

12 Bomb Squad Called to storage unit
Norwood, Ohio – Bomb Squad called to an abandoned unit at “Simply Storage” Police found items that could be used to make bombs. In the past, terrorists have used commercial storage facilities, including self-storage units, to store explosives or other supplies prior to attacks.

13 u.s. power grid a top terror target
Two efforts: Explosives and Computer hacking.

14 BaNk Hit by suicide bomber
Seven “insurgents” with explosive belts underneath the security force uniforms they were wearing and armed with guns and grenades recently carried out an attack o the crowded Kabul Bank in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. They were targeting police and intelligence officers waiting to collect their salaries. Taliban took responsibility. They opened fire on people waiting in line, while two of the attackers detonating their belts. Killed 38 and injured more than 70 others.

15 Amateurish attempt to blow up atm
Police are looking for masked man that attached a pipe bomb to the Manning, South Carolina Bank of Clarendon’ss drive-thru automatic teller machine. He was unsuccessful in cracking the machine’s lock box.

16 Explosives found in home
Narcotic Investigators acting on a tip, found drugs and a “massive amount” of explosives stuffed into a freezer inside an Overton County, Tennessee home equipped with a booby-trapped pipe bomb. The suspect told deputies that “the pipe bomb rigged and ready to explode was to ‘protect his property”’ because the ‘No Trespassing’ sign he posted to protect his marijuana operation apparently was not good enough.”

17 Insurgents set trap for responders
Suspected Muslim “Insurgents” recently raked gunfire at a karaoke restaurant in Narathiwat Province, Thailand. 17 people. wounded Minutes later, just as emergency personnel arrived to assist victims, a nearby car bomb was remotely detonated – targeting the responders.

18 Police targeted by suicide bomber
Just as a police patrol passed closed to his car a suicide –homicide – bomber detonated his powerful car bomb rigged with an estimated 660 pounds of explosives killing at least 9 people and wounded 31 others in northwest Pakistan.

19 Dozens killed by car bomb at cng station
32 people killed and 120 others injured when a car bomb exploded at a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refueling station, Faisalabad Pakistan. The initial VBIED blast caused nearby compressed natural gas cylinders at the station to explode, destroying nearby cars and buildings.

20 Student Charged in terror plot
Justice Department (aka FBI) arrested a 20 year-old South Plains College (Texas) chemical engineering student who purchased chemicals and equipment to make an IED. Saudi national who was admitted to the U.S. in 2008 on a student Visa. He wrote in a private journal that he planned to target the “infidel Americans.” That it is “time for jihad.” Evidence collected indicated that he planned to target a nuclear power plant., former President George Bush’s home in Dallas, as well as detonate several VBIEDs in different places around New York City during rush hour.

21 Officials warn of chemical purchases
FBI Denver appealed to the region’s farm supply stores , asking employees to be aware of anyone who might be acting a way that could indicate potential terrorist activity. Current trends in terrorist bombings show that fertilizer-based explosives are continuing as a threat throughout the world. Ammonium nitrate and erea-based fertilizers pose an explosive threat if prepared and initiated properly, and that certain pesticides can be used to widespread harm to people.

22 ANFO Ammonium Nitrate-Fuel Oil (ANFO) mixtures are a favorite of car and truck bombers,. It was the explosive used in the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City bombing of rush-hour London buses and trains. 2006, Canadian authorities arrested 17 terror suspects charging them with a plot to use ANFO in a bombing campaign in Toronto.

23 Explosives & weapons cache discovered
Mexican Marines recently found a large cache of explosives and guns at a heavily armed camp in Guerrero where drug gangs frequently operate. Seized were 72 sticks of commercial synthetic explosives, 14 rifles, 8 grenades, 400 rounds of bullets. These rural camps have been used as training grounds and operating bases by Mexico’s drug cartels that have increasingly been using VBIEDs in attacks against police and other targets.

24 Bombs set truck oil tankers ablaze
Militants attacked the Tor Baba Oil Terminal, planting magnetic explosive devices “sticky bombs” on 12 tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan, igniting them on fire. IEDs planted on oil tankers can cause huge explosions with fire spreading to nearby buildings. More than one-million shipments of hazardous materials are moved throughout the U.S. each day. Pipelines, ships, trucks, trains and airlines.

25 Mail bombs Five mail bombs were received by various figures across Jakarata, Indonesia’s National Intelligence Agency.

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