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Developed for Presented by Chris Colella David Weinroth Date September 17, 2013 HCP Solutions for Superior Results Brought to you by the leaders in desktop.

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1 Developed for Presented by Chris Colella David Weinroth Date September 17, 2013 HCP Solutions for Superior Results Brought to you by the leaders in desktop and mobile 1

2 AdRx Media HCP Overview The AdRx Media/Greystripe cross-device solution Creative executions and ideas for Saatchi Next steps Agenda 2

3 GREYSTRIPE MEDIA Two category leaders | One unified platform 90% Visit our HCP network at least once a week… HALF (51%) visit at least once a day. 2.3MM Number of healthcare practitioners, technicians and support staff that we reach each and every month on our network 50+ Properties tailored to medical professionals including EMRs, reference, prescribing information, medical journals & industry news 500+ Health-focused mobile apps 3 Source: Internal & Publisher Reported Data

4 Run unique ad formats and creative executions across a highly targeted audience to efficiently reach: 50+ specialties Hospitalists Nurses, EMT, Technicians Elderly Care Workers 4 Cross Platform: Desktop Display, Mobile, Social and Video Engage & Educate Healthcare Professionals

5 5 SPECIALIST TARGETING Contextually target HCPs seeking information about a condition, treatment or medication Media tactics that keep up with the ever growing challenge of reaching professionals Retarget physicians who engaged with your brand, but didnt complete the desired call to action Provide us with your target HCP list and well anonymously match it against our database of 212 million users Build long-term relationships through two-way dialogue with HCPs PHYSCIAN MATCHING SOCIAL MARKETING SITE & EMAIL RETARGETING Go mobile with high impact rich media and flash ads compatible with all smart phones and tablets. MOBILE AdRx Solutions That Break Thru the Clutter

6 Specialist Targeting 6 SPECIALTY TARGETING Target content areas pertaining to a certain health condition or specialty to effectively reach HCPs who are seeking solutions and information for their patients health. QUALITY Highly specialized HCP targeting and healthcare professional targeting across our small network of publishers keeps inventory quality high and allows us to offer premium, placement opportunities. HCPs are authenticated via the AMA database

7 Physician Matching 7 We provide one to one messaging to Doctors within your preferred specialty through our Physician Matching solution DEFINING THE TARGET STEP 1 Provide us with your target list We send it to a 3 rd party to anonymously match against our database STEP 2 STEP 3 AdRx finds that HCP & engages with a relevant ad

8 Social Marketing within the HCP Community The biggest influence on a physicians decision to prescribe a drug treatment is a personal recommendation from a trusted colleague - Source: Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse ® v11.0, 2011 The FACEBOOK FOR PHYSICIANS Over 40k hours, 2.3mm posts and 118k conversations take place per month on Sermo among verified and credentialed physicians Physicians collaborate on cases and exchange observations to improve patient care. Brands are provided the opportunity for targeted engagements with these physicians by using promotional and market research products 100% HCP Focused 200,000 verified and credentialed physicians 68 specialties 8

9 Taking Part in the Conversation: Sermo Campaign Components 9 Proprietary social health gaming platform where HCPs compete with their global peers to predict brand centric future events DOC TANGO: LEVERAGES COMPETITIVE NATURE OF MDs Engage with physicians with new clinical data, patient cases, and trial designs. Brands KOL can introduce topics & receive feedback from doctors COMMUNITY POSTS: SHAPE THE DIALOG Be Top-of-Mind: Target a specific specialty and follow those physicians throughout their entire engagement on Sermo to support the brands key objectives. SPECIALTY SPOTLIGHTS: GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVITY Fully Customizable Content: Highlight key data and messages through a dedicated brand page BRAND PAGES: eRESOURCE FOR YOUR BRAND

10 Lets talk Cross-device 10

11 86% of HCPs use smartphones in their professional activities 11 Why Cross-Device Matters: Quick Facts 53% of HCPs use tablets at work 100% use desktop/laptop computers The percentage of HCPs that use all three screens (aka - digital omnivores) is currently 47% and is predicted to shoot up to 82% in 2014 Source: epocrates August 2013

12 United DMP with industrys richest audience and device data Visitor activity across tens of thousands of sites ValueClick Browsing Data Click activity across 18,000+ monthly campaigns ValueClick Interaction Data HCP activity across the AdRx HCP Platform AdRx Site Audience Data Millions of anonymized online purchase events $8B in CJ Transaction Data Content, apps, views, completions Mobile Engagement Data Impressions and clicks in app and mobile web Mobile Interaction Data Geo regional mapping and IP history Location Data User device, platform and software information Device & Platform Data 12

13 13 Digitals best step-by-step process for device-to-user matching Linkage across MULTIPLE IP addresses and connection patterns in the device data profiles Proven 80% accurate – highest in the industry Apple: Greystripe SDK harvests IDFA to unite all app usage to a single iOS device Android: Greystripe SDK links all app usage to one device Browser cookies track desktop and mobile web browsing DMP collects activity history for each tracked device Average of 200 profile items per device Goes beyond household connections most vendors use Greystripe SDK and advanced technology enable us to ID device every time we see it Rich device-level profiles created based on connections, browsing, past purchases Statistical model unites device profiles to a user with industrys best accuracy

14 Identify real-time patterns that help us connect devices to users with remarkable accuracy 14 Advanced model to take matching from HH to user level - Device usage patterns - Browsing behaviors - Purchases - Simultaneous device usage - IP connection history - Content consumption

15 Exclusive Rich Media ADherance 15 Reproduce interactive display units with identical functionality in mobile ISIs: auto-scroll or scrollable In-unit video: Auto-start or user-initiated Short or long form Condition-specific index targeting Interaction and engagement metrics Complimentary brand lift studies 16

16 The Full-Screen Leader 16 According to Harris Interactive, nearly half of all mobile banner clicks are unintended Full-screen ads from Greystripe have been shown to deliver a 5x increase in post-click conversions* Only Greystripes full-screen ads feature a unique Click Protection Menu that eliminates accidental clicks and delivers 100% intended actions! *Greystripe internal study Spring 2012

17 User-Flow Example 16

18 Expandable User-Flow Example 16

19 Tablet Static Ads 16

20 Full suite of campaign reporting Device usage insights for the brand audience All analysis and insights delivered turnkey Turnkey cross-device performance measurement and insights 20

21 Key drivers of improved performance: – More complete user profile/targeting – Reaching the same user across different devices – Ability to track users as they jump across devices to complete a task 21 ValueClick Media/Greystripe deliver superior performance Average Engagement RateAverage Conversion Rate 5.4X 1.0 Single Device Cross-Device Single Device Cross-Device 1.0 3.4 X Source: ValueClick, 2013

22 22 Next Steps? David Weinroth Greystripe 646-439-2704 Chris Colella AdRx Media 908.500.4545

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