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1 Mobile Device Management: Do You Know Whos Accessing Your Network? Umesh Shah, Dir. Channel Marketing

2 Agenda Consumerization of IT Defining Mobile Device Management Numara Cloud Mobile Device Management

3 CONSUMERIZATION OF IT Mobile Device Management

4 In the News

5 5 Trends Leading to Consumerization of IT 1.The rise of social media as a business application i.e. LinkedIn and 2.The blurring of work and home Forrester Research: 43% of the American workforce will have the option to telecommute by 2016 3.The emergence of new mobile devices By 2013, global smartphone shipments will exceed PC shipments for the first time. 4.Shifting business models Reliance on social media and ecommerce 5.Employee expectations of corporate IT Facebook, open source generation coming into the workforce

6 What Challenges Are You Facing? Effective IT Security Policies and Procedures How to manage and ensure security of data on the move When to restrict device content and capabilities Device and user profile management Ensuring Technical Ability to support Security Policies Knowledge of devices and mobile OSs Effective perimeter security (i.e. firewalls, VPN etc…) Effective Mobile Device Management Software Employee Resistance to Managed Personal Devices Co-mingling of personal and corporate data on the same device IT ability to monitor and remotely wipe the device Geo-Location aka Big Brother

7 What Opportunities Can You Take Advantage of? Revamp Security Policies and Procedures In place of taking a piece-meal approach, take the opportunity for an overhaul of existing policies in support of consumerization. Revamp of Perimeter Security Hardware & Software (i.e. MDM) Updated and tightened perimeter to support hybrid devices accessing the corporate network. Increased Employee Productivity The top metric used to support consumerization ROI is employee productivity followed by employee moral. * * Source: study of IT Consumerization

8 DEFINING THE DISCIPLINE Mobile Device Management

9 So What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? Mobile Device Management is managing and securing devices Protecting Microsoft Exchange from unmanaged devices Remotely provisioning Remotely troubleshooting Backing up and restoring Policy management Preventing theft and recovering lost devices Managing inventory Reporting on mobile infrastructure

10 Conservative estimates place value of pure MDM model at $180m in 2011, with CAGR of 30% over next 2-3 years Gartner predicts adoption rate of MDM 180 234 304 395 514 20112012201320142015 $(M) 30% CAGR Gartner Market Growth Expectations Source: Gartner, 2011

11 Mobile Device Management Lifecycle InventoryConfigureMonitorSecure Backup & Recovery Identify mobile devices on network Hardware and software ID On-device file system management End-user self-registration Assess exposure to malicious email Remote deployment & management Executive reports Geo-locate devices with Google Maps TM Lock and Wipe Prevent sharing of critical data via email Restore contacts, calendar, SMS, multimedia, files Recover lost or stolen devices Auto-deployment Auto-provision email configuration, pass codes and security policies Prevent unauthorized Microsoft Exchange access

12 Defining The Discipline Partnering With The End User –Make it easy for the user to do their job in MDM –Take the Geek out of configuration –Being sensitive to privacy concerns

13 Defining The Discipline Making IT feel Comfortable –Securing corporate data –Ensuring limited interaction required –Providing a robust toolset

14 Defining The Discipline Transitioning to a Device is a Device –MDM is becoming an IT responsibility –Balancing corporate policies on personal devices –Needs to be founded in strong ITIL based best practices


16 Key Features 100% web based cloud offering Enjoy the full inventory of your wireless devices Self-Service Registration and Auto Provisioning Manage applications Provision settings Over the Air Actions Corporate Email Protection Integrated helpdesk Remote Control Geo-Location

17 Over the Air Actions Remote detonate/wipe Remote auto-lock policy Enable/disable camera or Bluetooth capabilities Enforce device encryption Blacklist applications Prevent users from installing blocked third party applications SIM card change policy Security applications support Backup/restore contacts, calendar, SMS, bookmarks, notes, sales, and folders (across devices)

18 Corporate Email Protection Numara Software Exchange Defender TM – Prevent unmanaged mobile devices from accessing and sharing critical data and documents via email Numara Software Exchange Investigator TM – Quickly assess risk and exposure to malicious email hackers with executive level reporting detailing the number of users and mobile devices connected to Exchange

19 Self-Service Registration and Auto Provisioning Just got that new iPhone and have no idea how to connect to Exchange or what the WiFi security key is? –Easy via company Self Service Page –User registers with their phone number and follows a text message to the App store –Once registered, the defined auto provision packages are automatically deployed. Out of the box Exchange, Wireless, and Pass code security provisioning

20 FEATURE TOUR Mobile Device Management

21 Self-Service Registration

22 SMS Message

23 Profiles Provisioned


25 Lock Phone

26 Install Client

27 Device Activated

28 MDM Client Installed

29 Detect Jailbroken iOS Device

30 GEO Locating iOS

31 THE WRAP-UP Mobile Device Management

32 Numara Cloud Mobile Device Management IT Consumerization is here to stay. Organizations need a flexible and robust MDM solution Numara Cloud MDM provides IT organizations the control they need to securely manage mobile devices throughout their entire lifecycle.


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