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Diversionary Devices.

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1 Diversionary Devices

2 Diversionary Devices When used properly are an excellent tactical tool
Create a loud report and a brilliant light May disorient/ confuse Are not a good substitute for good tactics

3 History First Generation Second Generation
Military Training Simulators Second Generation Powerful devices Designed for Anti-terrorist Use Entebbe Mogadishu Prince’s Gate, London Air France Operation

4 Entebbe 1976 1976 Raid on Entebbe " Operation Thunderbolt" On June 27, an Air France jetliner was hijacked to Entebbe, Uganda Jewish and Israeli passengers were separated from the rest of the captives. The terrorists threatened to begin killing the hostages on the evening of July 4. In a daring commando operation, Israeli forces traveled 2,000 miles and landed at the Entebbe airport. They stormed the building the hostages were held in. They flashed banged the rooms & rescued the hostages and killed the terrorists.

5 Mogadishu 1977 A Palestinian hijack of a Lufthansa airliner in Mogadishu ended when German commandoes storm the plane. They threw flash bangs into the cockpit. Three hijackers are killed and 86 hostages are freed.

6 Iranian Embassy In 1980 the world watched as gunmen held 26 people hostage at the Iranian embassy in London. After a six-day stand-off the SAS launched a dramatic attack on the hostage-takers. Using explosives and flashbangs they cleared the large building rescuing the hostages

7 Current Generation Manufactured Commercially
Intended for law enforcement use Reduce possibility of injuries Contain powder mixture

8 Type Of Devices Bursting Canister Separating Sub munitions
Non metal canister which bursts during ignition. Fuse detonator assembly can become projectile. Separating Sub munitions Non metal Canister which separates from fuse detonator assembly prior to main detonation. Non-Bursting Canister Steel canister with “ports” which allow a controlled flash

9 OMNI BLAST 100 The Omni-Blast 100 tactical distraction device is one of a few bursting canister devices on the police and corrections market. The Omni can be used as a primary device or as an alternative in certain situations. It consists of a weighted fuse detonator assembly and a flash powder charge in a polypropylene canister. Size 1.5“ Dia. 8“ High Weight 10 Ounces  Powder Weight  300 Grains Decibel Output db/5ft Time delay Seconds

10 Def-Tec MK-25 Non-Bursting Canister
Defense Technology-Federal Labs Multi-Port Plus 1.3 lb (589 grams) Gun Steel Body 1.5 second fuse delay 174.5 dB at 5 feet (1.6 meters) 6 - 8 Million Candela Reusable body with reloaded fuse. Optional safety clip for fuse, and command initiated reloads.

11 CTS Model 7290 Combined Tactical Systems Model 7290
1.1 lb. (550 grams) Steel body 1.5 second fuse delay 175 dB at 5 feet (1.6 meters) 2.5 Million Candela Single use body. Optional safety clip for fuse, and command initiated reloads.

12 UPCO Model 1750 Model 1750 Diversionary Device 174db Sound at 5ft.
2,300,00 Candle Power

13 Characteristics Heat: Approx. 2700 degrees cent Sound: 170-185 dB
Candella: 2 million candle power Overpressure

14 Criteria For Use Whenever a diversion is needed to make entry or arrest And it is judged safe to deploy In life threatening situations And/or felony suspected felony incidents

15 Pre-deployment concerns
Protective and deployment equipment Fire potential Children & the elderly Chemicals and/or Flammables Exterior use Exterior Disposal

16 Protective Equipment Helmet Nomex Balacava Hearing Protection
Eye Protection Body Armor Nomex Gloves Long Sleeves

17 Fire Potential The Fire potential with distraction devices is very high Have a fire extinguisher ready Check for possible ignition

18 Children & elderly Due to possible injury, Distraction devices should not be use if Children and or elderly bystanders are present.

19 Deployment Prep Safety Pin Safely stored until needed
Cover officer in place Spoon placement in hand (spoon in web of hand) Remove pin ONLY when about to deploy

20 Cover Toss Visualize target area

21 Devices should be thrown under hand, arching to the target area

22 Deployment (cont.) Control the device I.D. target area
Subjects and/or combustibles Device failure plan Entry upon initiation Re-pin if needed

23 Post-Deployment Medics Collect evidence “Control” Deployment Debrief
Medic must be available during ops which devices could be deployed. Collect evidence Device accountability “Control” Deployment Debrief Document device use

24 Documentation Use of force issue Departmental policy detailed report
Photos and/or video Medical screening Diversionary device log

25 Legal Aspect Anticipate Testifying Courts Scrutiny of:
Department Policy Knowledge & training Justification for use Planning and safeguarding Deployment Post-Deployment actions Documentation

26 Case Law Langford Vs. Gates Smalley Vs. Minneapolis Garcia Vs. Texas
United States Vs. Myers

27 Conclusion When used properly diversionary devices are an excellent tool for use by Law Enforcement personnel

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