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LAN Devices 5.3 IT Essentials.

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1 LAN Devices 5.3 IT Essentials

2 LAN Devices— Host Provides users with connection to network
computers (both clients and servers) printers scanners other user devices Connects directly to a network segment Operates at all 7 layers of the OSI model

3 LAN Devices— NIC Network interface card
Printed circuit board usually installed inside a computer case Also called network adapter Adapts host device to the network Layer 2 device Carries a unique code called a MAC address

4 LAN Devices— Media Carries a flow of information, in the form of bits and bytes, through a LAN Considered layer 1 component Includes Cat 5 UTP optical fiber free space coaxial cable

5 LAN Devices— Repeater Regenerates and retimes network signals
Allows signal to travel a longer distance on the media Single-port “in” and single-port “out” device Classified as layer 1 device

6 LAN Devices— Hub Regenerates and retimes network signals
Also known as a multi-port repeater Creates central connection point for wiring media Classified as layer 1 device Can be active or passive Can be “intelligent” or “dumb”

7 LAN Devices— Bridge Connects two LAN segments to make one larger continuous LAN Filters LAN traffic to keep local traffic local Allows connectivity to other parts of the LAN Simple to install and manage—costs less than router Checks MAC address to make forwarding decisions Considered layer 2 device

8 LAN Devices— Switch Sometimes called a multi-port bridge
Switches data from incoming port to outgoing port Forwards data only to the appropriate port for the intended recipient Concentrates connectivity to make data transmission more efficient Considered layer 2 device

9 LAN Devices— Hosts, Hubs, and Switches

10 LAN Devices— Router Most important traffic-regulating device on a network Examines incoming packets Chooses the best path for them through the network Switches them to the proper outgoing port Bases forwarding decisions on network addresses Considered layer 3 device Provides Internet access Interconnects multiple LANs

11 Wireless LAN Client with wireless NIC Correctly deployed access point
NIC uses radio technology to transmit a signal through the air, instead of over a wire Correctly deployed access point Access point performs many of the same functions as simple hub Access point sometimes acts as a bridge to a wired Ethernet network

12 LAN Devices— Cloud Suggests another network, perhaps the entire Internet Represents a large group of devices that connect any one computer to a distant computer A collection of devices that operate at all levels of the OSI model so is classified as a Layer 1-7 device

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