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Organization: Anonda restaurant WORKPLACE AUDIT CHECKLIST Item comments Rating Date: 10-09-08Area: Brunchwick Urgent action Requires action satisfactory.

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1 Organization: Anonda restaurant WORKPLACE AUDIT CHECKLIST Item comments Rating Date: 10-09-08Area: Brunchwick Urgent action Requires action satisfactory Name: Anwer Shadat Student id: c05512 Safety rules OHSW policy available SOP are displayed Routinely followed Hazard reporting procedures followed Accident/incident forms available floors Floors are even and clean Floors free of obstructions Mats in good condition Work areas are clean and tidy Spillages signposted and cleaned Aisles Adequately marked Kept clear of obstructions No obstruction of vision at intersections Electrical No double adaptors No broken plugs, sockets Or switches No frayed or damaged cords No extension cords across walkways Portable equipment in good condition Mats need to vacuum Work area need more clean One place need one adaptors Assessment : 1

2 General lighting Adequate lighting for the job Light fittings clean and in good condition Emergency lighting operable Hazardous substances MSDS available Chemical clearly labeled Chemicals stored correctly PPEsupplied and used when necessary Fire & emergency procedures Evacuation procedures displayed Alarm system and procedures Escape routes > alternate Fire exits Assembly areas Evacuation wardens appointed Exit signs working properly Extinguishers in place and accessible Emergency service contact Numbers and details display Armed robbery procedures > duress/panic alarms Medical emergency procedures First aid procedures Security procedures Intoxicated persons identification and handling procedures Aggressive client procedures Staff personal security procedures Incident reporting procedures Incident review process All light fittings need proper fixing Alarm system need repair Staff security have to more improve

3 Likelihood severity Risk rating Column B Risk priority (Refer to rear of form) Hazard Column A Column C (Anything with the potential To Cause an injury or illness) recommended Risk controls (Refer to rear of form) Hazard register and risk assessment Date: 10-09-08 Organization: anondo restaurant Location: brunchwick Chemical stored unlikely major2 Chemical stored properly Manual Handling & Ergonomics Electrical Safety Very unlikely minor2 Staff Induction and Training Equipment or in Confined Spaces As above, but may include major unlikely 2 Emergencies & Medical Conditions critical likely 1 Staff Induction and Training Electrical Safety likelycritical1 Refer to Equipment Operation Manuals and other relevant SOPs Noise, distraction likely critical 1 Wear appropriate PPE Injuries, accidents likely critical 1 Refer to workplace Field Activity Guidelines poor hospitality likely critical 1 Weekly visual check by Panel Shop supervisor

4 Worker report form comparison table Employee name location Type of incident/hazard activity Time and date occupation Type of injury royon Williums town Theft footballer Case study 29march normal Assessment : 2

5 A crime" is defined as "any criminal act or attempted criminal act directed against a person or persons based on the victim's actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or position in a labor dispute." "Hate incidents" involve actions that express bias or hate against persons or groups but do not rise to the level of a crime. In addition to defining hate crimes and hate incidents, as well as citing examples, this circular outlines the characteristics of people who commit hate crimes, why they commit them, and common characteristics of hate-crime victims. The circular also discusses the harms done by hate crimes and incidents, as well as what the Los Angeles Police Department has done to respond to and counter hate crimes, including the development of specialized procedures for the police handling of hate crimes and hate incidents. The circular offers detailed advice on how to keep from becoming a victim of a hate crime or incident. Attention is given to the Internet, bar and nightclub predators, home security, what to do if a stranger comes to the front door, intruders, telephone calls, while away from home, returning home, key control, apartments and condominiums, Neighborhood Watch, walking, driving, parking, returning to the car, car trouble, if followed while driving, public transportation, at work, outdoor activities, verbal abuse, and what to do if attacked. Information is also provided on victim rights and services. A patron was cleared today of a charge of burglary relating to the theft of cash and mobile phones from blue lagoon nightclub staffroom. The incident was the patron com on Saturday at 10pm.first he taken drinks and gossiping with some guies.suddenly he went to The patron Bradley Wright-Phillips had the case against him discharged at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court after District Judge Anne Arnold ruled there was insufficient evidence against him. The 23-year-old, who is the son of former Australian star Ian Wright and younger half- brother of Manchester City and Australian player Shaun Wright-Phillips, pleaded not guilty to the offence. He was charged with the theft of cash totaling 200$, three mobile phones, a driving license, two bank cards and other personal effects from a staffroom at the Bar Blue club on South sea seafront, Williamstown, on 29 march. The court was shown CCTV footage from the nightclub staff room, which clearly showed Mr Wright-Phillips, of Williamstown, Melbourne, inside, but his solicitor, Rupert Bowers, successfully argued that it did not show him participating in a crime. The footage also showed Mr Wright-Phillips' team-mate, Nathan Dyer, in the room. The 20-year-old, of High Street, Southampton, pleaded guilty in July to the same charge. He was sentenced to 60 hours community service and ordered to pay £392.50 in compensation and £65 costs. Discharging Mr Wright-Phillips, Judge Arnold told him: "I am not satisfied there is sufficient evidence upon which a jury properly directed could convict you. I am going to discharge you in respect of that charge." In a statement released outside of court, Mr Bowers said: "Mr Wright-Phillips always denied participating in this offence, and is thankful that this has now been established. "He deeply regrets putting himself in a position whereby he came under suspicion. "Mr Wright-Phillips now wishes to put the whole episode behind him and concentrate on playing football for Southampton." INCIDENT: Introduction:

6 The Government is pleased to introduce the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Gangs) Bill. Put simply, this bill introduces a raft of reforms to the Crimes Act and other legislation to criminalize gang participation and gang-related activity. The Government has prepared this bill because the citizens of New South Wales deserve the best possible protection against gang violence, thuggery and organised criminal activity. In December last year, Sydneysiders fell victim to unruly, riotous behaviour during the weekend of public disorder in Cronulla and subsequent revenge attacks. Earlier that year, residents and police were attacked during mob violence at Macquarie Fields perpetrated by a brutish few. No-one can forget the horrific shoot-out between rival bikie gangs, the Bandidos and Commancheros, at Milperra on Father's Day in 1984 that left seven dead, one of whom was a 15-year-old girl. These different acts of violence are deplorable. Whether committed by an organised criminal enterprise or an impromptu mob, they should be dealt with swiftly and effectively. The bill attacks both mobs and organised crime gangs. Its provisions will undermine the very foundations of crime gangs and will further empower police in situations where people form a gang or mob on an ad hoc basis. Before providing the House with details of the bill, I would like to paint a picture of the types of organisations and activities we are trying to prevent. Fortunately, New South Wales cities are not plagued by violent street gangs such as those found in the United States of America. However, criminal organisations do exist. At the highest level, there are well-developed and hierarchical criminal networks such as the Russian mafia and other ethnically based organised crime groups and outlaw motorcycle gangs, known colloquially as bikies. Those organisations terrorise individuals and businesses, run sophisticated drug and firearm trafficking operations, cover their tracks through veiled money laundering operations and make innocent bystanders and businesses their victims. In recent years, there have also emerged significant crime gangs based on common ethnicity. They include Vietnamese and Chinese gangs with a strong involvement in the drug trade, Pacific Islander groups who are specialists in armed robberies, and criminals of Middle Eastern origin who engage in firearms crime, drug trafficking and car rebirthing. I scarcely need remind the House that the majority of the members of those communities either have no connection at all with such crime groups or, regrettably, are their victims. Many gangs have nothing to do with ethnicity. They are formed rather on the basis of common interests, for example motorbikes, geographical proximity, or, sadly, social contacts made in the prison system. One thing that links those people together is that they are criminals. Sydney residents were reminded of the presence of crime gangs during the tit-for-tat shootings over past years. Those cowardly and murderous attacks saw pockets of south- western Sydney suburbs terrorised night after night. Unfortunately, my electorate of Bankstown was focused on significantly during that period. Hence, the changes in the bill are very important to my constituents. The Cronulla riots and revenge attacks also showed that violent gangs can be formed quickly and on an ad hoc basis. The vile behaviour of those gangs made headlines throughout the world as violence, racial abuse, bullying and assaults found their way into peoples' front yards, shops and cars.

7 The bill recognises that crimes committed by gangs, whether they be crimes of violence, revenge attacks, systematic property damage, organised motor vehicle theft, protection rackets, armed robberies or the drug and gun trade, are a far greater threat to the safety and wellbeing of the community than most crimes committed by individuals acting alone. The bill attacks the foundations of two very different types of gangs. It deals with both organised criminal groups and impromptu groups of violent individuals or mobs. The two types of gangs are dealt with separately in the bill. Schedule 1 to the bill amends the Crimes Act 1900. Item [1] inserts a definition of "public disorder" to mean a riot or other civil disturbance that gives rise to serious risk to public safety, whether at a single location or resulting from a series of incidents in the same or different locations. Items [3] and [7] make it clear that offences involving assault against police and other law enforcement officers include throwing missiles at them. Items [5] and [6] increase the penalties by two years for assaulting a police officer, assaulting a police officer occasioning actual bodily harm and maliciously wounding a police officer. Items [8] and [9] increase from two years to five years the maximum penalty for offences involving obtaining personal information about law enforcement officers or members of their families.

8 Incident log Time/dateDetailssigned 23:25/28march sojib Student of science, Stanley 23:13/28march sajjad businessman, Striation

9 Description form Age : 23 Eye color : black Race : catholic Build : strong Weight : 5.9 Complexion : brown Behaviour: his behavior was rud and he was drunk and accent was aussie Firearms: large automatic Vehicle: driver side Type: sedan Distinguising Features : automatic Missing teeth: no Facial hair: yes Face covering: no Head covering: no Sunglasses: no Upper body: t-shirt Lower body: troujer Headwear: backbrush Footwear: boot Completed by: Name: michel nick signature: Police date: 10-09-08 time: 2:24 contact no: 04300653


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