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Take on listening Book 1. Chapter One Learning to Listen.

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1 Take on listening Book 1

2 Chapter One Learning to Listen

3 Part one Using what you already know School counselors can give you all sorts of tips and support on solving problems and making good decisions. Chances are that whatever problem you have, your counselor has seen it before and has lots of good advice on how to help you work through it. It takes a lot of training to be a school counselor. Most not only have college degrees but also masters degrees. CHAPTER ONE

4 Part one Using what you already know make/fix an appointment with sb keep/break an appointment [ ] ESL class: English as a Second Language placement test: id: I think Im getting it: I think I understand its meaning now. CHAPTER ONE

5 2. Scanning for the main idea I got as sick as a dog. There got to be something better: Things should be better. I think Ill pass out if I dont get something: lose consciousness; faint

6 Its either the canteen or three hours of listening to your stomach growl: You must make a choice.

7 6. Using context clues He is real stickler: If youre more than 15 minutes later, he marks you absent, and you have to hand in every assignment on time or he lowers your grade. stickler:

8 You could have knocked me over with a feather. I havent worked on it very long and I didnt have time to check it over. When the teacher returned it to me with an A on it, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

9 Ive got to cram for a test tonight. I havent had a chance to study before now… Im going to need a good nights sleep. I want to make sure that Im ready for the test. ( )

10 All right. We promised each other wed get this report done today. Lets get cracking.

11 Gee. Its already a quarter after ten. Maybe Ms. Hughes is absent today. Fat chance. Shes never been absent a day in her life. I was in her class last year and she even came in when she had the flu.

12 Chapter 2 Just Directions Please Part II: Scanning for the main idea jot down: write down quickly be a snap: [Am E infml] to be very easy to do The test was a snap. I noticed you are not wearing a ring. So I guess you are not married.

13 Part III. Note Taking The BART system is modern metro that links 39 stations throughout Northern California, San Francisco Bay area. The trains are operated by computers and the BART station platforms have electronic signs that light up with information about trains that will be arriving.

14 Exc. 3A 1. Time: JFK Blvd---Town Plaz. 2. fare: Oxf.Avn.---College Avn. 3. fare & time (F&T): 5th. St./Fl---Grove st. 4. rnd tick.: 75th st.---Kent.St. 5. Time: Kans. st.---20th st. 6. 12:00, Alab. St.---Madr. Avn. Stat. Arriv. time 7. T. for 4:07 trainYonk.---GCT 8. T. for 6:20 train GCT-Yon. 9. trains GCT-Yonk. 4:20-7:53 pm. 10. Time:Yonk.---GCT 11.Yonk.---GCT train not stop at 125th st.? 12. Time now? next train GCT-125th st. arrive?

15 IV. Vocabulary in context Thats a highway robbery for …: Thats too expensive. Its basically straight shot to…a

16 Well –known places in Beijing: 1. The Forbidden Palace 2. The Summer Palace 3. The Great Wall 4. Dingling Mausoleum 5. The Temple of Heaven golden week for tourism outbound/ inbound tourism / independent/do-it-yourself travel, group travel ; unlicensed tour guide /black taxi /

17 Chapter 3 Good Neighbors Lovebird: person who is very much in love throw a party: hold a party in a row: one after another; in unbroken sequence This is the third Sunday in a row that it's rained.

18 Part II Vocabulary in context be at it: in the process of doing it He can jack up the price: increase (salary, payment, etc); raise It's time you jacked up my allowance. Poor old thing: poor old lady

19 Key to exercise 2 (Main Dialogue): 1.Betty and Michael have loud arguments. 2.He pays low rent and he thinks the landlord wants him to move. 3.They play music late at night and have loud parties. 4.Mrs. Anderson. 5.She screams into the phone early on Sunday mornings. 6.Noise from early morning gardage collectors. 7.Art never throws his garbage, which causes bad oder in the hallway. 8.He is writing a book about his experience with his neighbors.

20 Key to Exercise 3: Top left: Michael and Betty Top right: Rob and Steve Middle right: X Bottom left: Mrs. Anderson Bottom right: Art

21 Part III Expansion redo: redecorate (a room, building, etc); repair Its time we redid this room. I kind of think the way it is. kind of: slightly; to some extent ; ; : I'm not sure why, but I feel kind of sorry for him.

22 be at it: do the work as mentioned might (may) as well: Now youre talking: used to say that you think someone's suggestion is a good idea 'Fancy an ice cream?' 'Now you're talking. This is getting out of hand: if a situation or person gets out of hand, they become impossible to control any longer: The previously peaceful demonstration seemed to be getting out of hand.

23 wallpaper v. cover the walls with wallpaper enamel paint: linoleum: a shade of latex semi-gloss: enamel: fix the problem: solve the problem deduct: ~ sth (from sth) : take away

24 Dont try to turn this around on me. turn on sb: attack sb suddenly and unexpectedly : His normally placid dog turned on him and bit him in the leg. Why are you all turning on me (ie criticizing or blaming me)? ? Icicle: n pointed piece of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water Rent control: when a city or a state uses laws to control the cost of renting houses and apartments

25 Part V Ole: [only before noun] used to represent the way some people say 'old' my ole man Winter's no good for the ole folk. How's my ole friend Billy? Washer n. small flat ring made of rubber, metal, plastic, etc placed between two surfaces (eg under a nut) to make a screw or joint tight, prevent leakage, etc,.

26 Duck (out of) sth to move somewhere very quickly She ducked out of the door before he could stop her. As she ducked out of the meeting, Shirley was immediately surrounded by reporters.

27 Sneak [snuck] to go somewhere secretly and quietly in order to avoid being seen or heard They sneaked off without paying! She snuck out of the house once her parents were asleep. Creepy: making you feel nervous and slightly frightened There's something creepy about the way he looks at me.

28 dirt `cheap (infml) very cheap Keg a round wooden or metal container with a flat top and bottom, used for storing beer Kill two birds with one stone: achieve two aims with a single action or simultaneously ; ;. Deduct: to take away an amount or part from a total The payments will be deducted from your salary. Condo: condominium n. 1. one apartment in a building with several apartments, each of which is owned by the people living in it 2. a building containing several apartments

29 Clog: to block something or become blocked Over many years, the pipes had got clogged up with grease.

30 Chapter 4 A Health Excuse Are you nauseous; do you have gas pains; do you have heartburn? nauseous: feeling nausea or disgust gas pains: the condition of having a lot of air in your stomach heartburn: a condition in which you feel an unpleasant burninig in your chest

31 Chapter 4 A Health Excuse Part II Main Dialogue 1.under the weather: feeling unwell or depressed : She's been a bit under the weather recently.. 2.nauseous: feeling nausea or disgust 3.gas pains: the condition of having a lot of air in your stomach

32 4. behind/at the wheel: steering (a vehicle or a ship) : Who was at the wheel when the car crashed? ? 5.Drinking and driving do not mix: You can not drink alcohol when you drive.

33 6. getting into trouble just to be part of the in crowd: getting into trouble partly because they do as everybody else does 7. please give it a rest: please stop nagging 8. nasty: painful; severe ; : a nasty cut, wound, etc. 9. going around: if an illness is going around, a lot of people get it

34 10. inflammation: ; : (an) inflammation of the lungs, liver, etc. 11. glands: 12. cramp: ; 13. diarrhea: 14. algebra:

35 Part III Expansion 1. Stuffy nose: 2. crummy: of bad quality or unpleasant ; : 3. Non-prescription: 4. nasal spray: 5. rash: itch: 6. go for a hike: take a long walk in the mountains or countryside ; 7. skin irritation:

36 7. antiseptic soap: 8. itch and burn: 9. Poison oak/ivy: 9. fizz-away: a kind of medicine that cures stomach 10. over-the-counter (OTC): 11. antacid: 12. drink like a fish: 13. hereditary: 14. Im not taking no for an answer: Dont say no to me.

37 Poison oak: Blood bank: Donation: Symptom: Chemo treatment: Diarrhea: Vomit:

38 Bug: germ or infectious virus : There are a lot of bugs about in winter.. Swing by: drop in Chronic: Antihistamine:,. hay fever: Diabetes:

39 Chapter 5 Which One is the Better Deal? Part II Scanning for the Main Idea CD Brands: Fony, Sony, Sanyo, Yamagoto, Demmon, Sonapanic single disc player, Have five disc carousel ( ) Unbeatable: something that is unbeatable is the best of its kind a team, player etc that is unbeatable cannot be defeated

40 Direct access feature: there are same buttons on the CD player as well as on the remote control. A whopping 200 CDs, High-end models: expensive models Useful Expressions: Im interested in buying…but Im a little confused Do you think…is a better deal? How much will …run me? Im just not too sure if I can afford $649 worth of sound

41 Thats going for $419. That sounds a lot more comfortable. You got to be kidding! Tell me about the warranty/guaranty with… Im lost: I got confused. You can punch it on the front of CD player. How much will the Demmon player run me? Its a real nuisance.

42 Now they only come with high-end models. Part III Expansion Im only getting some now for the party. Ill try a few six-packs… The press line: the check-out counter for no more than ten items We would just go over to him and tell him in a nice way.

43 He wouldnt be caught dead in a red shirt. He must be a medium (size) How do you want them to send it? Have them ship it express delivery. Do these shoes run smaller or larger? They tend to be a little on the small sides. I can return them if they dont fit, right? We have money-back guarantee. Pay the postage: pay for the mail

44 Thats one pair of black simple flats in size 8 at $82.95. Put them on my Gonif card. Just send it standard. For anything up to 50 pounds its a flat delivery charge of $30. having a single price for a variety of goods or services

45 It doesnt make sense to shell out 30 bucks twice. pay out, often reluctantly ): I shall be expected to shell out for the party. If you want the repairs done right, you'll have to shell out at least $800.

46 no sweat: [spoken] used to say that you can do something easily 'Are you sure you can do it on time?' 'Yeah, no sweat! spoken used to say that you can do something easily 'Are you sure you can do it on time?' 'Yeah, no sweat!' The driver was good, no sweat. flat charge: a flat rate, amount of money etc is fixed and does not change or have anything added to it Clients are charged a flat rate of £250 annually. We charge a flat fee for car hire.

47 an exorbitant price, amount of money etc is much higher than it should be [syn.] astronomical exorbitant rent/prices etc exorbitant rates It's a nice hotel, but the prices are exorbitant.

48 run: AMOUNT/PRICE to be at a particular level, amount, or price Inflation was running at 5%. The cost of repairing the damage could run to $5000. perishable: likely to decay quickly, perishable goods such as butter, milk, fruit and fish

49 Your … is gorgeous! It must have cost a fortune. Is the sale still on?

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