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Please note the following... This class is over FULL, NO students will be ADDED If you intend to DROP this class, please let the instructor know immediately.

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1 Please note the following... This class is over FULL, NO students will be ADDED If you intend to DROP this class, please let the instructor know immediately

2 Are You In The Right Place? MIS-7570 E-Business Prof. Bob Reck ? ?

3 Traditional Electronic Commerce Definition Buying and selling of information, products and services via computer networks/electronic media through all phases of business transactions Definition

4 Electronic Commerce


6 Perspectives And Objectives Impact of electronic commerce on business design and strategy (and vice versa) Impact on industries and markets Technology underpinning for Electronic Commerce (languages, hardware, software, networks, Internet, EDI, standards and protocols) Impact on other information systems within a business (ERP, integration needs, value chain elements, knowledge management)

7 MIS-7570 - Overview of Topics Introduction and Key Frameworks and Models Business and Technology Perspectives Buy Side, Sell Side, SCM Viewpoints Components of an E-Comm Business Linking Business Strategy and E-Comm E-Comm as a Transformation Tool EC and Banking/Publishing m-Commerce and EC Appliances Issues and Red Herrings, e-campus (?) and K:/Courses/MIS7570, e-campus (?) and K:/Courses/MIS7570

8 MIS-7570 - Cases** GE TPN* Online Banking: Wells Fargo and Bank of America* McDonnell Douglas * Site study is the basis for the case.

9 Guests Eugene Wu, CEO and Joanne Mooradian, VP Marketing - ThinkMart Richard Kesner - Hurwitz Group Marc Cecere - Giga Information Group Richard Kane - Zefer Group Karen Temkin and Glenn Mangurian - Frontierworks Greg Ross - eStrategies Richard Voss - Babson College (?) Marcus Torchia - Lernout and Hauspie Systems Phillip Bakker - PriceWaterhouseCoopers … and ???

10 Primary And Optional Texts PriceWaterhouseCoopers, E-Business Technology Forecast, May 1999 [T&S] G. Winfield Treese and Lawrence C. Stewart, Designing Systems for Internet Commerce, Addison-Wesley Co., 1998 [K&R] Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson, e-Business: Roadmap for Success, Addison-Wesley Co., 1999 (Optional Reading) [D&M] Jack Davis and Susan Merritt, The Web Design Wow! Book, Peachpit Press, 1998

11 Related Courses MIS7520, Designing Organizations with Information Technology (DOIT) MIS7571, IT and the Value Chain MKT7570, Direct Marketing and E-Commerce MKT7540, Retailing in a Networked Environment OPS7520, Supply Chain Management See the career track section on GlobeNet.

12 Grading

13 Class Participation - Major Elements Professional behavior Participation in class discussions Active listening Tuned in body language Demonstration that you did homework Insights into material Knowledge building from class to class Personal mastery Giving 110% No games or e-mail on the PCs at the back of the room!! ;-)

14 Case Study Individually prepared Unique company or industry Electronic commerce or electronic business Field work, research, analysis, Web, library, visits Resembles Harvard Case Studies May use/show Web sites, presentations, video, other media Encouraged to post on Web for open access to rest of class or others Detailed contents in syllabus Due November 13-14, 2000

15 Initial Company List (maintenance) CheckFree (online billing) (freight) (medical) (consulting) Ernst & Young (Knowledge Mgt.) (travel) (portal) (hotels) Home Depot (Home Shopping Net) (DIY) Millipore (web guides) (music) (legal info) Open (EC software) (home sales) (travel plus) (apartments) Instructor invites other suggestions. Please get approval before proceeding.

16 Initial Topics List Instructor invites other suggestions. Please get approval before proceeding. Advertising (Agency Side) Auctions Online Automobile Industry (SCM) Automobile Industry (Sell Side) Buy Side Software Commercial Insurance CRM Software Cyberwar (international) Distance Learning E-Comm Costs (re Business Models) Entertainment ERP Integration with E-Comm Banking (update class case) Education and Certifications Fashion Sales Financial Services Government Interventions (e.g., taxes, etc.) Government Online (Fed/State/Local) Grocery Industry (SCM, comparisons) ISPs/CSPs/ASPs Knowledge Management Medical Advice and Support Music Online (MP3, Napster, etc.) News Services Non-US E-Comm (e.g., pick your own geography) Online Pharmacies Online Politics Personal Insurance Purchasing Services Real Estate Recruiting/Job Finding SCM (Supply Chain Management) and ERP Search Engines Sell Side Software Streaming Media Toys Online (comparisons) Trading Hubs Travel (comparisons) Vacation Homes Online Zines (comparisons)

17 Team Web-Based Project Teams of two to four students Propose, design and develop an electronic commerce business New EC initiative, reinvention of troubled initiative, EC initiative for a mature company Short business plan Demonstration business site Encouraged to post on Web for open access to rest of class Detailed contents in syllabus and in second class on business plans Presentation to class Due December 4-5, 2000

18 Traditional Electronic Commerce Definition And Implications Buying and selling of information, products and services via computer networks/electronic media through all phases of business transactions Buyers and sellers can directly connect Full digital information exchange between trading partners Time and place limits almost no factor Interactive with attendant impact on customer behavior Updated in real time All or most trading steps and transactions included Complete restructuring of the channel New roles for IS and other organizational units Major change!! Definition Implications

19 Twelve Changes That Put E-Comm On The CEOs Agenda - E-Comm Will … Change the basis of competition Change how we work (reengineer) and level of coordination Change how we market and sell Change timing and pace of business Change relationships with suppliers, customers and others Change how we allocate resources Change image Change culture Change products and services Change how we get/retain staff Change how we provide service Change how we invoice and get paid 12

20 Whos Making Money (Or Trying To)? Mature Businesses Start-Ups IT Companies Communications Infrastructure Providers Consulting Venture Capital/ Investment Government

21 Past Approaches To Electronic Commerce World Wide Web - shifts from other media Run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes Focus on catalogue and order capture - No change in sales model Complex accommodation to current channels - No change in business model Focus on the usual suspects - the same customer set Low budget Dont give too much away Look with awe at front-page successes Hit any key!

22 Electronic Commerce Code Netrepreneur Cybermediary/Infomediary E-lancers Electronic affinity group Sites and servers Channels Mall Supply Chain Management Search agent or engine Authentication Interactive Digital signatures Nanobucks Electronic wallets Portal Partner Channel Partner Web ISPs URLs HTTP/HTML/XML Java Cookies Real Audio/Video Zines Links Hits Frames Bots Webcam Spam Bandwidth Internet2 Auctions B2B B2C B2G m-Comm KM Personalization ASPs/ESPs/CSPs ERP and EAI Sell Side/CRM Buy Side FTP SSL and SET Public keys and private keys

23 Key Frameworks For Course IT-Value 7-S SWOT Business Diamond Porter Industry Forces Value Chain CRLC

24 Business Value Business Value Business Value Technology Efficiency Effectiveness Transformation Competitive Advantage

25 Business Value Comes From Business Change No !!! Strategy Business Change Business Change Business Value Business Value Technology Creates Drives Directs Yields

26 Business Diamond Management Processes Management Processes Culture, Beliefs and Norms Culture, Beliefs and Norms Information and Information Systems Information and Information Systems Organization, Skills and Jobs Organization, Skills and Jobs Business Processes Business Processes

27 7-S Model Reference: Athos and Pascale, The Art of Japanese Management Structure Strategy Systems Skills Style Shared Values Shared Values Staff

28 SWOT Analysis Framework ? ? StrengthsWeaknesses OpportunitiesThreats

29 Business Strategy - Porters Five Forces Potential Entrants Potential Entrants Suppliers Buyers Substitutes Threat of new entrants Bargaining power of suppliers Threat of substitute products or services Bargaining power of buyers Industry Competitors Rivalry Among Existing Organizations

30 Business Strategy - Value Chain Analysis Company Support Activities Firm Infrastructure Human Resource Management Technology Development Procurement Product Develop- ment Operations LogisticsMarketing and Sales Service Primary Activities M a r g i n Manufacturer Customer

31 Customer Satisfaction = Product Quality + "Moments of Truth" Choose/ Specify Pay Deliver Status Inquiry Order Replace/ Upgrade Maintain/ Repair Hotline Real Time Support Joint Initiatives Account For Inventory Train "Get It" Product/Service Delivery "Fix It" After Sale Servicing 'Use It" Usage Enrichment Customer Resource Life Cycle Install

32 The Internet : A Different Look Unique Business Propositions Customers come to you New channel Target advertising markets Businesses without inventory Sharing of viewpoints Ability to be small but act big Personalized products Illusion of global markets Illusion of a business Illusion of community Illusion of size Illusion of skills Illusion of customization The illusion is the reality!!

33 Business Models - Simplified List Top-Level Transplanted Models –Seller controlled - –Buyer controlled - GE TPN –Neutral Internet-Native Models (cost structure enabled) –Portals and CSPs –Auctions (dynamic swaps, real time) –Infomediaries Vertical hubs - Chemdex Functional hub - E-shop -,* E-mall - Advertising base - Subscription base - Direct marketing - Freeware - Free content - napster, Auctions - Third-party marketplace Virtual communities - Information brokerages and search services -

34 CLASS 2 Tentative Slides

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