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An Overview of What We Offer: Accident & Health/Occupational Accident

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1 An Overview of What We Offer: Accident & Health/Occupational Accident
Risk Alternatives & Management 3104 Creekside Village Dr. Ste 501 Kennesaw, GA fax Our experienced underwriters can access specialty coverages that meet the standard and specialized needs of the insured. An Overview of What We Offer: Accident & Health/Occupational Accident Workers Compensation Excess Liability/Umbrella Commercial Auto Trucking/Transportation Property Insurance General Liability Employment Practices Liability Construction Customized Programs Residential and Commercial Builder Plans Hotel/Motel Markets Restaurant Coverage Environmental Programs Builders Risk Insurance E&O/D&O or Call RAM today for the most competitive quotes

New ventures; No prior coverage; Tough Classes; High Mods; Assigned Risk Accounts… MARKETS STILL AVAILABLE!!!! Monoline and Multistate (all policies have other states coverage as well)… Most classes qualify including trucking… Improved payment plans available… Submissions need to be sent as soon as possible for lead time and competitive quotes, but we can quote in 24hrs with all information provided. Must have FEIN and 5 year current loss runs, exp. mod. worksheets and complete description of operations EXPANDED WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: VA, MS, GA, NC, SC, TN!! Here are a few examples of the new eligible class codes, but there are many more (EXP MODS up to in GA): 2710 (sawmill- GA,VA, SC, NC) 5551 (roofing) 9102 (park noc/lawn maintenance) 5606 (General Contractors) 6204 (drilling- GA,VA, SC, NC) 6319 (gas main) 6306 (water/ sewer) (millwright) 9403 (garbage) 9016 (amusement park) (construction debris) 8293 (furniture moving & storage) 8500 (metal scrap dealers) 7600 (telephone/cable company) (junk dealer GA, SC, TN) 8265 (iron scrap dealer) 9063 (YMCA/YWCA) 9061 (health clubs) 9084 (bars/taverns) 9220 (cemetery) 9554 (sign installation) 9534 (mobile crane ops - GA,VA, SC, NC) 9620 (funeral homes) (pallet mfg) 4000 (Sand & Gravel) 9402 (Street clean) 0401 (Cotton Gin) 7613 (Telephone cable) 7370 (Taxi VA, NC) & 7232 7390 (water - VA, MS, SC, NC, TN) (sewage- VA, MS, SC, NC, TN) Unmodified PREMIUMS < $130,000 QUOTED IN HOUSE within 24 hrs with mods up to 1.49 in GA (1.79 in AL and 1.74 as shown above) Submission Check List: ACORD 125 and 130; experience mod worksheet; 5 years currently valued loss runs; and supplement if required. Current financials may be needed on large accounts or those with high deductibles/retentions. (Note- accounts with FL exposure need the ACORD 130FL which must be notarized) Common Errors: No FEIN or SSN; No risk ID or exp. mod. when one exists; entity type incorrect or not shown; yrs in business not indicated; incorrect effective date; incorrect class codes; # of ee’s not shown; officer/owner information not shown; incomplete business description; failure to answer some of the 24 listed questions; no contact name/phone; current officer exclusion forms not signed; ACORD 130 not signed by agent AND insured. Additional RAM Support: ERM 14’s; Waiver of subrogation request forms; NCCI Hazard Group list; Forms required by other states’ workers’ compensation regulators (officer exclusions); OSHA requirements; contacts for monopolistic state coverage; self insurance or high retention programs; Safety program development; ACORD 130FL for FL; links to information websites for WC issues.

3 Key UMBRELLA coverage features are: Limits up to $50 million
Check List for ACORD 131: ___ Currently valued 3yr loss runs for GL ( ) AL ( ) Details on claims > $100,000 ( ) ___ Complete Insured Name ( ) Address ( ) # of employees ( ) Date Bus. Started ( ) ___ Sales/Revenue Current yr projection ( ) Last 3 yrs…quest #26 ( ) ___ Current Carrier Name ( ) Eff Date ( ) Limits ( ) Premium ( ) AL ( ) GL ( ) WC ( ) Copy of GL quote or dec page showing exclusions ( ) ___ Higher limits required GL ( ) Completed Ops ( ) AL ( ) Limits needed____________________ ___ Defense Cost within limits ( ) quest #1 ___ Are all coverages on an occurrence form?______ ___ Complete description of business operations ___ Limits desired ( ) Deductible ( ) ___ Any use of cranes ( ) quest #13 ___ Subcontractors - Any uninsured or limits lower than insured ( ) % subcontracted ( ) ___ Any foreign operations quest #23 & 24 ___ List of vehicles required if umbrella covers over AL ___ Safety program in effect? Supply copy of table of contents ( ) MVR’s Obtained ( ) ___ List 5 largest contracts performed over the last five years to include job name, type of work, height, revenue from job ___ If construction related, % Residential_____ % Commercial TARGET Risks: Building maintenance/cleaning; Business services; Carpentry; Concrete; Taverns; Restaurants; Electrical; Furniture stores; General contractors; Grocery; Hotels/Motels; Landscaping; Liquor stores; Lumber/building materials; Masonry; Sports/Recreation clubs; Retail Stores; Motor vehicle sales; Apartments; Mobile Home parks; Painting; Perfumes/Cosmetics; Real estate; Repair shops; Special trades Hundreds of SIC codes qualify for on line rapid quotes for insureds with annual revenues up to $100 million…High limits available ($50 mil) Key UMBRELLA coverage features are: Limits up to $50 million $250,000 advancement of the umbrella limit for crisis response costs in the event of a covered crisis $50,000 for public relations expenses in the event of a covered crisis (in addition to applicable limits) Advertising injury coverage includes infringement of copyright and trademark in an insured's advertisement Personal injury and advertising injury includes electronic publication Coverage for vicarious liability arising out of intentional acts Submissions require: Commercial, Umbrella, GL, AL fully “completed” ACORD forms Underlying carriers must be A- VII or better Losses must be less than $100,000 in any of the last 5 yrs/5 yrs. loss runs required GL/AL policy effective dates must be within 6 months of the proposed umbrella effective date More than 50% of revenue must be domestically generated Underlying coverage must be on occurrence forms of at least $1 million Send copy of GL/AL dec page or quote**(must have!!!) For contractors lists 5 largest jobs/revenue and height worked.

4 Nail Down Your Quotes With RAM!!
For your specialized construction risks, we can access specialty coverages, such as Excess/Umbrella, Property/Builder’s Risk, Environmental, Management & Employment Practices Liability, Professional Liability/A&E, Accident & Health and Foreign Casualty and related foreign coverages, workers compensation, and commercial auto. Diverse Solutions for Diverse Needs  Our insurer veteran underwriters have years of experience writing construction industry segment business and can create customized programs to address your standard and specialized insurance requirements.  Customized Services  Through our integrated services approach, clients get a comprehensive insurance program serviced by a team of professionals who are construction-dedicated underwriting, loss control, and claims specialists. Construction-Dedicated Loss Control Services – Our carrier’s construction safety and loss control specialists offer comprehensive services that can include pre-job evaluations, job site audits, qualified OSHA construction safety training, motor vehicle fleet loss control programs, and accident investigations among other services. Working with the agent and client, we can create a customized program that can lower your cost of risk and increase safety in the workplace. Construction-Dedicated Claims Services – Construction claims require timely, accurate claims management that helps clients minimize claims-related exposures. With our insurer’s nationwide network of workers’ compensation offices, we can help clients control their workers compensation costs through a proactive and fair multi-faceted approach that includes disability management and early-return-to-work strategies. For liability claims, we offer in-house construction claims counsel and external counsel to help keep your expenses low by avoiding unnecessary litigation and resolving cases quickly and cost effectively. Monoline Workers Comp- Can be written as low as $5000 unmodified premium and up to 1.49 exp mod in GA, 1.79 in AL and 1.74 in many other states. Most construction classes are acceptable for quoting. Monoline Commercial Auto- Small AL can be written monoline for contractors who do not qualify for the above program. Monoline Physical Damage, Contractors’ Equipment & Cargo- A specialized Lloyds market is available for this standalone coverage. This is an E&S placement. Coverage Options Target Accounts Targeted Territories Program Structures Primary Casualty ($100,000 Min Premium) - Workers’ Compensation - General Liability - Automobile Liability Monopolistic States GL & AL only ($50,000 Minimum Premium) Most Contractor Classes except the following excluded classes - General Contractors - Residential Contractors (Single Family/Condos) - Roofers - USLH&W/Marine Contractors - Demolition/Asbestos Contractors - Iron/Steel/Crane classes - Construction Suppliers Coverage available for contractors in all states except: - Alabama - Arizona - California - Louisiana - Lower Portion of NY (South of Putnam- Rockland County Line) Commercial General Liability Deductibles ($1,000 - $25,000) Workers’ Compensation and Automobile Liability written Guaranteed Cost Automobile Physical Damage Deductible ($1,000 or higher)

5 Transportation Coverage Overview Workers’ Compensation
Primary AL ($1mil), Physical Damage, GL, Trailer Interchange, Workers Compensation, Cargo, Occupational Accident (10+ drivers), Contingent Liability (employer protection from owner/operators claiming employee status), Trucker’s Passenger Accident. New carriers- Dump trucks now a “GO”! Also farm vehicles, pick ups, vans and other local delivery vehicles as well as construction related insureds are targets. ACORDs 125, 132, 127 and 143 may apply. Three (3) yr loss data and MVR’s required. Contact for complete details. COMPARE QUOTES… Following are examples of comparative rates for different types of accounts (GA): CLASS LIMITS OTHER CO. RAM’s Quote DIFF RADIUS Pickup’s $500CSL $ $ $ Straight Truck $500CSL $ $ $ In the above illustration several constants were used: Liability limits were $500CSL and the UM cover was $500CSL with a $250 PD Ded. The driver was 35 with a clean MVR (CDL A or B) and the radius was capped at 200 miles with the client being in business for a minimum of two years with no losses. No Physical damage was considered and no filings were required. Our quotes can be generated on line provided all the necessary information is furnished; therefore turn around time is minimal. GA examples used. LONG HAUL…A+VX admitted insurers and most states (except LA & MA) are available. In addition to ACORDs, 2 yrs financial statements, MVR’s, Equipment schedules, mileage reports (IFTA or Schedule B’s) and 4 yr currently valued loss runs are required. Acceptable risks are: Trucking for hire, Truckload, Less Than Truck Load (LTL), Dry Van, Refrigerated, Intermodal/Container, Flatbed, Tanker, Specialized, Auto Haulers and bulk commodities. Risks with environmental, tip over, catastrophic, weight shift, over size/over weight, require more underwriting review. Please allow a minimum of three weeks to prepare quotes. CARGO & PHYSICAL DAMAGE….Monoline Coverages for Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo and Contingent Cargo for Truck Brokers are available in most states (E&S). Drivers (ages 25-65qualify) need a min. of 3 yrs verifiable exp with CDL license for the type of equipment operated and no more than 3 minor violations or one accident in last 3 yrs. Equipment must be < than 15 yrs old. Large accounts are eligible for monthly reporting. Physical damage max value is $250,000 (tractor-trailer). Cargo max limit is $300,000 per vehicle and $1 mil per occurrence with std. $1000 deductible ($2500 for reefer breakdown)…combined phys dam and cargo deductible considered. Debris removal & earned freight are included ($2500 each). 90% coinsurance applies. Acceptable classes vary by line. Lloyds and non admitted markets used on monoline quotes. We can also quote Contractor Equipment Coverage as very competitive rates. Workers’ Compensation Classes 7728 and 7229 can be quoted up to 1.49 exp mod in GA (1.79 in other some other states) and as low as $5000 unmodified premium. Related eligible classes are furniture movers, mail delivery, couriers, garbage etc Occupational Accident (blanket and individual w/10 driver min.); Trucker’s Companion (roadside assistance); Monoline Crime; Passenger Accident and Contingent Liability available in most states.

CRANE OWNERS face all kinds of danger on the job and can’t afford to lose their sole means of earning income. RAM can offer low minimum premiums, low deductible, broad coverage, contractors’ equipment and general liability. Revenues up to $750,000 qualify FOR SMALL program. (Large operators program up to $50mil gross receipts also available). Equipment Coverage: Limit per schedule on file, all risk broad form – No coinsurance – Auto/Truck Physical Damage – No boom weight/length restrictions Other features are: Scheduled Equipment per application on file (submission), Employees’ Tools, Equipment Leased to Others, Rental reimbursement, Custom Riggers (“on-hook”) liability, Auto/Truck Physical Damage Any type of heavy or contractor’s equipment except Logging and Underground Mining Optional Coverage includes boom and overload, equipment in transit, flood to $5 million, waterborne. Riggers/Installation Floater: $2.5 Million Riggers (program authority) – Installation Floater up to $5 Million for any one project – Third party; loss of use available – Deductible: $1,000 Minimum Deductible on flood and earthquakes: $25,000 – Transit and Off-Site Storage, Flood and earthquake (no earthquake in California) – Higher limits available as needed. Small Crane General Liability: Less than $750, 000 crane in receipts, crane owners with and without operators – Limits up to $1 Million. Crane & Rigging Liability: Greater than $750, 000 in receipts, crane owners with and without operators, millwright, rigging and heavy hauling. Low Min Premiums: Available: In all states except NY; No residential exclusion; Includes man baskets. Submission Requirements: Contactors supplemental & Crane application, ACORD 125, 5 years loss runs, list of equipment WORKERS COMPENSATION COVERAGE in GA, VA, NC and other states for large accounts

7 Annual or Monthly Rates. Coverage for Larger, Commercial Jobs
BUILDERS RISK Risk Alternatives and Management (RAM) can offer you a comprehensive, flexible plan for residential and commercial builders. RAM understands that business owners work to hard to build and need someone they can trust to protect their assets. That’s why we use companies that have been pioneering the development of insurance solutions designed for construction professionals for over 30 years. Coverage’s Include: Theft: Tools, equipment, building and landscaping materials are covered from the moment they are delivered to the job site. Materials in transit and at temporary locations: Protects job materials as well as office and tool trailers. Also includes coverage for materials that are installed or uninstalled, including landscaping. Mechanical and electrical breakdown: Covers breakdown of plumbing, air-conditioning lines and elevators. Sewers and drains: Covers backup of sewers and drains with no deductible. Model homes and unsold dwellings: Optional coverage protects model homes and their contents and completed homes that have not yet been sold. Profit: Ability to include your profit in the total estimated completed value. To make the policy work for your insured, we offer a flexible range of options: Choice of monthly reporting form, single structure, or deposit policy options gives an insured the flexibility to pay for the policy as you build the structure, rather than all at once.  Annual or Monthly Rates. Volume discounts and installment premium payments available for larger builders. No deposit or special fee required, which lets the insured keep more of their revenue. No coinsurance penalty on losses under $25,000 if the structure is properly reported. Overhead and profit: Optional coverage to insure potential overhead and profit on a job. Builders Risk Reward program which offers a reward of up to $10,000 in case of arson, vandalism or theft at the job site. Option to have the policy in the homeowner’s or mortgagee’s name with the builder as an additional named insured. Policies available for remodelers, including coverage for the existing structure if needed. Interest of subcontractors or sub-subcontractors as additional insureds. Coverage for Larger, Commercial Jobs Because of the flexibility of our builders risk plan, there is no set size or value limitation. While certain guidelines exist, we will be able to help you insure even the largest and most intricate residential or commercial job.

8 The following conditions must be met:
The structures should be modern, attractive and built after 1975. Premises over 25 years old must have proof of upgraded plumbing, wiring, heating and roofing in order to qualify. Franchised food operations and hotel/motels such as Radisson, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Marriott, Hampton Inn, and Doubletree Hotel shall be treated preferentially due to strict adherence to franchise requirements for customer satisfaction of safety. Accommodations must be open 12 months of the year and should not be made for long-term tenants. Rentals for less than a 24-hour period are prohibited. 65% avg occupancy required. Premises must comply with NFPA Life Safety Codes and ADA regulations. Property must have a minimum of one ADA compliant guest room available. Restaurants or Hotels of two or more stories must have a written evacuation plan to anticipate fires and other major disasters. Such plans must be reviewed in semi-annual safety meetings with entire staff. Buildings over two stories must be fully sprinklered with adequate means of egress in order to qualify. When elevators are present, a written plan for elevator failure and passenger evacuation must be reviewed in semi-annual safety meeting with entire staff. Owners or managers should have a minimum of three years of restaurant/ hotel/motel management experience. There must be a 24 hour manager on premises at all times for hotel. Restaurants open < 18hrs. All units must be equipped with a smoke detection alarm. Battery powered units must be checked monthly; such checks are to be documented in written form. All General Underwriting criteria as per supplemental application must be acceptable. No tableside cooking GL,AL,Workers Compensation, Property, Crime, EPLI or Special Events!!! Restaurants- Hotel Motel RAM aggressively addresses restaurant/hotel/motel insurance and risk management issues and we have built upon our experience to develop a portfolio of coverage that addresses every facet of your restaurant/hotel/motel operation. A partial list of available coverages include: Broad coverage designed for your industry and tailored to your standards Competitive pricing from A.M. Best “A” Rated Insurance Carriers Responsive, fair claims services that protect the best interests of policy owners Access to safety & loss prevention information specifically for restaurant operations Property Insurance  / Building; Tenant Improvements; Contents Business Income ;Equipment Breakdown ;Food Contamination/Spoilage ; Theft Crime/Employee Dishonesty General Liability Employee Benefit Liability Liquor Liability Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability Auto/Valet Liability (including Auto Physical Damage) Umbrella/Excess Liability This program is intended to provide all the standard coverage required for a complete package of insurance and risk management products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of restaurants and preferred Hotel and Motel operations.

9 Pollution liability coverage for products is available.
Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) (coverages can be adapted to meet the SPECIFIC needs of the insured) Special Supplemental Application Required; Allow 25 business days for quote. BENEFITS The EAGLE Umbrella (up to $25 mil) follows form over the EAGLE primary policy ($1mil/$2mil/$2mil GL) providing general liability as well as pollution legal liability coverage for specified locations. Pollution liability coverage is not available in most standard liability umbrella policies, leaving companies uninsured for this exposure. This coverage gap is addressed with the EAGLE Umbrella. The EAGLE Umbrella follows form over the EAGLE primary policy and can exclude pollution legal liability coverage if such coverage is not desired. The EAGLE program provides the Insured with a single point of contact for primary and umbrella liability coverages, including pollution legal liability. Purchasing General Liability and Umbrella coverages from one insurer eliminates problems in claims handling that can occur when the primary and umbrella coverages are placed with different insurance companies. GL, AL, WC, Umbrella and Property can be quoted. Appropriate ACORDs are required w/5 yr loss runs. FEATURES Min. Premium-$20,000 Coverage Parts A,B,C- Standard GL; Part D-1 Gradual Pollution; Part D-2 Sudden & Accidental; Part E-1 Pollution from hostile fire; Part E-2 Products; Part E-3 Misc. Contractors Pollution; Part E-4 Pollution from transported cargo. $50,000 AD&D; $500,000 Accident dismemberment and $10,000 severe burn is standard. Upgraded coverage-Broad form named insured (> 50% ownership); Per location agg; Newly acquired entity; Non-owned watercraft up to 75ft The EAGLE Umbrella follows form over the underlying EAGLE policy, including the general liability and pollution legal liability coverage parts. The EAGLE Umbrella is available over auto liability and employers liability ($1,000,000 minimum underlying limit). The umbrella provides a drop-down coverage feature when underlying aggregate limits have been reduced or exhausted. Auto Liability coverage within the Umbrella is not subject to the aggregate limit of insurance. Pollution liability coverage for products is available. Pay-on-behalf of the Insured. Coverage can be provided on a non-auditable (flat rate) basis. TARGETED CLASSES Abrasives; Asphalt; Aerosol; Biofuels; Fertilizer; Dairy Plants; Food Processing; Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors (M/D); Paper and Pulp M/D); Paint and Coatings M/D; Pesticides, Herbicide and Insecticide M/D; Lubricant M/D; Solvent M/D; Foundry Operations; Tool and Die Manufacturers; Ink M/D; Soap, Detergent and Industrial Cleaners M/D; M/D of Equipment used to cleanup, treat, monitor or control pollution; Selected Light to Medium Hazard Products M/D; Waste Treatment, Storage or Disposal Facilities (including Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Landfills; Transfer Facilities; Solvent Recycling Plants; Waste Water Treatment Facilities; Fixed Site Incinerators); waxes

10 Income Opportunities with A&H products for the P&C Clients
For small business owners, obtaining access to affordable insurance has never assumed more urgency. Reasonably priced insurance plans for the small business market segment have become increasingly harder to find. By offering our unique and innovative products you'll expand your business and build enduring customer loyalty. By working with the RAM’s Accident & Health markets you can enjoy a distinct competitive advantage because we have the expertise to design flexible, affordable programs that we can customize to a specific group's needs. Some examples include: Camp Insurance - Provides essential accident coverage for campers, staff, and volunteers. Day Care Center Accident Insurance - Provides essential accident coverage for day care centers, nursery schools and other child care groups. Volunteer Accident Insurance - Provides essential accident coverage for many types of volunteer groups. Hotel Guest Accident Insurance - Provides an easy, effective way to automatically cover hotel guests that may help ease the financial burden of accidental injuries. Medical Benefits for Small Employers- Providing medical coverage for employees is perhaps the largest cost exposure for employers today. RAM has two plans “SecureCare” and “FlexShield” which can address those benefits in an affordable manner. Employer contributions optional, discount provider access, dependent coverage, physician visits, diagnostic tests, surgery related to covered incident. All coverages are capped and limited. (These plans are NOT intended to replace convention, comprehensive medical & health coverage. The A&H plans can be used to supplement existing comprehensive health plans or to provide benefits to an employee group where benefits are not typically offered.) Business Travel-Companies have long recognized the need for Business Travel Accident Insurance, and we have offered unmatched coverage and lump-sum benefits for covered accidents to meet the needs of their employees while traveling. We combine our highly flexible Business Travel Accident Insurance with an unprecedented range of assistance resources for employees whenever and wherever they go - whether around the block or around the globe. Our premier Business Travel Accident Insurance provides flexible Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage to complement a company’s general liability coverage. Pays benefits in addition to Workers’ Compensation or any other insurance. Vision Care- 60% of the US population wears corrective lens…2/3 of employees want vision care insurance!! This is a ‘voluntary’ benefit which adds great benefit perception with minimal cost. Most major providers are in the discount network. The benefit encourages routine exams which can detect other health issues early as well as promotes responsible eye care. Truckers’ Passenger Accident- All guest passengers of the independent contractors operating under Lease and Employee drivers of the Policyholder who accompany the drivers on trips authorized by the Policyholder and whose names are on file with the Policyholder. Hitchhikers, Helpers and children under the age of 10 (unless stated in the policy) are excluded. These insurance plans provide an excellent affordable solution for smaller organizations. They complement your client's other insurance coverages because claims are paid under an accident medical program, and will not affect their General Liability, Workers’ Compensation or other general insurance policies. TARGET RISKS: Restaurants, hotels, non profit/religious organizations, entertainment, trucking, construction, agriculture, seasonal, daycare, automotive dealers, laundries, small business not eligible for true groups, telemarketing companies etc.

11 • Workers Compensation • General Liability • Property
The Seafood Distribution industry presents an array of difficult exposures, from which many carriers have turned away. RAM connects you to a broad range of coverage options and a dedicated underwriting team, through A+ Rated Insurance Companies to help you select the coverages that best fit your clients’ specific needs. Coverage Highlights • Workers Compensation • General Liability • Property • Boiler & Machinery • Spoilage • Commercial Auto • Umbrella • This Program is written on admitted paper Limits/Deductibles • Minimum premium $5,000 for all lines • No minimum deductible • 1/3/2 limits available on General Liability • Property Limits available up to $25M TIV • Umbrella Limits up to $25M • Auto Limits are $1M CSL Underwriting Requirements • ACORD application • Updated financials • 5 years of loss runs • Current MVRs for all drivers, if auto coverage is requested • A minimum of 4 years industry experiance

12 Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)
The policy includes the broadest definition of employment practices violation around, ground-breaking coverage for sexual harassment and discrimination against customers, clients and other non-employees. Our EPLI encompasses such previously uninsured areas as retaliation suits, and employment-related libel and slander. All EPLI insureds also receive EPL Pak® Premier, a unique package of employment practices liability loss prevention services. Broadest definition of Employment Practices Violation Broad retention waivers (10% first offer/100% upon no liability finding) Optional Duty to Defend (Insured has choice of controlling defense or use Insurer) Broadest definition of Insured, including: Any leased Employees. (Company must provide the same indemnification to leased employees as it provides to non leased employees) Scheduled independent contractors and any Director, Officer or Employee Specific pre-judgment and post-judgment interest coverage (within Limit of Liability) Covers claims brought by Employees, applicants for employment with the Company, EEOC and others; Spousal extension coverage Policy non-cancelable by the Insurer (except for nonpayment of premium) Global titles coverage; Worldwide coverage Bilateral discovery; Optional one-, two- or three year Discovery Period Automatic multi-year runoff quote in the event of a Change in Control 30-day post-policy reporting window Up to $50 mil coverage with special underwriting. Submission Requirements: 1)Most recent EEO-1 report; Latest annual report 2)Employee handbook/manual; Employment application forms 3)Employee performance evaluation forms 4)Employee disciplinary termination and out placement procedures 5)Procedure for handling employee complaints of discrimination 6)Procedure for handling employee complaints of sexual harassment 7) EPLI Application Crime Insurance (monoline): Every company (including trucking) is vulnerable to employee crime: The average business forfeits some 6 percent of its total annual revenues to employee fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. For a company with revenues of $10 million, that's a cost of $600,000 each year. And it's not a risk any growing business can afford to ignore. In fact, statistics point to smaller companies, particularly those with fewer than 500 employees, as most susceptible of all to losses due to employee dishonesty. Broad crime insurance responds to a wide range of losses, including those resulting from forgery or alteration, theft of money and securities, robbery and safe burglary, and computer fraud. And it's designed to enable small businesses to secure essential protection most cost-efficiently, with high limits of coverage and low minimum deductibles. Directors & Officers Liability: Provides protection to past, present and future officers and directors. Entity coverage extended to 50% or more ownership, new entity with acquisition having 25% or less than combine assets. Not cancelable by insurer; Spousal/estate protection; worldwide coverage; 1, 2 or 3 yr extended reporting period; optional duty to defend; pre & post judgment interest coverage etc. Small Business limits: EPLI-$5mil ($2500 min. retention); Crime $2.5mil ($250 min retention); D&O $5mil ($25,000 min rentention)

13 AIG WorldSource ® Defense Base Act
Overview In the present economic and political environment, the area of Defense Base Act (DBA or Act) coverage has never been more important. Today, as more and more U.S. corporations enter into relationships with the U.S. government for a variety of projects involving the military for public works, such as the rebuilding of war-torn countries and for the overall national security of the country, DBA coverage is vital—and mandatory. AIG WorldSource, a member company of American International Group, Inc., is uniquely qualified to work with you to navigate through this complex area. We have a dedicated claims staff with offices around the world and the ability to respond quickly to any claims falling under this Act. Background: Established in 1941, the primary goal of the Act was to cover workers on military bases outside the United States. The Act was amended to include public works contracts with the government for the building of non-military projects such as dams, schools, harbors and roads abroad. A further amendment added a vast array of enterprises revolving around the national security of the U.S. and its allies. Today, almost any contract with an agency of the U.S. government, for work outside the U.S., whether military in nature or not, will likely require Defense Base Act coverage. Products Triggers for DBA — There are five provisions in the current version of the Defense Base Act that prompt coverage: 1. Any employee working on a military base or reservation outside the U.S. 2. Any employee engaged in U.S. government funded public works business outside the U.S. 3. Any employee engaged in public works or military contract with a foreign government which has been deemed necessary to U.S. National Security 4. Those employees that provide services funded by the U.S. government outside the realm of regular military issue or channels 5. Any employees of any sub-contractors of the prime or letting contractor involved in a contract like numbers above Waivers — One should note that DBA coverage makes no reference to the nationality of covered employees; thus, local nationals or third country nationals are automatically covered under the DBA. Waivers can be granted, but they need to follow certain criteria, and only the Secretary of Labor is able to authorize any such waiver. Key points for gaining waivers include: • Class of employee must have available alternate means of compensation such as Employers Liability, Workers’ Compensation, or Social Security • Waivers can not be requested for any class of employee including U.S. citizens or those employees hired inside the U.S. • Agency letting the contract must recommend that such a waiver be granted • No waivers have been granted for Iraq • Contractor must file an application with the U.S. Department of Labor

14 AIG WorldSource ® Defense Base Act
Defense Base Act (cont.) Coverage Issues — Below are some key points to keep in mind regarding coverage situations. The courts often rely on precedent when determining liability issues. Two doctrines known as the Zone of Special Danger and Reasonable Recreation are central to finding coverage under the Act. The Zone of Special Danger doctrine requires that an employee’s injury or death occurs arising out of or in the course of employment. In addition, the Zone of Danger states that where there exists unique conditions or circumstances of employment which place an employee in a zone of danger, then an accident resulting in injury or death need not be strictly related to job duties. The Reasonable Recreation doctrine requires that an employee’s injury or death occur arising out of or in the course of the employer’s furnished, funded or promoted recreational activities. Some non-sponsored activities may also be included. Please note that these two doctrines taken together may not guarantee “24 Hour Coverage” for an employee. Coverage Issues — Failure to obtain DBA insurance may carry stiff penalties. Government contracts generally contain a provision requiring bidding contractors to obtain necessary insurance. Failure to do so may result in fines and possible loss of contract. Employers without DBA coverage may be subject to suits under common law wherein common law defenses are waived. In other words, the claimants or their heirs sometimes need only file suit and may not have to prove negligence. Claims may be able to be brought in Federal Court against the insured directly. Claims — With AIG WorldSource’s ® domestic claims department working in concert with our sister organization, AIU (with offices in over 130 countries and jurisdictions including United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Turkey), our claims executives are able to minimize your company’s risk and losses, as well as tend to the needs of the injured employees. Our team is well versed in the intricacies of DBA coverage and its ever emerging issues. We endeavor to remain in constant contact with key Dept. of Labor officials in Washington, DC to enable us to give the best possible advice to our clients. Working closely with AIU, we developed a dedicated staff in Dubai, UAE to provide local DBA claim handling expertise to our multinational clients operating in the region. Recognizing the local and third country employees, U.S. Department of Labor forms commonly used in the processing of DBA claims have been translated in Arabic and Turkish languages. The staff is well versed in DBA and makes periodic visits to the U.S. to stay abreast of developments with DOL, AIG WorldSource stateside claim offices and clients. Finally, our Dubai claim office, using their local relationships and networks, have developed protocols and successfully delivered compensation to local employees in Iraq. Additional Coverage — Recognizing the vital insurance protection provided by DBA, AIG WorldSource also provides an additional level of coverage. We include Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage around-the-clock for all covered employees: $50,000 AD&D for U.S. nationals and $25,000 AD&D for third country nationals and $2,500 AD&D for local nationals. This coverage does not include protection for security firms doing business in Iraq. In addition, AIG Global Benefits Network’s Natural Causes Group-Term Life Insurance coverage complements AIG WorldSource’s coverage by providing Term Life coverage for a death not incurred due to an accident. For the loss of life due to illness, this coverage provides on a Guaranteed basis (no medical underwriting required) $100,000 for U.S. Citizens/U.S. Hires and $25,000 for Third Country Nationals. For clients looking for even more insurance protection, AIG member companies can provide full Travel Accident insurance. This includes high-limit AD&D coverage up to $500,000, accident and emergency medical, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. What’s more, full travel assistance is provided by AIG Assist. Employees can access full 24-hour service in multiple languages for medical and legal referrals and emergency message services. Taken together, the package helps provide a valuable program for employees working far from home. Our DBA policies also include embedded Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion coverage for certain U.S. and third country nationals. This includes Wrongful Detention and Hijacking in addition to Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion incidents. Covered losses include Ransom Monies, Consultant Expenses and Judgment as well as Settlements and Defense costs. Disclaimer: This document is not intended to and does not purport to provide legal advice. You should consult your own broker and your own lawyer for advice regarding and for an explanation of which laws may or may not apply to you, your business, or your personnel. You should not rely on this as legal advice. CONTACT INFORMATION Insurance Provided by Members of American International Group, Inc. ® AMS250 04/06 Insurance underwritten by members of American International Group, Inc. Travel Accident Insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., with its principal place of business in New York, NY. The description herein is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy/service described. Please refer to the actual policy/service for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. For more information, please contact your broker or your local AIG WorldSource/AIG WORLDRISK® representative.

15 Foreign Voluntary Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance
AIG WorldSource ® Foreign Comp Elite SM Foreign Voluntary Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance For multinational companies, protecting human capital has become an integral part of their risk management strategies. With more and more employees traveling and relocating overseas, protecting the personal safety and well-being of these employees is critical for companies to succeed in today’s global business environment. Foreign Comp Elite, provided by AIG WorldSource ® , a unit of AIG Commercial Insurance, offers companies one of the most comprehensive coverage forms available in the marketplace today. With new coverages added, frequently requested coverage extensions built-in, flexibility increased, and the services of AIG Travel Assist, Foreign Comp Elite affords unparalleled benefits and advantages. Coverage Highlights • New coverages include First Response and 24-Hour Coverage for Business Trips o Applies Employment Injury Benefits on a primary basis for all covered classifications of employees traveling overseas on a business trip o Option to convert coverage to Contingent by deleting this section • Built-in coverage extensions include: o Reverse Trip Travel for in-bound covered foreign-based employees who visit the U.S. or Canada on business trips o Foreign Trip Travel coverage for covered Local Nationals or Third Country Nationals on business trips outside of their country of assignment o Endemic Disease • Broadened basic coverage includes: o Employee Injury Benefits Insurance - Gives the policyholder optimum flexibility in selecting voluntary workers’ compensation benefit options for each Classification of Employee - No War or Terrorism exclusion applicable to Employee Injury Benefit section o Supplemental Repatriation Expense - Coverage for additional expenses incurred due to repatriation of injured covered employees - Coverage applies to all covered classifications of employees, including local hires, on trips outside of their home countries - Limits apply “per person” with no policy aggregate o Employers’ Liability Insurance - Limits re-designed • Separate limits for Injury by Accident and Injury by Disease • EL limits by Accident with no policy aggregate • EL limits per Disease applying per Each Employee and Policy Limit

16 AIG WorldSource ® Foreign Comp Elite SM
Foreign Voluntary Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance (cont.) Benefits and Advantages • Greater protection through expanded coverage, new enhancements, built-in coverage extensions and broadened basic coverages • Increased flexibility in choosing benefit levels for U.S. or Canadian employees or travelers, Local Nationals and Third Country Nationals • Allows the broker, risk manager and underwriter to work together to determine the variety of options available to meet the needs of the policyholder • Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance endorsement is added to most policies and provides an additional benefit to covered employees (other than local hires or nationals) including access to AIG Travel Assist AIG Travel Assist • Provides the most relevant and innovative services designed to ease the travel experience for travelers • Highly-skilled travel assistance coordinators are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week from anywhere in the world • Specific services include pre-travel information, coordinating in/out patient care, arranging for shipment of medical records or prescription medication, help with lost documents, medical and legal referrals, assisting in arranging emergency medical evacuation, and much more For more information, please contact your local AIG WorldSource representative. This coverage is purchased at your discretion. This coverage is not a substitute for legally mandated workers’ compensation insurance for statutory benefits pursuant to any applicable workers’ compensation law, social security plan, scheme, or fund whether private or state sponsored. AIG WorldSource provides comprehensive global solutions to meet the property, casualty and specialty risk needs of U.S. and Canadian-based companies operating overseas and foreign-based companies operating in the U.S. and Canada. As a division of the property and casualty insurance subsidiaries of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), AIG WorldSource ® offers an unparalleled level of local expertise and local service through an owned network of operations in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions.

17 Health, Human and Educational Services
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Human Services Primary General & Professional Liability $1MM/$3MM Primary Limits(Standard)options available Classes normally written on Admitted Paper: $1MM Sexual Abuse/Misconduct available in Primary Group Homes, Substance Abuse Facilities, Occurrence and Claims Made Forms Available Mental Health/Developmentally Disabled Facilities Admitted and Non-Admitted Forms Available In & Out Patient Counseling, Residential Facilities Non-Owned Hired Car Available Day Schools, Meals on Wheels, Referral Agencies Umbrella Liability $25MM Available upon request Senior Programs Sexual Abuse/Misconduct available up to Umbrella limits At Risk Youth Facilities Auto $1MM Combined Single Limits Classes normally written on Non-Admitted Paper: Property $25MM TIV (higher limits available) Adoption & Foster Care Education General Liability $1MM/$2MM/$1MM Limits (standard) options available Universities $1 MM Physical Abuse & Sexual Abuse Coverage Automatic Foreign Liability for Students Abroad Private & Community Colleges Non-Admitted Forms Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage Automatically Included $50,000 Per Person $5MM Policy Aggregate Boarding Schools (all Ages) Includes Staff and Students Not yet available in: MA, IN, IA, MO, NC, PA, RI Vocational Schools $1MM-$10MM Available - Higher Options Available Up to $10MM in Sexual Abuse limits available. Trade Schools Building, Contents, Bus.Interruption, Loss of Rent Special Cause of Loss Form Private High Schools Property-One Coverage Enhancement Form ** Extra Expense associated with Civil orders of Charter Schools in all states EXCEPT: Evacuation - subject to covered perils AL, HI, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MS, MT, NE NH, ND, RI, SD, VT, VA, WA, WV Educators Legal Insurance quoted through member companies of Chartis Insurance

18 Health, Human and Educational Services
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Miscellaneous Healthcare Facilities Professional Liability $1MM/$3MM standard (higher and lower limits available) Types of Facilities include: Deductibles start at $0 Diagnostic Radiology, Dialysis, Birthing, Minimum Premium $2,500 Cancer Research, Community Health, Fertility, Coverage for Employed Physicians is available Disease Management, Medical Rehab, PURE Claims Made Form - Prior Acts Available Substance Abuse, Women's Health, Outpatient Care *Broader than a claims made AND reported Form Bariatrics, Lasik, Weight Loss Centers Defense Inside or Outside the Limit Surgi-Centers, Urgi-Centers, Medical Spas, Hospice Blood/OPO/Tissues Banks, Labs (Medical/Dental) General Liability Pharmacies/Drug Wholesalers, Dental Clinics General and Professional Liability limits apply separately Ambulance/Ambulette Services Auto Minimum Premium $25,000 Coverage written ONLY in support of AI Risk Available via referral by Misc Health U/W Miscellaneous Healthcare GL or PL Property See Lexington PropertyComplete for details Available online through ProgramConnect system Managed Care Risk Solutions 25MM in limits (Claims-Made Form) Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) $25,000 Min. Prem- HMO/ All other $7,500 Dental Maintenance Organizations (DMOs) Attachments $10K - $250K HMO/ All other $7, K Independent Physicians Organizations (IPA) Claims Made Form Physicians Hospital Organizations (PHO) Defense Inside the Limit Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) Broad coverage terms - Medical Service Organization (MSO) Directors & Officers Third Party Adjustors (TPA) $5,000 Minimum Premium Vision Plans Attachment Points from $10K-25K Security & Privacy $10MM in limits $500 Minimum Premium Attachment Points from $25K -250K

19 Professional Liability Programs
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Architects & Engineers Errors & Omissions Liability Limits Ranging from $100,000 to $5MM Design Professionals with less than 7.5MM in billings Deductibles Starting at $2,500 Architects, Draftsmen, Interior Designers Min. Prem for $1MM limit starting at $1250 Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical Engineers Structural Engineers Min. Prem $7,500* "Agency" Construction Mgrs, * ($1MM Limit) Excludes Product Design & "At Risk" Constr. Mgrs Miscellaneous E&O Primary & Excess Available Insurance Agents & Brokers, Tax Preparers Minimum Premiums starting at $2,500 Real Estate Agents & Broker, Mortgage Brokers Minimum Premium on Insurance Agents $2,850 Executive Recruiting Firms, Business Consultants Billing Services, Consultants, Title Agents Excludes: Medical, Legal, Environmental Profs Excludes: Life & Health Agents, Financial Profs Home Inspectors E&O Limits from $100,000 to $1MM Premises Liability Coverage Available Entities involved in Home Inspections primarily for Radon & Pest Inspections Coverage Available Deductibles of $1,500/$2,500/$5,000/$10,000 available the sale or refinance of homes and other structures. Minimum Premiums as low as $1,500 Travel Agents Limits starting at $1MM Tier 1: Up to $2.5MM in Revenue; Minimum Premiums: Up to 10% Group Travel Business Tier: 1: $450 No Wholesale Tier: 2: $1,710 Tier 2: $2.5MM+ in Revenue; Tier: 3: $1,850 Over 11% Group Travel Business No more than 65% Wholesale Tier 3: Agencies with 66%

20 Professional Liability Programs
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Tour Operators Professional and General Liability Occurrence Forms Eligible Classes Limits Ranging from $100,000 to $5MM Historical/Walking/Duck Tours, Minimum Premiums as low as $1,250 Sightseeing/City Tours CCC for Personal Property Whale Watching, Water Sports Defense Outside the Limit Selected Types 0f Adventure Tours Travel Supplier Bankruptcy Legal Liability Coverage Excluded Tour Operations Medical Payments Bungee Jumping, White Water Rafting Advertising Liability & Personal Injury Waterskiing, Paragliding, Hangliding, Scuba Diving Non-Owned Hired Car available Snowmobiling, Spring Break Tours, Jet Skiing Personal Lines Program Line of Business Limits Minimum Premium Desired Classes Personal Lines Homeowners: NonCoastal Coverage A (Building) limits starting at $150,000 High Value Homes, Unprotected Properties, Insureds with losses; Tougher Breed of Dogs Homeowners Coastal Coverage A (Building) limits starting at $500,000 Financially troubled Homeowners, Vacant Homes Unsupported Secondary Homes Condo/Tenant Homeowners $20K min personal property limit; min prem $300. "CAT" Exposed Insureds Jewelry, Furs, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Personal Articles Floater Schedules of High Valued Possessions Paintings, Sculptures, Fire Arms, Golf Clubs Minimum Premium $750 Personal Umbrella $1MM min limit, monoline OR with homeowners. People seeking Personal Liability Coverage limits Excess Flood Must Meet NFIP underlying requirements: People seeking higher limits of Flood Coverage $250,000 for Dwelling/$100,000 Contents Builders Risk See Coastal/Non-Coastal Homeowners Limits Privately(Non-Corp)Owned 1&2 family dwellings

21 Sports & Fitness Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Amateur Sports Leagues General Liability Accident & Health coverage required (available through Chartis Insurance) $1MM/$5MM Liability Limits for Participants Archery, Bowling Basketball, Baseball, Curling Liability for Sexual Abuse & Molestation Available Cross Country, Cycling, Cheerleading, Soccer Employee Benefits Available Football (Tackle, Flag & Touch), Lacrosse Non-Owned Hired Car Available Hockey (Ice, Roller & Field), Bodybuilding, Diving Tennis, Badminton, Cricket Minimum Premium $500 Gymnastics, Skiing, Volleyball, and many others Amateur Sports Special Events General Liability Accident & Health coverage required (available through Chartis Insurance) Marathons, Cycling Events, Track Meets, Swim Meets, Cheerleading Competitions Gymnastics Events Multi-day/Multi-Event "Relays" Minor League & Semi-Professional Sports General Liability $1MM/$3MM Primary Limits Available Coverage for: Various Attachment Points Available Teams, Clubs, Leagues, Sponsors, Coverage for Bodily & Personal Injury, Property Damage Athletic Participants, Coaches and Officials Coverage at: Excess Liability $25MM in Primary Excess limits available Venues and Stadiums (including concessions), Offices Up to $150 MM in Excess Protection ($50MM Attachment) Athletic Practices, Training, and Competitions Coverage can be over Professional and Financial Lines Fund Raising and Media Events Directors & Officers Limits for Defense Costs, Settlements & Judgments Covered Perils: Discrimination, Libel, Slander, Defamation Organizations Assets Wrongful Suspension of Players Personal Assets of Board Members Property $25MM in TIV (Higher Limits Available) Venues, Stadiums & Other Facilities

22 Sports & Fitness Specialty Programs
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers General Liability $1MM/$3MM Coverage Available for: $1MM/$2MM Employee Benefits Liability Health Clubs $1MM Abuse & Molestation Limits Personal Training Studios Up to $2MM Liquor Liability Individual Personal Training Prof. Liability $5MM Errors & Omissions Available Dance Studios Auto $1MM Combined Single Limits Yoga Studios Up to $60,000 ACV per Vehicle Martial Arts Studios Umbrella Liability $5MM in limits available Beauty, Esthetics & Spas Property $10MM Amount Subject $25MM in Total Insurable Values Commercial Crime $250,000 Crime Form A & Depositors Forgery Coverage Available on Admitted Paper Specialty Programs Program Line of Business Limits Minimum Premium Desired Classes Liquor Mono-line Liquor liability $1MM liquor legal liability Restaurant (with and without Bars) $2MM Aggregate Limit Available Sports Bars Per Location Aggregate Available Private Clubs Assault & Battery Incl.(accts under 55% liquor) Golf & Tennis Clubs Assault & Battery Buy back (accts over 55% liquor) Bars & Taverns Minimum Premium As low as $1,000 Liquor - Special Events Mono-line liquor liability $1MM Liquor Legal Liability Short Term Events - Insured Purchases $1,000 Minimum Premium a LICENSE and SELLS Liquor to Attendees Property: LexProperty-Complete $40MM Primary Property limits (higher limits available) Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Property Low Minimum Premium of $5,000 Real Estate, Healthcare, Schools Non-Admitted Property Forms Municipal Risks, Hotels, and Agri-Business Tough to place Contractors Equip. Inland Marine Property Quotes include Equipment Breakdown Coverage. Ineligible: Risks located in the State of Florida, city of Houston or New Orleans . Ineligible Risks: Casinos, Frame Apartments, vacant Property

23 Construction Related Products
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Contractors Other than General Contractors General Liability - Non General Contractors $1MM/2MM Limits available Contractors doing less than $25MM in Revenue Minimum Premiums as low as $10,000. Building and Specialty Trade Contractors Non-Admitted Property Forms Excavators, Water & Sewer, Utility Contractors Deductibles from $2,500 Entities subbing out less than 35% of their work Excludes: Tract Housing, Condo & Town Home Builders General Contractors General Liability - General Contractors Commercial GCs Minimum Premiums as low as $15,000. Doing less than $10MM in Sales Occurrence Forms (Defense outside the limits). Subcontracting More than 85% of work Renovations, Remodeling, New Construction No Residential work/homebuilders Railroad Protective Railroad Protective Liability $2MM/$6MM Standard Limits All Contractors doing work. $2MM/$2MM, $5MM/$5MM, $5MM/$10MM Avail. within 50' of Railroad tracks Minimum Premiums start at $3,000 Infrastructure Contractors General Liability Auto Property Contractors Equipment Umbrella $1MM/$2MM/$2MM Limits available Bridge Builders $25,000 Minimum Premium Street & Road Contractors $2,500 Deductible Power & Communication Lines Defense Costs Outside Policy Limit Admitted paper & Non-Admitted Paper Available Entities doing less than $10MM in Revenue "Means & Method" Exception to Professional Exclusion Per Project Aggregates Available

24 Transportation Related Products Paper Submissions will not be Accepted
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Commercial Auto - PRIMARY Primary Commercial Auto $1MM CSL Primary Limits Ineligible Risks PPT & Light Truck Deductibles as low as $1,000 Concrete pumping or Mix in Transit, Mobile Cranes Medium& Heavy Truck low as $2,500 Oil & Gas; Truckers; PPT Fleets Admitted Paper Entities who do:Petrochemical, Refinery, 15% commission available Waste Haulers, Asbestos, Written Stand Alone or in Support of other Products Demolition Work; or Heavy Equipment Rental Seeking Fleets with 10 vehicles and up Not Available in: MA Commercial Auto - EXCESS LexExpress Excess Commercial Auto Limits up to $2M available (higher limits may Small trucking firms with 5 years in business be available upon request) Both Long and Short Haul truckers Follow form – general liability available Entities doing: Flat Bed, Dry Bulk, Garbage, MCS-90 (available upon request) Mix in Transit, Moving & Storage, or Haz-Mat Defense Outside the limits Minimum Premium $5,000 Taxis, Busses, Limos, other Livery Accounts Pollution Exclusion except for Upset & Overturn Canadian or Mexican Exposures Non-Admitted Policy Forms ISS-d Safer rating higher than 75 Online rate/quote/binding Paper Submissions will not be Accepted LexProperty Complete : Transport Plus Monoline or MTC/VPD coverage package All Classes of Business, except household good movers and new auto haulers Motor Truck Cargo Deductibles starting at $1000 Lexington TranportPlus Inland Marine Form Auto Physical Damage Employee theft available with Motor Truck Cargo $5,000 minimum premium Towing, storage and debris removal expenses Temporary transportation rental expenses

25 Transportation Related Products
Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Armored Cars General Liability $1MM/$2MM Limits Target Account Professional & General Liability Combined Form Defense Outside the limits Companies who provide secure transportation No Minimum Deductible for Money, Securities, Art Objects, Jewelry Minimum Premium $10,000 (All Lines) and other valuable cargos Non-Admitted Policy Forms Property $25MM TIV limits Available Companies who service ATM Machines No Cash In Transit Coverage *Coverage for the actual servicing of the ATM Auto $1MM Combined Single Limit machines is available but subject to Admitted Paper the provision and review of additional Minimum $1,000 Physical Damage Deductible underwriting information Physical Damage done on a State Value basis Umbrella $25MM in Limits available Manufacturers/Distributors & Owners, Landlords & Tenants Products Program Line of Business Limits/Minimum Premium Desired Classes Seafood Distributors General Liability $1MM/$3MM/$2MM Limits Preferred Accounts No Minimum Deductible Seafood Distributors & Wholesalers Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage incl. Accounts with less than 50% processing Exposure (AD&D Not available in PA, RI, NC) Accounts in business more than 4 years Auto $1MM Combined Single Limits Guaranteed Cost or Small Deductible Accounts Umbrella Liability $25MM limits Available Excluded Operations Property $25MM TIV (higher limits available) Not following FDA HACCP for Shellfish *HACCP= Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Overall All Lines written on ADMITTED PAPER Accounts accepting fish directly from fishing vessels ACCOUNT Minimum Premium $5000 Accounts with direct foreign importation of products

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