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1 Laura Hall, MSW Assistive Technology Information Coordinator Michigan Disability Rights Coalition May 23, 2012 Ramp It Up!

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1 1 Laura Hall, MSW Assistive Technology Information Coordinator Michigan Disability Rights Coalition May 23, 2012 Ramp It Up!

2 A disability justice movement working to transform communities. Home of Michigans Assistive Technology Program MDRCs Web Page: MDRCs Web Page: Contact 2

3 Use Standards and Design Maintenance/Weatherization Cost and Funding Sources 3 Considerations

4 4 Sole user or many users? What type of mobility device do they use? Might this change? Navigate independently or with help? Permanent or temporary structure? Who is the User?

5 5 Width of mobility device Height and weight of the user and the person pushing. Is a landing necessary? Ground surface/thresholds Who is the User? (2)

6 6 The Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) dictate how ramps are designed for all public places. These guidelines provide basic guidance for constructing a ramp that is usable, safe and sturdy.Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Guidelines

7 7 A minimum width of 36 inches. Edge protection to keep anyone from slipping off. Landings at top and bottom that are as wide as the ramp and at least 60 inches long. Basic Standards

8 8 Handrails on both sides of all ramps that rise steeper than 6 inches or have a horizontal projection of more than 72 inches. Cross slopes of less than 1:50 and surfaces slip- resistant and stable. Basic Standards, continued

9 9 The minimum standard for the slope of a ramp is 1:12, meaning that for every inch of rise (height) a ramp should extend (run) horizontally 12 inches. Slope

10 10 Some slopes (even at 1:12) are difficult for people walking, manual wheelchairs, and even some power wheelchairs, and can be dangerous! ADA guidelines also recommend slopes of 1:16 or 1:20 for a gentler ascent/descent. Remember the User!

11 11 Ramp changes direction 90 degrees at an intermediate landing Landing and ramp-way in a straight line Common Ramp Layouts

12 12 Beware of Switchback Fun Land 180 degree change in direction between one run of a ramp-way, an intermediate landing and another run of ramp-way Common Ramp Layouts (2)

13 13 The inside handrail of a switchback or dogleg ramp should always be continuous. Attention to handrail texture and seams A Note on Switchbacks and Doglegs

14 14 Not portable Expensive Still requires some weatherization. Cons Great choice for permanent ramps Holds up to the elements Less maintenance Can brush on anti-slip properties before it dries Pros Concrete Ramps

15 15 Prone to warping and rotting Boards must be placed close enough together to prevent uncomfortable bumps or tripping hazards Unfinished handrails can cause splinters Extremely slippery when wet Cons Inexpensive Easily attainable Somewhat Portable/Reusable Allows for customization Pros Wooden Ramps

16 16 Heavy Prone to corrosion Cons Strong High weight capacity Open-surface pattern allows for water and debris to escape Pros Galvanized Steel Ramps

17 17 Weight capacity is limited May not be appropriate for power chairs Folding units can cause pinching hazards Cons Portable Relatively lightweight Resistant to rust Can be bought commercially in pieces or as a single unit Pros Aluminum Ramps

18 18 May need to be done as the seasons change or more than once per season Grit strip or roofing works well for anti- slip properties but may have to be replaced often Beware of carpeting for anti-slip Maintenance and Weatherization

19 19 Contact your local building inspection office regarding building permits Homeowners Associations, Condo Associations, etc. for policies and regulations regarding ramps. Use caution and diligence when hiring a contractor or buying a pre-fabricated ramp. Final Thoughts on Construction

20 Ramp Programs in Michigan: Lansing 20 The Capital Area Center for Independent LivingThe Capital Area Center for Independent Living in Lansing at times partners with The Lansing Habitat for Humanity to construct ramps at no cost.The Lansing Habitat for Humanity

21 Ramp Programs in Michigan: Grand Rapids 21 Home Repair ServicesHome Repair Services offers ramps to residents of Kent County with limited incomes. Both homeowners and renters (in houses or apartments with 4 units or less) are eligible to apply. For more information contact Home Repair Services at (616) 241-2601.

22 22 United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit has theQuick Ramps for Kids program to provide portable aluminum ramps to families with children under the age of 18, with Cerebral Palsy or other conditions causing paralysis. United Cerebral Palsy of Metro DetroitQuick Ramps for Kids For more information call (248) 557 - 5070 or download and fax an application.application Ramp Programs in Michigan: Detroit

23 23 Through Disability Network/Southwest Michigan Provides ramps to residents in Kalamazoo County to remain safe and independent. For more information contact Karen Halstead at (269) 345- 1516 ext. 315 Ramp Programs in Michigan: Kalamazoo

24 24 Provides basic home repair services and some construction (such as ramps) to help older adults and people with disabilities remain in their homes. Tuesday Toolmen

25 25 Lansing - Greater Lansing Housing Commission (517) 372-5980 Kalamazoo - Senior Services (269) 382- 0515 Bay City - United Way of Bay County (989) 893-7508 x 17. Three Rivers - St. Joseph Co. Commission on Aging 1-800-641-9899 Tuesday Toolmen Locations

26 26 Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Program Provides low interest loans for the purpose of purchasing assistive technology. Contact Michelle Seybert at 800- 828-2714 or visit a local application site. Funding for Ramps

27 27 Some funding for participants of the MiChoice Waiver program through Area Agencies on Aging MiChoice Waiver

28 Potential Funding Sources 28 Sororities, fraternities, service clubs Social Security Work Incentive Programs (PASS, IRWE) Check out our funding strategy for more optionsfunding strategy

29 29 Ramps do NOT have to be hidden, inconspicuous! Pride through landscaping and design Color, color, color! Lights, decorations, holidays Ramps and Disability Pride

30 Examples 30

31 31 Ramps for All!

32 32 What Not to Do!

33 Please Dont 33

34 34 Questions/Comments?

35 35 In America access is always about architecture and never about human beings. – John Hockenberry, Moving Violations Final Thought

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