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V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Rotary International Youth Exchange Rotary International District 9970 Inc. Counsellor & Host Family Briefing.

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1 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Rotary International Youth Exchange Rotary International District 9970 Inc. Counsellor & Host Family Briefing

2 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Agenda Eligibility (Slide 3) Background (Slide 4) Rotary Club (slide 9) Counsellor (slide 10) Host Families (Slide 16) RI Certification (Slide 27) Student Wellbeing & Abuse Prevention (Slide 29) Summary (Slide 40)

3 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Who is eligible….. Aged between 16 – 18 years at departure Academically above average Articulate Demonstrate leadership Capable of being an excellent ambassador


5 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Aspects of a Rotary Exchange Cultural exchange Become part of their host families Educational exchange School attendance is compulsory Non-attendance results in being sent home Rotary Involvement Attend meetings whenever possible

6 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 What the exchange means to Students It is not just about eating lunch at school It is really full immersion How much a Student puts into the Exchange is how much they get out Develop personal leadership & communication skills Build Host family & counsellor relationships greatly influence the students success

7 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Pastoral Care Code of Practice NZ Rotary districts registered under Pastoral Care Code of Practice – S238F Education Act 1989 Aim is to protect the interests of all international students studying in New Zealand Police checking prescribed for all family members and volunteers over 18 years Consent to disclosure of information Exception – section 19(3)(e) Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004

8 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Code of Practice Requirements Robust procedures for selection of host families Interview host parents Check of physical accommodation Monitoring & Inspection Written Agreement with Students School Welfare & Wellbeing Training Commonsense approach for everyones benefit

9 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Rotary Clubs – The Key & Core Clubs are a KEY part of the exchange programme, providing vital resources and support for students … Counsellor Host Families Activities Support Network It is a CLUB project and it is the CLUB that host the student not one sole family Adopt the student as a member Include in club services & activities Celebrate customs, festivals from their country Get to know them!

10 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 D9970 Student Counsellors Thank you for offering to be a student Counsellor. The position of counsellor to an inbound student under the rules of our exchange programme is an important and responsible one. The attitude of the counsellor can have a major effect on the success or otherwise of a students year in our District. The counsellor should ensure they keep a liaison with the District Youth Exchange Committee.

11 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Counsellor Responsibilities Counsellor Rotary Club District Committee Host Family Student

12 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Counsellor Responsibilities Help the exchange go smoothly for all parties Students interests & Welfare comes first This may be the first time a student is away from home for an extended time New language, New school and New families. The District timetable A checklist for counsellors Counsellor reports Out of district travel Change of family forms CANNOT be a host family for the student

13 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 What YOU and YOUR Club can receive from participation International guest speaker Insight into another culture Meet an interesting and outstanding young person The satisfaction of helping a young adult achieve a dream Fun & good times A Lifetime experience

14 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Weekly Hospitality Host Weekly Hospitality Chart Annika Sievert JulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneWEEKRotarian Monday 1 WK08 1 Tuesday 211 2 Wednesday 1322 3 Thursday 241331 4 Friday 3524142 5 Saturday 4163152153 6 Sunday 52742632641 7 Monday 6 WK013 WK 048 WK085 WK123 WK147 WK174 WK2137 WK295 WK302 WK34 8 Tuesday 74964854863 9 Wednesday 851075965974 Thursday 9611861076 Cycling1085 11 Friday 10712971187 Conference1196 12 Saturday 118131081298 107 13 Sunday 129141191310913118 14 Monday 13 WK0210 WK0515 WK0912 WK1310 WK1514 WK1811 WK2210 WK251412 WK319 WK35 15 Tuesday 1411161311151211151310 16 Wednesday 1512171412161312161411 17 Thursday 16 Orientation13181513171413171512 18 Friday 17 Murray B14191614181514181613 19 Saturday 181520171519161519 North1714 20 Sunday 191621181620171620 Island1815 21 Monday 2017 WK0622 WK101917 WK1621 WK1918 WK2317 WK2621 Tour19 WK3216 WK36 22 Tuesday 2118232018221918222017 23 Wednesday 22192421 Queenstown19232019232118 24 Thursday 2320252220242120242219 25 Friday 242126 2nd Orient2321252221252320 26 Saturday 252227 Murray B24 Milford22262322262421 27 Sunday 2623282523272423272522 28 Monday 27 WK0324 WK0729 WK11262428 WK2025 WK2424 WK272826 WK3323 WK37 29 Tuesday 2825302725292625292724 30 Wednesday 2926312826302726302825 31 Thursday 302729273128272926 32 Friday 27 Arrives3128302829283027 33 Saturday 28 Couns29 3128 34 Sunday 2930 29 35 Monday 303131 WK2830 36 Tuesday 31 37

15 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Student Familiarisation Transport Emergency numbers Map Banking Using a phone Banking & ATM NZ Money and Exchange Rate Customs Doctor Your City or Town

16 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Families Thank You for being a Host Family Treat students like your own Give an insight into typical Kiwi life Can be Non-Rotarians Do NOT need children of the same age Host for the right reasons Host for about 3-4 months

17 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Families are.. Welcoming & Hospitable Open Minded & Accepting Willing to promote cultural exchange A mother and/or father figure Prepared to take responsibility for students care & wellbeing

18 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Family Code of Practice Encourage student to speak English Make them feel at home & a family member not a guest Provide Clean & Comfortable accommodation Environment for them to study Balanced & appropriate diet Eating regular & wholesome meals Care for their welfare, safety & security Regular access to bathroom facilities Maintain a close liaison with their counsellor & Rotary Respect their cultural background

19 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Families Questionnaire for first night. Forward Program Out of district travel Risk Activities Student insurance Medical Accident Theft/loss/damage School & Rotary Attendance Change of Host Family Advice

20 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Points to consider Language Comings & Goings, Curfew Student travel Damage 7Ds (next slide) Food Getting Lost Homesickness Host Family Relationship Insurance Keys Quality of their friends Money Religion (& Food) Using phones Internet usage Medical Treatment Rotary emergency contact numbers Keep in touch with students commitments Financial assistance Student planning Host family activities Sibling relationships

21 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 No non-prescription drugs No driving of motor vehicles of any kind No serious dating No drinking of alcohol No disrespect of People or Property No downloading of prohibited material, i.e. pornography (or visiting chat rooms ) No body decoration The 7D Rules

22 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 D9970 Travel Rules Approval by AreaDay TripOvernight Within D9970 Travel Area (Rotary District 9970) Host Family Outside D9970 Travel Area (Domestic NZ within reason) Host Family & Counsellor & RYE Chair Host Family & Counsellor & RYE Chair Overseas Travel (Only under exceptional circumstances) Parents & RYE Chair

23 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Family Resources Familiarisation Training (Today) RI Host family guide (749en.pdf) Student Counsellor Host Rotary Club RYE Committee Contact numbers Youth Exchange website

24 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Family Responsibilities Ensure there is a safe place Ensure the 7Ds are not broken Communicate regularly with the Committee Advise the committee of any breach immediately Advise the committee of any comments Work out a What If Scenario What if you heard the student had drugs Not responsible for all sight-seeing

25 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Family Expectations of the Student: The student will be involved with the host family and their activities won't get stuck in their room or on their computer skyping their family and friends back home help with household chores, cooking, cleaning, washing be at least a little independent (once they have settled in) won't expect to be driven around everywhere or be picked up will use public transport or a bike or walk will speak English when ever possible make some kiwi friends not to have their home treated like a hotel

26 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Host Family Expectations of the Student: The student will be involved with their host Rotary club, attend their meetings be friendly and polite to their host parents, they are halfway between being your friends and your parents be prepared to eat with the family not expect to be taken on holiday everywhere, some host families cannot afford that understand that hosting another young adult in their household comes at a financial cost, appreciate that not act in a way contrary to the host families rules and expectations.

27 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001

28 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 RYE Certification RI has set abuse and harassment prevention guidelines designed to protect youth participating in Rotary club and district programs. A club and district certification program for Rotary Youth Exchange To be certified for participation in Youth Exchange, RI districts comply with the abuse and harassment prevention guidelines, and adopt stringent screening, selection, counselling, orientation, and reporting procedures.

29 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Student Wellbeing RI is committed to creating & maintaining the safest environment possible for Rotary Exchange Students It is the duty of all Rotarians, spouses, partners, and any Volunteer (Host Family & Counsellor) to safeguard the welfare of, & to prevent the abuse, in any form, of Rotary Exchange Students

30 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 What is abuse? When the behaviour of someone in a position of greater power than the student causes them harm (Could be Student to Student ) The common denominator of abuse is that it makes the subject feel bad and worthless

31 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Types of Abuse Physical Emotional Sexual Exposure to inappropriate material Verbal Gossip, Innuendo, advances etc Physical Neglect

32 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Recognising Abuse Unexplained bruising or injury Continual stomach pains or ailments without medical explanation Aggressive or withdrawn behaviour – wont talk about injuries Unexpected fear of an adult – flinching when touched or confronted Sexually explicit behaviour or language Unaccounted sources of money Becoming Quiet & withdrawn Fear of going home, going out etc Change in appearance – losing weight, poor grooming Drop hints – being asked to keep a secret etc

33 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Often they will not tell They feel responsibility Afraid – they will be blamed Threatened Bribed Embarrassed

34 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 What to do? Dont leave it – its your responsibility First: Notify the authorities - Police Second: Advise Rotary Designated contact – RYE Chairman, District Governor If concerns lie in Rotary, talk to the District Governor

35 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 What if the student talks to me about abuse? Listen attentively Let them know it was right to tell someone Stay calm Let them know they are not to blame Let them know you will have to tell someone Only ask questions to establish what was done and who did it Make a note of what was said & time & Date Contact the Police, then Rotary or Non Rotary contact Dont investigate yourself or challenge the alleged offender Follow up

36 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 RYE Procedure Ensure & Confirm the student is safe Removal to safe/precautionary environment Advise Rotary D9970 District Governor Contact appropriate agencies - the Police Ensure student receives support (incl. Counselling) Report to legal parents Cooperate with authorities Avoid slander or libel claims

37 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Sensible Conduct Treat students with respect Tone of your voice No Rough games No Physical Force No sexually suggestive comments No excessive time alone

38 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Student as Abuser Student to Student Abuse Student to Adult Abuse The Same Procedures apply Notify Police Notify Rotary

39 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 What is an exchange For me this exchange is something that will take me a whole life to understand. I would not know where to start, if I was asked in what way did you change on your exchange. It is a time in your life where you are in control the whole time and you learn to take every moment as a gift that could change you to be the best you can be. An exchange cannot be explained for someone to truly understand. The experience has to be felt to truly understand what it is like. It is about learning that your Mum and Dad do have the answers sometimes.

40 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Summary: When the world comes to your place We have the legal & moral responsibility for someone elses child RYE committee is here to help We cannot help if we dont know RYE committee can offer support and guidance Make life long friends Enjoy the experience Have fun!


42 V2.1 July 07 CIHF-001 Rotary International District 9970 Rotary International Youth Exchange

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