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Resume Psychology Get the Offer By Dirk Spencer Account Management and Recruiting PMP, AIRS CIR, AIRS ACIR LIONs.

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1 Resume Psychology Get the Offer By Dirk Spencer Account Management and Recruiting PMP, AIRS CIR, AIRS ACIR LIONs

2 Resume Psychology Get the Offer Not the Interview By Dirk Spencer The Science of Resumes

3 Source of the Data Real Life Examples & Outcomes Behavioral Science Linguistics Eye-Access Cues 2 Years of Interviews with HR Professionals 2 Years of Lunches with Recruiters Database Technology / Internet Technology Boolean Logic Artificial Intelligence Fuzzy Logic Government Compliance Test Results

4 Resume Types RHETORIC PURPOSE: Excite the Reader TOOL: Impassioned Language GOAL: Land an Interview ORIGINS: Socratic / Jeffersonian Ideals of Persuasion

5 Resume Types ARTIFACT PURPOSE: Convince the Reader TOOL: Fact & Data GOAL: Land the Psychic Offer ORIGINS: Franklin / Changes to Technology / How Recruiting Works

6 Format Recommendation Chronological is King – Generally Accepted – Technology Mandated – Client Expected Functional is… – Limit Usage to Personal Hand-offs – Generally Less Accepted – Difficult to Load into Software – Creates Questions Hybrid – Combines the Best of Each Format

7 Layout Recommendations Limit Paragraphs to 3 Lines Use Conventional Bullets 1 Inch Margins All Sides Left Justify All Text Use Summaries to Chunk Text

8 Style Recommendations Times Roman 12 ~ Arial 11 THROUGHOUT THE RESUME Bold Major Section Headers Upper and Lower Case Headers Bold Job Titles – Focus on your skill Avoid Underlining & Italics – Distracts and Distorts Content

9 Resume Secrets Expertise Must Be – Overt & Obvious – Align to the Clients Needs Skills Beyond Their Need – Will Have THEM Calculating How / Why You Are Not a Fit – Confuses the Client – It is Technically TMI – It is about them – not you

10 Resume Secrets This is Not a Showcase of Your Word Processing Prowess: – Efficient Resume Communication Works Against Candidates – Inefficient Resume Writing Makes for Super-Efficient Reading (and Convincing)

11 Inefficient Writing Ignore Grammar Rules Write Complete Thoughts – Not Complete Sentences – Pull Out Periods Repeat – Repeat – Repeat Repeat Again Why? – Super Efficient Reading! – New Level of Competition

12 Exceptions to Inefficient Writing Technical Writers English Literature Candidates – Professors – Teachers – Novelist Novelist Copywriters Authors – Training Material

13 Resume Keyword Review Rules of the Game They are Repeated – Often – In Context – Relevant to the Industry – Recent Experience Size Matters – Candidate Pools Rise & Fall – What worked yesterday – May not work today – Let alone tomorrow!

14 LINKEDIN.COM You MUST BE ON THIS SITE It is free The Number One Recruiter Tool Did I Mention It is Free? When Connecting or Recommending others ALWAYS include: – NAME – Job Title – Email – Phone Number

15 Counter Measure to Job Descriptions Know How Your Industry Works Know How the Profession Sounds Read & Listen to the Current ~ Guru ~ Celebrity ~ Author ~ Web Sites ~ Conferences ~ Guilds ~ Associations

16 Context / Scale Experience Context – Where the Experience Happened – How Work was Accomplished Scale – How Many Involved – How Big the Experience Context + Scale = …Self-Aware Candidate Self-Awareness leads to …Confidence

17 Recruiters are Actors Your Resume is Their Script Your Script is Shopped Daily Read by Actors – Who Lack Personal Knowledge – Are Not Allowed to Improve – There is Lots of Competition – Most Cannot Learn Your Trade Fail Your Actor – Fail the Screen – Never Get Called – Or Get Called and Never Hear Back

18 Finding Instant Content Government Standards – All Job Titles – All Job Functions – By Experience (or Grade Level) – Using KSAs Knowledge ~ Skills ~Abilities Any Dot Gov Web Site – Find Your Job Title – Find The Associated KSAs – Download KSAs – Edit to Fit Your Experience

19 Unpacking Resume Content Master the Assumptions Words Have Generally Accepted: – Definition / Synonym Job Functions Have Generally Accepted: – Best Practices / Process Models / Methodologies / Tools /Techniques / Technology Every Job Behavior has a Set of: – Standard of Performance – Regulatory Requirements Every Industry Has: – Vendors Selling Products & Services Discussing the Industry

20 Master the Assumptions Continued Every Industry Has: – Big 5 (or Big 4) / Competitors – Authors / Bloggers / Celebrities – Peer Reviewed Published Experts Every Industry Has: – Cadres Called Guilds, Unions, Societies, Leagues, or Clubs Every Industry Has: – Awarding Mechanism to Recognize Achievement and Skills


22 Thought Template A – T – E – Q Start Every Sentence with an Action Word Follow it with At Least 2 of the Remaining Three in Any Order: Thing + Environment + Quantity Thing + Quantity + Environment Environment + Thing + Quantity Environment + Quantity + Thing Quantity + Thing + Environment Quantity + Environment + Thing

23 RESUME K.O.D. (The Kiss of Death) JOB TITLES TO AVOID Entrepreneur, Owner, Consultant or Variations Operator Franchisee Head Bottle Washer and CEO Principal Phrases We Never Search On Results-Oriented Proven Leader Strong Interpersonal Skills Hands-on Technician Seasoned Professional

24 KOD - Continued Phrases That Scream Amateur 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 Years of Experience Responsible I (EYE did this EYE did that) Thinkers – Strategic Thinker / Tactical Thinker Utilize – Utilized – Utilizing Dynamic Power – Powerful – High Energy HONEST IS GOOD – (Being stupid and vulnerable bad) Self-Taught Recent Death in the Family Forced Me to Start My Own Company Married, Three Kids Wifes name is Mary, Agnes, Joan… Hobbies Trust Me Enough to Test What We Have Talked About NEW WORDS ALERT

25 Thank You

26 Raw Notes

27 So Who Gets HIRED? Not the Most – Qualified – Connected – Networked – Advertised – Educated – Experienced Not The – Tallest – Prettiest – Nicest

28 The Candidate Who Inspires Confidence Is the One Who Gets Hired!

29 People Must Have Confidence in You Before They Will…. Network Your Resume to Others Call People You Dont Know Email People on Your Behalf Present Your Expertise to Others Tell People About Your Fit

30 How I Know This? I was never the most qualified I was never the best educated I never had the right connections I did not have the experience

31 Recruiting Is Like Dating

32 Emailing Recruiters Please forward my resume to the person or department responsible for Job- Title Thanks so much, Name Job Title Email Phone Number City, State, Zip Resume – Small enough not to look crazy Attach a Word Version

33 I am Not a Mathematician Recruiter Variables Recruiter Technology Client Demands Management Experience AKP Skill SophisticationStability X X X Plus Interpretation Translation Transliteration of Compliance Regulations

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