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Ružomberok, a small town in the Liptov region. Allow us to invite you heartfully in one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Slovakia.

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1 Ružomberok, a small town in the Liptov region

2 Allow us to invite you heartfully in one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Slovakia.

3 Rozloha: viac ako 2000 km 2 Economic and cultural centres: Ružomberok – Low Liptov Liptovský Mikuláš – Middle Liptov Liptovský Hrádok – Upper Liptov Almost 50% of the Liptov area is covered with forests. Liptov is surrounded by the highest mountain ranges in Slovakia: The High Tatras, the Western Tatras and the Choc Hills in the north, the Big Fatra in the west the Low Tatras in the south, and Poprad valley in the east. The river Váh, the longest Slovak river, flows through Liptov and a famous Liptovska Mara Dam is located here. VÁH Lipt. Mara

4 Tourist destination Liptov attracts tourists with numerous ski resorts in winter and opportunities for hiking or swimming in summer The area of Liptov is rich in cultural history and is characterized by folk architecture and folklore (Vlkolínec, Východná). A great number of mineral and thermal springs rise here especially in Bešeňová, Likavka, Kvačany, Žiar, Pribylina or Liptovský Ján

5 Welcome to Ruzomberok

6 Ružomberok, a heart of Low Liptov Population: over 30,000 inhabitants Location: on the confluence of the rivers Vah and Revuca History: the first written evidence dates back to 13th century Historical and cultural sights: Mausoleum of Andrej Hlinka Town Hall building Roman-Catholic church of St Andrew Liptov museum Gallery of Ludovit Fulla Vlkolinec Likava castle Ruzomberok coat of arms

7 Historical centre the area of Andrew Hlinka Square. lots of historical sights a dominant is the Roman Catholic Church of St Andrew dating back to 13th century other monuments: Marian Column and a former Piarist complex with Jesuit Church - now the seat of the Pedagogical faculty According to the legend, the place of the historical square was originally covered with wild roses in the time of the first German settlers´ arrival. The town was named ROSENBERG after the roses, later Ruzomberok.

8 Town Hall building Town Hall is situated in the historical centre of Ruzomberok. It was built in a new-renaissance style in 1897. Now it is the seat of municipal authorities.

9 Mausoleum of Andrej Hlinka After his death, he was burried in Ruzomberok and the people built him a mausoleum to commemorate his deeds. Andrej Hlinka (1864-1938), a priest and a politician, is the most famous personality of Ružomberok and the most important figure of the Slovak political life in the early 20th century. He was born in Černová, today part of Ružomberok. He belonged among the main representatives of the movement for the rights of Slovaks during Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

10 The stairs of Ružomberok Stairs are typical for Ružomberok. They connect down town and Andrej Hlinka Square. There are six ones: School Stairs, Dark Stairs, Rose Stairs, Stairs from Mostová Street, Northern Street Stairs and Monastery Stairs. In all, there are 579 steps which lead to Andrej Hlinka Square.

11 The Gallery of Ludovit Fulla The Gallery was built to deposit and exhibit works of Ludovit Fulla (1902–1980), one of the most significant Slovak artists who is seen as founder of the Slovak Modernism. It was opened in 1969. This gifted artist, painter, illustrator, teacher and the holder of Grand Prix award in the World exhibition in Paris was born in Ružomberok and spent the last two years of his life in that building. The artist's studio and his study are also open to the public.

12 The Culture House It is the largest cultural stand offering accomodation and restaurant services. The part of it is a newly reconstructed cinema equipped with a modern sound Dolby Surround. Its construction is connected with the name of Andrej Hlinka who gave all his property to the building and a large amount of money was given by Slovaks living in America. The cornerstone was laid on June 19th 1927 and the building was finished on December 30th 1928.

13 Surroundings The village represents a unique and well-preserved reservation of the national and folk architecture in Slovakia. It has been registered in the list of the Worlds Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. As the only one, the village has not been spoilt by new buildings and 45 original constructions of national architecture as well as a dominant wooden bell tower are located here. Vlkolinec

14 Surroundings For history lovers there are spectacular places in close proximity from Ruzomberok. Slovakia is full of interesting, medieval castles. One of the most spectacular one is Orava castle situated on the high rock above the Orava river. The castle was built in the 13th century. Another castle which is ruined at present is Likava. The castle was built in 14th century and destroyed in 1707 by Austrian Emperor army. It is believed that the Slovak national hero Janošik was imprisoned there. Janošik

15 Juraj Jánošík - Slovak Robin Hood Janosik (1688 – 1713) was an outlaw and leader of the mountain boys who has become a great legendary national hero in his country. He lived in 17th century. He is a symbol of the fight against injustice and oppression. Janosik's romantic career as Slovakia's Robin Hood was a short one, lasting less than two years. Many movies have been shot about the life of our hero. The last one by a Hollywood director Agnieszka Holland in 2009.

16 Deep and long valleys - Hrabovo, Čutkovo, outside Ruzomberok are available for walking in the nature, hiking or cycling. Close surroundings of the town provides exellent conditions for spending free time in a different way. On the hills of the Big Fatra, just above the town, you will enjoy skiing in Skipark resort. It belongs to the most modern skiing resorts in Slovakia. With its high standard of services it will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

17 Water&Relax If you are looking for a water relax, you will find it in Thermal Park Bešeňová, just a short distance from Ružomberok. It is an all year- round open wellness paradise with healing mineral springs. Both children and adults can relax in indoor and outdoor swimming pools with the water temperature ranging from 27 to 38°C. The largest water reservoir in Slovakia, Liptovská Mara Dam. Its surroundings offer great possibilities for walks, trips as well as sailing or fishing.

18 The most popular sports Two different kinds of sports are popular in Ruzomberok. The women basketball team MBK Ruzomberok is the most successful Slovak basketball team in the history with two Euro-League Women victories. Ružomberok also has a successful football team, MFK Ruzomberok, playing the highest division of the Slovak League. In 2006, the team was the Slovak Champion and also won the Slovak Cup.

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