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Kath Williams CASH Service Officer Tel. 01246 733232

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1 Kath Williams CASH Service Officer Tel. 01246 733232

2 What is CASH? Current Awareness Service for Health Collaborative approach to current awareness dating back to 2001 Technologically innovative Central and fully searchable online database Newsfeeds Repository of current awareness bulletins Email alerts via the CASH Portal (Netvibes) Captures information from across three key sectors


4 What does it cover? Grey literature Management information Reports & statistics Parliamentary information Journal articles Systematic reviews






10 Usage Started as a regional project Currently around 30 librarians from across the country involved in CASH Supplement to local current awareness services Site usage monitored using Google Analytics Survey Monkey

11 Quality and development Management Board 6 Board members Library managers with years of experience in delivering current awareness services Representative from each sector Quarterly meetings Service Officer First line support and training Quality monitoring Promoting the service Enhancements to central infrastructure Service evaluation

12 Current projects Commissioning/Public Health Supporting the information needs of the emerging Clinical Commissioning Groups and a reorganised Public Health service Avoiding duplication of effort between library services

13 The future?

14 Conclusion CASH is well placed to support the newly reformed National Health Service Supports both clinicians and librarians Its strength lies in the contributions of librarians working across the country

15 Questions?

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