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#SWEXPERTS GUIDE 2014 Welcome to the team. This guide should help you get to grips with how we do things around here and features best practices that will.

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1 #SWEXPERTS GUIDE 2014 Welcome to the team. This guide should help you get to grips with how we do things around here and features best practices that will increase your #SWEXPERT posts readability and traffic

2 MESSAGES FROM THE TEAM Jonathan Bird Managing Director Suzie Managing Editor @jonathanbird_ @singledatingdiv Were here to help you Welcome to the Singles Warehouse family. May I be the first to welcome you to our extended family. By now youll have been assigned a #SWEDITOR who is here to help your posts reach their maximum potential. This guide has been set up to make sure you do everything you can to aid your posts – after all our aim is to raise your profile and get your articles seen by 1000s of people. The Editors and I look forward to making sure your posts are the best they can be. Im always on hand to help and Love to see great promotion in the works. Log in and claim your next post today.

3 SOCIAL MEDIA We post your articles on all our social networks. With so many loyal followers this is a great opportunity to promote your work. Take a moment to make sure you are following us Remember to like other #SWEXPERTS posts and theyll do the same.

4 GETTING STARTED LOG IN You will have received your personal log in information by now. If not please get in touch with us at and one of the #SWEDITORS will get back to you ASAP. To log into the site simply visit admin and enter your username and password. (the log in screen will look like below). admin If you need help quickly there Is normally someone on Twitter

5 YOUR BIO Your bio will appear below every post you write. This is a perfect advertising opportunity for you to display your website and social media details. To change your bio click users on the right hand side menu and your profile. Links (like to your website, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest) can be added in social profiles. Not you do not need to add all of the URL. For example if on Facebook you are you would just enter jonathanbird. The same applies for all the other profiles. Dont forget to add a picture of yourself or your logo also. If you need any assistance with this please email Remember this is your opportunity to connect with readers so make sure its the best it can be. If you need help quickly there Is normally someone on Twitter

6 CLAIM A POST START WRITING You might want to watch the video next to this or click here to watch a better quality version; tch?v=AXfHVgwI1F0 ADD AN IMAGE Adding an image is simple – just click add media – select the file youd like to add – enter the keyword for the post in the alt tag section – add a little description – align the picture to the right – change the drop down to link to none and then insert into post. Its important to add good quality images. They must not be copyrighted images for obvious reasons. The better the image – the better a post does. SPELL CHECK Check all spelling and grammar. The #SWEDITORS will also check but having two pairs of eyes do this is always better than one. You need to have the post submitted 72 hours before its due to go live.

7 THE BASICS Now that you know how to claim an article you are ready to write. Youll need to include your keywords in your title – so for example your title might be The Best Online Dating Profiles Today A post should be no shorter than 400 words or longer than 600 words. Your keywords need to be contained in the following areas; the post title within the first paragraph of the post at least once in a subheading (called a H2) HEADING TWO Think of this as a title within the post. It helps break up large posts into manageable sections for your readers. To do this just type what youd like the heading to be and then highlight it. You can then change it to a Heading 2 format by selecting from the drop down menu. GET WRITING

8 CHECKING YOUR POST THINGS TO DO Before you submit your post to your editor its important to make sure the following has been completed; 1.Is your post word count between 400 – 500 words. 2.Have you added your Twitter name to your title?? 3.Have you included the keyword in a H2 heading? 4.Have you added an image? 5.Have you checked Yoast? GREAT STUFF So if everything above has been completed its time to send your post in for scheduling and final editorial approval. NOTE: Since you have entered an image you DO NOT need to send that to your editor via email. Once you submit your post it will appear in their approval area. CHANGE STATUS TO PENDING REVIEW – OK – SAVE AS PENDING REVIEW

9 SEO USING YOAST YOAST Singles Warehouse is excited to announce that weve installed an incredible SEO plug-in to increase visibility across all browsers and boost readership. Yoast is an easy to use plug-in that focuses on the use of keywords/phrases to maximize search engine optimization {SEO} through easy to follow steps to ensure your post gets the green light. Singles Warehouse will require all posts to meet the basic requirements to achieve a green light before publishing live. We appreciate that there may be a learning curve and remind you that your SWEDITOR will be available to assist you as you learn to navigate this new program. WHAT YOAST LOOKS LIKE IN THE SW DASHBOARD

10 SEO USING YOAST INSTRUCTION 1)Weve already entered the keyword for you – so there will be a starting colour.. 2)The next step is to fill in the Meta Description lines. Be sure both your title and description include the keyword or keyword phrase. 3)In the Publish window in the top right hand of your screen next to the word SEO, you will see the word check. Click on the word check for Yoast to run a check of your post. If the little button next to the word SEO is green; your post is done and save as pending. If not than continue to step #4.

11 SEO USING YOAST INSTRUCTION STEP 4 Continue to perform the recommended change/edits and check after each edit, until you receive a green button next to the word check as shown in #3.

12 PROMOTING YOUR POSTS TWITTER Well be tweeting your post out to our following but its important not to forget yours. Make sure you tweet your post a few times a week at least. FACEBOOK Well be adding your post automatically to our Facebook page. Make sure you swing by and like it to encourage others to do the same. If you have your own Facebook page its worth uploading it there also to expose your current audience. COMMENTS Its likely that some of the #SWEXPERTS will swing by to comment on your post, and so will the general public. Please visit your posts often to check that youve responded to comments. Its a great way to engage people in a discussion. POST A LINK Another great way to get readers to your post is to post a little preview on your own site and link to your post on Singles Warehouse. #SWEXPERTS who do this see a 30% increase in traffic to their posts.

13 SEO TIPS & TRICKS WE ALL NEED A HELPING HAND NOW AND AGAIN. By Marrie Lobel SEO, put simply, helps people find your post when they are searching for that particular topic. Now, imagine searching for the word "dating" in Google, how many links come up? I just did it and got 420 million results. Now, imagine searching for the word "dating advice" in Google, how many links come up? I just got 315 million!! For example, if you search for "wooing a woman" you get 2 million results, a bit better. How about "speed dating questions icebreaker" you get about 75,000 results!! Now we're talking. You get the picture. You need to stand out from the crowd. You can use this advice for your own personal blog posts too. Don't you all want people to read your posts?? I'll give you an example. Let's say I'm writing a post using the key phrase "speed dating questions icebreakers" Your key phrase should be in the following places in the following way: Title: Speed Dating Questions Icebreakers You Can Use by @SingleDatingDiv (don't forget the word "by") Content: I will have "speed dating questions icebreakers" in the first couple of lines of the post and at least 2-3 times more throughout. Heading (H2): I will have "speed dating questions icebreakers" in one of my headings in the post such as: Fun Speed Dating Questions Icebreakers Picture: Will contain the alt tag for the keyword Im using. Meta Description: It will include "speed dating questions icebreakers" as well as my Twitter handle such as: Some fun speed dating questions icebreakers from @SingleDatingDiv to make your experience better. See, was that so difficult? Nope, it really isn't. It just takes some thought and a bit of playing around on Google and you'll have a quality post anyone would be proud of. If you are looking for good quality free photos you can try: or A little bit of effort on your part can mean a world of difference in the bloggersphere.


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