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The Casual Courier An alternative way to send packages worldwide.

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1 The Casual Courier An alternative way to send packages worldwide

2 Mission: The Casual Courier (TCC) allows users to send packages: at the speed of overnight for the price of post with the reliability of hand-delivery

3 Overview: Limited options for sending packages: Overnight Couriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL): Prohibitively expensive Post Office (USPS): Very unreliable service Personal Courier (Hand-Delivery): Limited to extremely valuable items

4 Market: About 12 billion packages are sent worldwide each year. (Source: Universal Postal Union) UPS, FedEx, and DHL deliver 63% of the worlds packages, generating annual revenue over $126 billion. (Source: Forbes) 56% of online consumers abandon their shopping carts due to expensive shipping charges. (Source: Ernst & Young) 629.7 million domestic passengers traveled on 9.9 million flights during 2004. (Source: US Bureau of Transportation)

5 Product: The website matches people with packages to send, with travelers who are willing to be couriers.

6 Process: 1.Users first identify a TCC service: Package delivery send a package via casual courier AirSitter assistance find in-flight caregiver Container sharing share space in large shipment container Mail-order forwarding send mail-order via casual courier

7 Process: (continued) 2. REGISTER: Database identifies matching criteria. 3.INVITE: Sender invites courier to deliver package. 4.PURCHASE: Sender purchases couriers contact information. 5.CONTACT: Sender contacts courier to arrange drop-off and payment details. 6.DELIVERY: The package is successfully delivered to the recipient.

8 Example: Sam relocated to Paris from Boston. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring a box of books. Sam asked his father, Simon, to send the box.

9 Example: (continued) Simon spent a few hours shopping around for the best delivery price: UPS$257 FedEx$450 DHL$389 Simon even considered sending the box via USPS…

10 Example: (continued) Luckily, Simon saw an ad for Simon said, Now I can send my package at the speed of overnight, for the cost of post, and with the reliability of hand-delivery! So, Simon registered the box on TCCs website and found a casual courier traveling to Paris. Simon purchased the couriers contact information and arranged delivery.

11 TARGET MARKET: TCC attracts economy-class airline passengers with an existing itinerary. o COURIERS use TCC to: o Reduce travel expenses o Add utility to otherwise uneventful trip o SENDERS use TCC to: o Drastically reduce the cost of delivery o Send fragile or sensitive items

12 CONCERNS: TCC has a created policies to ensure a safe user experience: CONCERN:SOLUTION: Is it illegal to carry a package for someone else on a commercial airplane? TSA and commercial airlines permit passengers to carry packages for others on flights, so long as the packages do not contain a forbidden item. How can I be sure that the package I am carrying does not contain an illegal/dangerous item? TCC suggests that casual couriers thoroughly examine the package before accepting it from the sender. What do I say to a security officer if asked whether I am carrying anything for someone else? TCC encourages full disclosure to airline personnel and suggests completing the Courier Service Agreement to clarify package ownership. How do I know that the person from whom I am accepting a package from is legitimate? TCC suggests reviewing the users online rating scores and exchanging a photocopy of a picture ID before accepting a package from the sender.

13 CONCERNS: (continued) On-line dating services are one of the most popular paid services on the internet...[the] industry revenue will reach $516 million in 2005. (source: New York Times, June 30, 2005) During the early development of online-dating services and eBay, skeptics criticized the unmanageable security risk facing these innovative companies… eBay expects total revenues for fiscal year 2005 to be more than $4 billion. (source: CNN Money, April 20, 2005) TCC is simply formalizing a phenomena that is already occurring worldwide.

14 BUSINESS MODEL: Revenue Sources: –Matchmaker fee –Escrow commission –Advertisement fees –Insurance commission

15 COMPANY INFORMATION: The Casual Courier was founded in 2002. The company is incorporated in Delaware, USA and in Israel. Trademark applications were filed in 2004 and pending publication. Non-provisional patent application for unique claims of internet- based system and method was filed in 2004, and pending. The website was launched in December, 2005. Within a few weeks of launch, the website received more than 360,000 hits per day and began generating revenue.

16 CONTACT: The Casual Courier, Inc. USA: +1(866)978-0533 Israel: +972(54)761-7242

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