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catch the opportunity of today, do not put your trust in whatever tomorrow can bring you Founder Meeting, Stockholm June 20th 2007 Welcome.

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2 catch the opportunity of today, do not put your trust in whatever tomorrow can bring you Founder Meeting, Stockholm June 20th 2007 Welcome

3 - WE are all part of the same Team, all of us have the same opportunity. - WE all take part of everyone's efforts and the investments done by the team. - WE stand together on several legs and we stand strong. - WE can join now or later. Once in, WE are a team and WE are The Company. - WE choose ourselves to take use of our products and services. - WE create, control and maintain our own pension plan. The strong foundation we lay together today, will ensure a stable Team in the FUTURE Team Work Marketing Team Work Marketing TWM Est. 1st of January 2010

4 The Registration Registration Club Futurum welcome new customers from all over the world # 002 Registration is simple and fast No payment is needed when register Unpaid Members are entitled for commission in 1 level

5 # 004 New Members must state approved by & invited by at registration Once registered, the Member are entitled to introduce friends… The Invitation Invitation # 002 # 001 But only under supervision by her own introducer… approved by invited by # 003 # 004

6 The Terms & Rules Why Approved By? WE do not allow new Members to join the Club if they dont have complete and accurate information before they register. The approver shall make certain that the inviter passes on correct info to the Team. Mass approach thru email or such media are prohibited. ALL introducers are held responsible for their entire Team. Only by working together as a Team can we make sure that no false info is added or any important info is forgotten when forwarded in the depth. A Personal relation to a prospect Member is a demand. The strength of a chain is determined only by its weakest link. A Team cannot afford a weak chain... Terms & Rules

7 Marketing the Club The fastest and strongest available instrument of marketing is to let Members introduce new Members. Club Futurum gives a generous Uni-Level payout down to level 15 for those who want to share our concept with friends and family. Personal relationship to a prospect Member is a must; the Club do not tolerate mass introducing, this to ensure that everybody knows everybody. The Member must be accompanied by his/her introducer while approaching a new prospect; this to ensure that correct information is given and that correct information is received. Both introducer and introducers sponsor must verify a new Member signup. Marketing

8 Funding Options Funding Members, when logged in her back office can up-load funds in various ways…

9 Members, must verify their identity to the payment processor /-s This verification is known as KYC (Knowing Your Client) and is mandatory Know Your Client

10 Club Futurum rely on several payment processors doing the Client Due-Diligence. Running a Club is attached with responsibilities towards authorities worldwide. By handing over the work of KYC (Know Your Client) to 2nd part we not only save time and effort but we are also confident that a proper KYC is done. If a Member fund his/her account with processor A, only a withdrawal of profit to A is accepted, this to ensure the Member has a valid and up-to-date KYC. A Member can be verified by several processors. Know Your Client

11 The Membership Levels Membership There are 5 levels of Membership in the Club. 4 of them comes with a handy USB-Phone with built-in soundcard and delivered with headset. Check the Membership link for more information about the different levels in the back office. All but the Starter-Kit comes with company shares. The shares entitles the Member the right to take part of Company success and accumulated profit is paid per share. Initium $ 150 Pyropus $ 750 Argentum $ 3,000 Aurum $ 7,500 Ulterius $ 15,000 When Your Team members pay for a Membership / Upgrade, if qualified, You get the commission instantly

12 The unpaid member NonPensus are entitled to earn commission in 1 generation depth The Payout Plan Disbursements are for the benefit of all members equally. Payout Plan Your 2nd Generation Your 1st Generation You are on top of your own organisation You Your friend Sarah Sarahs friend Sarahs Brother Your friend Peter Peters friend Higher level of commitment and Membership equals higher level of income

13 SmS Marketing the Products Marketing Members share the possibilities of online usage to end-users in various ways… You-Tube

14 Online ShoppingOnline DatingOnline GamesOnline Calling Marketing the Products & Services Marketing the standalone websites for end users are done by the Members own discretion. By marketing the products the Member helps increase revenue for the whole Club. This revenue is then shared among all Members holding shares. Marketing Feel free to use Club banners on your website

15 The Partner Income Partner Income Shop Futurum Phone Futurum Dating Futurum Games Futurum More to come… End-users spend money on Partner websites

16 The Club Income Shop Futurum Phone Futurum Dating Futurum Game Futurum More to come… Club Income Company receive commission on revenue from Partners

17 Investments Share capital, included in the membership, received by the Club are invested in present and future concepts and ideas, this to ensure minimal risk and highest possible profit. The investments are initially done within 3 of the largest markets today. IP-Phone (Voice & Video over Internet) Online Gaming (Casino, Games of Skill & Betting) Web Shopping (Daily usage & Consumption) The profit from the investments is a part of the Club income. Investments

18 The Club Payout / Member Income Club Payout Company pay dividend to share holders at least once a year

19 Websites -The website for the club members. -The website for people to find millions of products. -The website for people who looking for a soul mate or a friend. -The website for people who love to play all kind of games. -The website for people who want to call the world at lowest possible cost. Websites

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