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Relationships and Sex in America An examination of American Marriage and Sexual habits.

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1 Relationships and Sex in America An examination of American Marriage and Sexual habits

2 An International Sex Survey Americans appear to have the most sex at 132 times a year, with the Russians close behind at 122 times a year, the French at 121, and the Greeks at 115. The countries with the lowest frequency of sex are Japan (37 times per), Malaysia (62) and China (69). Couples living together report having sex 146 times per year. Married couples make love 98 times per year. Single folks are having sex the least at 49 times a year. Four percent of the respondents to the survey claim to have sex daily. 57% say they have sex at least once per week.

3 Dating The average American male has 6-8 sexual partners in his life and the average female has 4-6 sexual partners. The majority of men and women wait until the 3 rd date before having sex. 89% of first dates are a dinner date. Formal dating is not common among teens but they will spend time with each other from 15 years old.

4 Co-habitation 11 million people living with an unmarried partner in the U.S. 11% of unmarried partners are same-sex couples. The number of unmarried couples living together increased 72% between 1990 and 2000. 53% of first marriages are preceded by cohabitation

5 Does living together work? 55% of different-sex cohabiters get married within 5 years of moving in together 40% break up within that same time period 20% or 1.6 million people, have been living together for more than five years. About 75% or 6.2 million cohabiters say they plan to marry their partners

6 Children out-of-wedlock 41% of unmarried partner households have children under 18 living in them. 33% of all births are to unmarried women. 41% of first births to unmarried women are actually babies born to cohabiting couples, not "single" women.

7 Whos not getting married?

8 Who is getting married? In 2006, new statistics from a large national sample show that 50.3% of adults in the U.S. are unmarried and that 49.7% are married. The average age for men to get married is 26.8 and 25.1 for women.

9 Divorce 50% or 41% of American marriages end in divorce depending on which statistics are used 43% of first marriages end in separation or divorce within 15 years. Americans are 3 times more likely to get divorced if they live in an urban center. The average divorce costs $50,000

10 Relationship Complaints

11 Lets talk about sex!

12 How often do Americans do it Late Teens Averages 2.8 times per week. Age 30 Averages 2.2 times per week. Age 50 Averages 1 time per week. 45% of those taking the survey reported having a one night stand.

13 Sex Education There are two main types of sex-ed in American schools; comprehensive and abstinence Comprehensive starts in elementary school with basic biology and moves to condom application and planned parenthood in middle school. Abstinence tries to prevent students from having pre- marital sex before marriage. More than 75% of Americans think that Comprehensive Sex-Ed should be taught in schools

14 What are American Teens doing? More than 50% of 15 years old have had some type of sexual experience. Oral sex is the preferred type of sexual experience for teens 11% of 15 to 19 year olds have had a same- sex experience.

15 What about you? How many boyfriends/girlfriends before marriage are too many? What do you think about living together before marriage? Whats your opinion on same-sex relationships? What do you think is the main cause of Koreas rising divorce rate? How can it be lowered? Do you think that sex-education should be taught in school? What types of things should they teach? Where did you learn about sex-ed? How will your children learn?

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