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Travis Webb Metro Market Manager © 2010 Robert Half Technology. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

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1 Travis Webb Metro Market Manager © 2010 Robert Half Technology. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

2 Robert Half Technology Company Overview Robert Half International –Founded in 1948 –Pioneer in specialized staffing services –Ranked number one in our industry in FORTUNE ® magazines list of the Worlds Most Admired Companies (March 22, 2010) Robert Half Technology –Provides highly skilled IT professionals –Conducts ongoing research on IT workplace trends –Respected resource on IT hiring and employment

3 Robert Half Technology Todays Discussion The IT Hiring Environment Technical Skills in Demand 2011 Salary Trends The Value of Certifications Soft Skills in Demand Landing a Job

4 Robert Half Technology The 2011 Salary Guide National starting salary ranges for IT positions in the United States and Canada Trends affecting IT hiring A review of in-demand skills and attributes Advice on building strong IT teams and maintaining employee morale Staffing for success

5 Robert Half Technology Sources of the Data Interim and full-time placements made throughout the year from our offices in the United States and Canada Local insight from our staffing and recruiting professionals throughout our branch network Exclusive workplace research we conduct among CIOs and other executives An analysis of the current hiring environment and an extrapolation of current trends into 2011

6 Robert Half Technology The IT Hiring Environment Solid IT teams are essential for firms to remain competitive 64 percent of executives interviewed said understaffing was an issue Firms are adding to IT teams to support a number of initiatives Companies remain highly selective when choosing candidates Most IT hiring activity is in healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofits, oil and gas, and high tech

7 Robert Half Technology Skills most in demand… Programming Business mindset Technological proficiency Security

8 Robert Half Technology Skills most in demand, cont… Infrastructure support Electronic medical records Networking

9 Robert Half Technology VirtualizationWeb 2.0All Microsoft ® Products Citrix Citrix XenServer Hyper-V VMware ESXi VMware ESX 3.5 VMware GSX Server VMware Workstation AJAX Adobe Flash Adobe Flex PHP Perl Python Ruby on Rails Active Directory Business Solutions Dynamics Exchange Server 2007.NET Office 2007 Silverlight SharePoint Server SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows 7 Current Need For … All trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

10 Robert Half Technology 2011 IT Salary Trends On average, IT salaries in the United States are expected to increase 3.4 percent Salary ranges for select positions (national averages*): –Information Systems Security Manager $99,500 - $137,750 –Network Administrator $55,750 - $82,750 –Web Developer $58,000 - $94,250 –Desktop Support Analyst $46,500 - $68,250 –Help Desk Tier 2 $36,750 - $47,750 *Refer to the Robert Half Technology 2011 Salary Guide to adjust salaries for your local market using the city variance index numbers provided in the guide.

11 Robert Half Technology Technical Skills Can Boost Salary Possessing specialized skills can provide candidates with additional pay on top of their base salary* *Source: Robert Half Technology 2011 Salary Guide. Add the percentages shown, based on national averages, to IT salaries for select positions listed in the guide. Cisco network administration skills: 9% Java development skills: 7% LAMP: 7% Linux/Unix administration skills: 8%.NET development skills: 7% SharePoint skills: 11% Virtualization skills: 8% VoIP administration skills: 8%

12 Robert Half Technology The Value of Certifications Provides clear evidence of an individuals knowledge of a particular technology or practice Demonstrates candidates initiative Essential to lifelong learning In-demand certifications include: –Cisco –Linux –Microsoft –Project management –Security

13 Robert Half Technology Soft Skills in Demand Its not just about the technology Leadership abilities Customer-service mindset Ability to work under pressure Written and verbal communication skills Ability to align business and IT goals

14 Robert Half Technology Job Search Challenges Step out of your comfort zone Entertain new ideas Dont be too proud to ask for help Dont be a Lone Ranger

15 Robert Half Technology Getting Started Focus on transferable skills Develop a strategy Network actively Cast a wide net Be flexible

16 Robert Half Technology The Visible and Invisible Job Markets Visible Job Market: Reactive Invisible Job Market: Proactive Want ads Online (RetirementJobs, CareerBuilder) Company websites Staffing companies Unadvertised Internal job postings New positions

17 Robert Half Technology Networking Effective tools Professional sites Associations Casual conversations Personal approach 1:1 is best Be proactive Continuous process Stay in touch with peers Meet new people Work to help others Give to receive

18 Robert Half Technology Elevator Pitch Concise summary: Who you are What you offer What you need Craft different versions Modify as necessary Practice makes perfect

19 Robert Half Technology Elevator Pitch Your name Your most recent position Key strengths or accomplishments Reason for leaving last position What youd like to do next

20 Robert Half Technology Getting the Resume Right Visually appealing

21 Robert Half Technology At-a-glance format Getting the Resume Right

22 Robert Half Technology Multiple resumes Getting the Resume Right

23 Robert Half Technology Use of keywords Getting the Resume Right

24 Robert Half Technology Clear examples of accomplishments Getting the Resume Right

25 Robert Half Technology CAR Statements hallenge: The conditions under which you did the work a ction: What you did, actions you took response: The business impact of your actions 25

26 Robert Half Technology Biography One-page narrative (3-5 paragraphs) Write in the third-person Conversational, easy to read Convey uniqueness Include WOW factor 26

27 Robert Half Technology Informational Interviews Build rapport Present your elevator pitch Ask for referrals, leads, advice Thank you, next steps 27

28 Robert Half Technology Success With Phone Interviews Be punctual Use a landline Quiet, please Use notes Speak clearly Smile! Follow up 28

29 Robert Half Technology The In-Person Job Interview The hiring manager is evaluating: Your abilities Your motivation Your personal qualities

30 Robert Half Technology Responding to Likely Questions Can you tell me about yourself? 30

31 Robert Half Technology Why did you leave your last job? 31 Responding to Likely Questions

32 Robert Half Technology How much do you know about our company? 32 Responding to Likely Questions

33 Robert Half Technology What are your strengths? Weaknesses? 33 Responding to Likely Questions

34 Robert Half Technology Most significant accomplishment? 34 Responding to Likely Questions

35 Robert Half Technology Why do you want to work here? 35 Responding to Likely Questions

36 Robert Half Technology Interview Intelligence It takes hiring managers just 10 minutes to form an opinion of job seekers. You will meet with greater success if you interview during the morning hours. Hiring managers often ask others, such as receptionists or assistants, for their opinions on prospective hires even if they werent involved in the interview. True or False? 36

37 Robert Half Technology Overcoming Potential Obstacles Issue: Long Tenure Solutions: Show career progression Emphasize performance Promote stability

38 Robert Half Technology Issue: Age Bias Solutions: Age neutral materials Avoid dating yourself Well-qualified language Interest in technology Emphasize flexibility Overcoming Potential Obstacles

39 Robert Half Technology Issue: Defeatism Solutions: Attitude is everything Put the past behind you Be receptive Overcoming Potential Obstacles

40 Robert Half Technology Evaluation and Follow Up Send thank-you notes 40

41 Robert Half Technology Follow up with a phone call 41 Evaluation and Follow Up

42 Robert Half Technology E-mail a news clip of interest 42 Evaluation and Follow Up

43 Robert Half Technology Stay in touch 43 Evaluation and Follow Up

44 Robert Half Technology Our Salary Calculator Online Salary Calculator makes it easy to quickly look up a single position and customize salary data for your city Access the Salary Calculator, and the latest insights on hiring and compensation trends, at:

45 Travis Webb Metro Market Manager © 2010 Robert Half Technology. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

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