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Last supper Western culture final. Group members Leader : 91110876 (Anne) Members: 86110931 (Willie) 87110076 (Judy) 87210351 89110159 92110146 93120046.

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1 Last supper Western culture final

2 Group members Leader : 91110876 (Anne) Members: 86110931 (Willie) 87110076 (Judy) 87210351 89110159 92110146 93120046

3 Job distribution Printing finder: The biblical story:, Edit the story:, PowerPoint marker:

4 Last supper BASSANO, Jacopo

5 BASSANO, Jacopo Last supper Jacopo Bassano's Last Supper is one of the masterpieces of 16th-century Italian painting. Instead of the elegant grouping of figures in Leonardo's painting, which inspired it, this dramatic scene features barefoot fishermen at the crucial moment when Christ asks who will betray him, and the light passing through a glass of wine stains the clean tablecloth red. Recent restoration has only now revealed the extraordinary original colours, which had been heavily painted over in the 19th century, when the emerald green and iridescent pinks and oranges were not in fashion.

6 Last supper

7 Tintoretto (real name Jacopo Robusti; 1518 - May 31, 1594) was an Italian painter from Venice. A student of Titian, he is said to have excelled his teacher in his master of color and shadow, and to have been influenced by Michelangelo in his drawing skills. He had a passion for special lighting effects, making wax figures of his subjects and experimenting by placing them before differently angled spotlights before painting them. As a result, certain figures reappear in different works, though they are depicted in different angles and with different lighting.1518May 311594ItalianVeniceTitianMichelangelo Tintoretto's most famous works are a series of paintings of scenes from the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the Scuola di San Rocco.JesusVirgin Mary A comparison of Tintoretto's The Last Supper with Leonardo da Vinci's work of the same name provides an instructive demonstration of how artistic styles evolved over the course of the Renaissance. Leonardo's is all classical repose. The disciples radiate away from Christ in almost-mathematical symmetry. In the hands of Tintoretto, the same event becomes dramatically distorted. The human figures are overwhelmed by the eruption of beings from the spirit world.Leonardo da Vinciwork of the same nameRenaissance

8 1480

9 Ghirlandaio (also spelled Ghirlandaio, original name Domenico di Tommaso Bigordi) was an early Renaissance painter of the Florentine school noted for his detailed narrative frescoes, which include many portraits of leading citizens in contemporary dress. Domenico was the son of a goldsmith, and his nickname "Ghirlandaio" was derived from his father's skill in making garlands. Domenico probably began as an apprentice in his father's shop, but almost nothing is known about his training as a painter or the beginnings of his career. The earliest works attributed to him, dating from the early 1470s, show strong influence from the frescoes of Andrea del Castagno, who died when Ghirlandaio was about eight years old. Giorgio Vasari, the biographer of Renaissance artists, recorded in his Lives (1550) that Ghirlandaio was a pupil of the Florentine painter Alesso Baldovinetti, but Baldovinetti was only four or five years older than Ghirlandaio himself. He worked in fresco on large wall surfaces in preference to smaller scale paintings executed on wood panels, although he used them for the altarpieces that were the centrepieces of the fresco cycles in his major undertakings. He never experimented with oil painting, although most Florentine painters of his generation began to use it exclusively in the last quarter of the 15th century.Andrea del Castagno,Vasari,Baldovinetti,

10 Last supper.

11 . Last supper He was born in Italy in 1452. Because he born with a rich family and good at print, so his father required him to learn the print technique with professor. After his teacher s train, he foster some skills which are how to observe same things with different point of view and variety streams of light. In his this work, last supper, he use realistic print way to extol truth and justness. And against the traitor s sinister force and behaviors.

12 Last supper

13 Last supper---

14 Last supper He was born in Spain. He was a greater surrealism in 20century and an impressionism and abstractionism initiator. In his works, he use fantastic and unusually method to describe a common thing with out of shape or deformed.

15 The biblical story related to last supper (1) Last Supper, the last meal Christ took with his 12 disciples, is described in all four Gospels. Knowing his hour had come and that he must leave this world, Jesus ordered the Passover supper be organized in the house of a certain man. (Passover is the Jewish festival celebrating Exodus from the Egyptian imprisonment). Before the supper Christ rose from the table, took off his outer garment and, taking a towel, tied it round him. Then he poured water into a basin, and began to wash his disciples feet and to wipe them with a towel. When he came to Simon Peter, Peter protested that the Lord must not wash the feet of his disciples and that he will never let Jesus wash his feet. Jesus replied, 'You do not understand now what I am doing, but one day you will.' 'If I do not wash you you have no part with me.'

16 The biblical story related to last supper (2) After washing their feet Jesus put on his garment and sat down again. During the supper Jesus said that one of his disciples would betray him, but it would be better for that man if he had never been born. Then Judas spoke, the one who was to betray him: Rabbi, surely you do not mean me? Jesus replied, You have said it. During supper Jesus took bread, broke it, and gave to his disciples with the words: Take this and eat; this is my body. Then he took a cup with wine and offered it to the disciples: 'Drink from it, all of you. For this is my blood, the blood of the covenant, shed for many for the forgiveness of sins.

17 The biblical story related to last supper (3) I tell you, never again shall I drink from this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in the kingdom of my Father. After singing the Passover hymn, they went out to the mount of Olives.

18 reflection --- (1) The cross of Christ is the crisis of history and the judgment of every individual life. It not only occurred in time nineteen hundred years ago outside the city of Jerusalem, but it is something which also takes place daily in every Christian's experience. This is why we speak of the cross as a timeless event. The cross of Jesus Christ has been affecting human history long before it occurred in time, even back into the dim reaches of the past in the early dawn of history, or, after the cross, through running centuries from our Lord's day unto our own, because it is a timeless event. It also must take place daily in every Christian's experience, perhaps many times a day. The meal shared by Jesus Christ and his disciples on the night before he was crucified is called the Last Supper. It was the occasion of his institution

19 reflection --- (2) of the Eucharist, when he identified the broken bread with his body and the cup of wine with his blood of the new Covenant. The ritual was that of a Jewish religious meal, which was given new meaning for Jesus' followers when they performed it in remembrance of him. Christians differ as to the meaning of the words of Jesus, the exact relationship of the bread and wine to his body and blood, and the frequency with which the rite is to be repeated. The Last Supper was also the occasion on which Jesus washed his disciples' feet and commanded them to wash one another's feet. It has been the subject of art from earliest times. From the Spiritual of the last supper: I believed that there is a real reception of the body and blood of Christ in the supper, only in a spiritual manner. The sacrament is a real means of grace, a channel

20 reflection --- (3) As the last supper appear, the meaning of position closest to the thinking of contemporary theologians within both Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions. It is a position which the Lord s Supper as a rite instituted by Jesus Christ in which bread is broken and the fruit of the vine is poured out in thankful remembrance of Christ s atoning sacrifice, having become, through their reception and the sacramental blessing given by which Christ communicates himself to us. Moreover, Jesus included in the Last Supper the ritual not only as a sacrificial meal but also of a covenant meal. The covenant between God and Israel at Sinai was likewise followed by a meal in which the people "ate and drank and saw God." The new covenant between the Lord and his people was thus ratified by Jesus in a meal.

21 reflection --- (4) the Holy Spirit, the communion of the body and the blood of Christ and an anticipation of full future salvation. That s why Christ s spirit influence the whole world of religion. Below is what a Prayer s pray, I truly adore the whole paragraph: Our Father, thank you for these times of self- humiliation, when we do not see ourselves as the cause of all our problems, and we stop blaming others and stop blaming our circumstances, and come to grips with this thing and put it in the place of death where you put it, and recognize that it has no right to live any longer, for when it was brought out in the light, in the cross of Jesus Christ, you

22 reflection --- (5) condemned it, sentenced it, executed it, and put it to death in him. Lord, grant us faith to believe, and willingness to act upon your sentence of death and treat these things as an enemy, a Judas, a traitor within, which with a kiss would betray us. To do as you have bade us in this story -- to hang it on the cross, on that tree. In Jesus' name, Amen.

23 reflection --- (1) After reading the Bible, I don t understand why God want to create the human being. After created the human being, God gave different kinds of suffering to human being because of disobey his orders. I am a Christian although. From the Genesis chapter I know God created the world by his wish, and let the Adam and Eve enjoyed everything that God created, but because of Adam can t reject the snake temptation to eat knowledge tree, so all the woman have be suffered giving birth, and all of the men have to work hard to support family s living expense. I am a mother of 3 children, I will not like to punish my lovely children because of disobey me. For God he love us, but why can t just try to forget Adam s mistake?

24 reflection --- (2) And from the recently tsunami attached Asia causes a lot of casualty, you feel deep sorry for those people, and the same time let me think of Noah s story and the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Human being need more time to understand God or God need more mercy on human being, but when you see the human being due to selfish to destroy the earth that once was beautiful Eden, then you will wonder if human being deserved those disasters by angry of God, or if God is trying to use different ways to let us know, or caution us, we need more kind to earth and more love to treat each other, no war, no terrorism, no pollution, no drug, no more disobey or ignore God s messages. For the Exodus chapter, we know God didn t like his people Israeli suffered in the Egypt, so asked Moses to bring the people of Israel left Egypt, for being able to achieve God s promise, God even with

25 reflection --- (3) out mercy to kill all of first born sons in Egypt, for this part I am little bit confuse why God need use so bloody assassination to kill, God couldn t use another way to accomplish his promises? Jerusalem was the land that God promised to give the people of Israel but why up to day Jerusalem still has a lot of confliction on it? From the Matthew and Mark chapter, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to earth to fulfilled God s promises that he had made to his people in the Old Testament. Jesus was authority by God to teach people and to deliver God s love, and set people from sin. Jesus wanted to save human s soul and body even sacrifice his life. For the human being the suffering on Jesus was traumata that normal human being can t bear, Jesus had faith on his Holy Father, so he was willing to accept all of challenges.

26 reflection --- (4) I was born on Christian s family, from my own experiment, I am sure if I have faith on the bible said that surely will bring me and my family more peaceful, love and prospective life, although sometime I ready don t understand God s behavior, but from the God s message, I know love could cure any wound or pain. God always provide love to comfort those who need love.

27 reflection --- (1) According to the Bible, world was created by the God. God made the first man, Adam, with dust. Than made the first woman with Adam s rib. Both man and woman form a couple living in Eden, the paradise of world. All human beings are descendants of Adam and Eve. God has power to create anything and destroy every thing which doesn t obey his rules. The covenant between God and human beings appears again and again in Bible. First, God made a covenant for Adam and Eve, they will live in Eden forever if they obeyed god s rule, but by their disobedience they left Eden. Next, after flood swept away almost everything, God set a rainbow in the sky as a covenant with every living thing on earth. Then, god made a covenant with Abraham and Sarah, they will have children of their own even they were too old to bear children, as they

28 reflection --- (2) miserable drought and famine fell upon the land of Canaan, the descendants of Hebrew moved into Egypt, the children of Israel were forced into slavery and misery. They cried to heaven with the anguish of their bondage. The Lord remembered his covenant with Abraham, and he resolved to set their children free. God sent Moses and Aaron leading the Israelites to freedom. Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, didn t allow Israelites to leave at first. The Lord showed a lot of miracle sign to prove his mighty power by Moses and Aaron. Israelites finally left Egypt. Most of the stories in Bible are surrounding in the covenant between God and human beings.

29 reflection --- (1) In our paper, we collect some painters work, which is relation biblical story last supper. The works we find, you will see some works of them are similar, that is because some painter appreciates other painters work very much, so he imitate their work to fulfill his own. And also you will observe each artist use their own excellent painting style to annotation their own last supper and every pictures have their unique characteristic. The work of my favorite is Dali s. His work is very similar with another work in our paper, which doesn t know who is the prainter, but both of these two works give me extremely feeling. In Dali s work, the light behind Jesus seems like sun rise. Which means permanent justness and truth, even though, Jesus confront death. The same manner in this work, the light behind Jesus seems like sunset, Which means justness and truth not forever.

30 reflection --- (2) Even though last supper is a tragedy story, but it even reveal out the God s mercy. How? Jesus never stops deliver the God s sermon to his people even if for betrayer. This behavior relate in others biblical story example: Noah s ark, son for Abram and Sarai and Moses exodus. Among these stories tell us God is mercy, although his people doesn t keep their words to him, HE never stingy to give them more some chance. However, finally HE decided to punish his people, HE always safe someone, who is justness, before HE create disaster.

31 reflection --- (1) This is an interesting story, favorite by every one, there including fabricated and myth. That usefully in whole religion story, I think. At the beginning this story The creation of world, and The garden of Eden. This foreword talking from Adam rib the God made a woman, it made the center of human being on earth, then the descendant to breed, life place to move and so on, to expound devotion in religion, the process talking by story was very livingness, and interesting. But to expound the truth, some time can not believe by us, for example; when proof deep of religion for Abeaham Take your son said God Isaac, your only son, and bring him with you into the land of Moriah,. There you will give him up to me as a burnt offering upon a mountain that I will show to you. Abraham did not question God. He. Too.

32 reflection --- (2) remembered God`s promise that his family, through Isaac, would be great and blessed. If he wondered at all at God`s command, he wandered how the promise could possibly come true if he give up Isaac as an offering. And yet he did believe the apeomise. He had faith, and he obeyed. And Abraham reached gently for his son and bund his hands and fiit. This time asked no question. Then Abraham laid his son upon the wood of the alter and reached out hand for knife. He raised it slowly, still willing to give everything to God and still believing that God would not take his son from him forever. Above paragragh, let some body imagine, who is the father of Isaac? Why may be to expound the truth, he must kill his son to offering God`s? it may Abraham selfish? Why Abraham no self-murder to take the place of son to accomplish the promise? Although this is once event of unimaginable,

33 reflection --- (3) but for the tall story, I would like to funniment only. Then to leave Egypt: their passing more four handed years, and completed by borrowing power of God`s, that effect from to rejuvenate a nation by dedicated work was get best admiration in whole people.

34 reflection --- (1) After reading the Bible, I can see that it is full of imagination and mythology, although it is truth to those who believe. In the Bible we can find many things that happened are all out of logic and science. First, God created the universe in six days. Then created the first male Eden by soil from the ground, breathing into his nostrils and the man began to live. Eve was the first female God made taking one of Eden s rib. Next at Exodus we read that God punished Egypt by ten disasters and killed many Egyptian armies in the Red Sea while Moses and his people got across safely. And we can see that God has the ability to create humans but on the other side he also has the power to destroy humans.

35 reflection --- (2) I think God loves people and made people to obey his law, but when his people betray his order, he may punish the betrayers at first. When the world got more and more populated, betrayers became more and more. God saw many evil spirits attacking his people, because God love his people so he made his son Jesus came down to earth. Jesus is the name of God, he has the same flesh and blood as humans but a different soul from humans. Jesus came to release his people from guilt; he also spread love and mercy to his people. In Bible John, Jesus knew one of his disciples is going to betray him but he did not stop. I love you just as Father loves me; remain in my love. If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father s commands and remain in is love. Jesus said. Jesus knew he was going to die, but still commanded his disciples to

36 reflection --- (3) love one another just as Jesus loves them. As a human no one will ever know when one s self is going to die, only Jesus knew. At the end, the Bible still teaches people to love one another, obey in God s law. Till now some people may think that it s just a long story about one who died on the cross. To me, I can just say: when people believe, it s truth; when it s not believed, they are all stories of myth.

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