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Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine President: Ryan Bade.

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1 Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine President: Ryan Bade

2 What is ΣΣΦ? Honorary Osteopathic Service Fraternity National Objectives: –To further the science of Osteopathic Medicine and its standards of practice –To improve the scholastic standing and promote a higher degree of fellowship among its students –To foster allegiance to the AOA Epsilon Corollary: –To demonstrate a sincere commitment to service within CCOM and the surrounding community.

3 Membership 75 active members –33 OMS-IV –32 OMS-III –10 OMS-II Admitted 16 last Spring Faculty Advisors. –Dr. John Graneto, D.O.

4 Fall Membership Drive Written Applications Reviewed Blinded –Three independent reviewers Invited to Interview –Interviewed by 2-3 current SSP members who are not classmates Applications reviewed by selection committee Criteria for admission? –Scholastics (min GPA) –Level of Community Service Involvement –Interest in/Knowledge of SSP

5 Finances Current Student Accounts Balance: $850.00 Does not include membership fees from fall drive or sweatshirt sale

6 Fundraisers Speeding Rotating Event CCOM Sweatshirt Sale

7 Service Projects Speed Rotating Event for MS2 students Easter Gram sale for Alzheimers Foundation Bake Sale for Melanoma Research Trick-or-Treat for canned goods drive Student informational panel for MS1 students Accelerated/Gifted student program

8 Rotation Speed Dating MS 3 and 4s return to campus to share their rotation experiences Format allows for small group discussions, rather then panel format Annual event This year interns from different departments will come to campus as well

9 Trick-or-Treat for the Homeless Started in 2011 –Organized by 2 OMS-II SSP Members SSP members canvas community neighborhoods –Trick or Treat for canned food –Currently over 20 participants committed **Event date scheduled for October 31,2013

10 Student Informational Panel 5-6 SSP Members sit down for a Q&A session with MS1 students about what to expect and how to prepare for next year Advice for classes and what material to use for boards Exchange contact information for future questions

11 Accelerated Student Program Work with 7th-12th graders who are focused on getting into medical school Bring students to MWU to meet with current medical students and tour labs Teach basic aspects of a physical exam Event organized in conjunction with CCOM Student Council

12 Collaboration Goal for 2013 to schedule events involving entire organization Fall Social in October Spring Volunteer Project –Open to all members

13 Questions?

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