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Back for another year, TDRE inc. presents The 2010 Dally M Review.

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1 Back for another year, TDRE inc. presents The 2010 Dally M Review

2 Finding out who really shot J.F.K would be easier than working out how this guy continues to pull top quality fluff.

3 Tara used the Dally M red carpet to announce she had moved on from Big Dell and was now dating celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott.

4 Dont laugh Benji, hes not the one wearing leather.

5 Elvis Costello

6 6ft 1, 112kgs..but he still looks scared of his missus.

7 Come on boys who wants to ride in on my chin?

8 Dear god please put your headgear back on….both of you.

9 Who knew that Geoffrey Edelstens wife would become the latest to switch codes?

10 Kenny-Dowall arrives short of breath, after inflating his date in a record 36 seconds for the big night.

11 Hey Pearcey, Peter Jackson called……he wants Gollum back!

12 Looking very proud of yourself Robbie…

13 …Michael Gordon is very proud of you too!!!

14 Secretly, Creagh was ecstatic that he finally shared the same colour pubes as Australias new PM.

15 Not much has changed in Townsville over the last 12 months…

16 .. apart from Sam Thaiday obviously visiting

17 Ey Bro… Bro, stop stealing all the f*cking party pies I'm sending them over the Christchurch Bro"

18 Matt Scott has been fishing from a completely different pond in Nth Qld.

19 The only win Gal has had all year!!!

20 With a head like this, who says that money cant buy you love?

21 Is Rita Hayworth on her dress? Who cares, art is doing anything but imitating life.

22 Perfect opportunity to piss on mums new dress.

23 To Newcastle, With Love, Brian

24 If ever theres a good time to use your speed Akuila…

25 Be nice, theyre from Canberra.

26 12 months on and Jamie is still dating his sister.

27 Darius and all his mates. Doing nothing to stop those rumours.

28 Chris, Benji, Jarryd – what was your initial reaction to Braith Anasta winning an award?

29 Kate Milikin looking much more comfortable on the red carpet in 2010, where she didnt have to hide behind the two implants accompanying her boyfriends twin brother.

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