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MAN-UP: A 3-Step Framework …for Cultivating the Mature Masculine Power YOU KNOW You Have Inside of You.

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1 MAN-UP: A 3-Step Framework …for Cultivating the Mature Masculine Power YOU KNOW You Have Inside of You.

2 Who am I??? Bryan Ogilvie How to Get Focused… 100% Virtual…

3 What Well Build On… Women & Dating, Self-Esteem, and Mind Power Disclaim #1: I aint all that… not a total guide/opinion macho & money (vs. internal aspects) Disclaim #2: Make ME make it clear…

4 The Tree of Life Science. 1.) Women & Dating… (Results) 2.) Self-Esteem (Inner Game) 3.) Your Subconscious Mind…

5 Session 1: What do Women Want???

6 A Self-Controlled Man… A brother whos in control of himself and in control of his reality (world) Not controlling or domineering, but context-independent. Comfortable in his own skin… NOT approval-seeking… what Ive found spectrum


8 Examples first date example praise-example feelings-example always asking annoying (i.e: not attractive) But all these are EXAMPLES – the main thing is being a chump vs. being a magnetic force. You are the value…

9 Qualities that Attract Women These are general Mix & match NATURALLY: Humor Imagination Intelligence Dedication/Commitment A sense of order Courage Social currency Compassion/Empathy Ambition Leadership Simplicity Thoughtful Sexual Confidence Adventurous Class/Culture Disinterested/Challenge

10 The Approach… Observation – Converse – Close Be present Show your personality On Fear/Anxiety wielding to fear creates the feared result… Repetitious exposure Always take the next step…

11 3 Deadly Mistakes… Rescuing her… White-knight fantasy Accept her for who she is, BEFORE you get that involved with her Pitying her Healthy women choose healthy men. A womans choices reflect HER self-esteem. Understanding her Read excerpt

12 Additional Advice… Shes a HUMAN BEING Idolize/Objectify spectrum Have male friends (who are successful) Have female friends (like a girl youd like) Have everything going for you you can Keep your apartment/dormroom neat Keep your haircut (done), fingernails, etc. Anything thats within your realm of control.

13 More Resources My blog post What Do Women Want (Bryans Take On It…): transcend/women Double Your Dating by David Deangelo:

14 Session II: On Building Self-Esteem Ability determines the quantity of women you attract; IDENTITY determines the quality…

15 Defined… Self-esteem is the relationship you have with your own process of perception How well you honor your intuitive thoughts and feelings Mental-esteem (Judgment) emotional esteem (Self-worth) Child example/media example/ social pressure Some steps: Stop equating your identity with your results FORGIVE YOURSELF for mistakes youve made. Book excerpt…, and lastly

16 Modeling…. Physical Modeling Alert eyes Relaxed jaw Relaxed face Chin naturally aligns with their body Arms hang in a natural, relaxed way, Relaxed posture, Purposeful walk RELAXATION Behavioral Modeling Way of walking, and disposition express JOY Speak about accomplishments and failures/shortcomings HONESTLY Comfortable giving and receiving comliments AND criticism Spontaneous JOYFUL & HONEST

17 If you want to learn something, associate with people who know it…

18 Additional Resources Radio show called The Dynamics of High Self-Esteem: Insights & Techniques for Greater Confidence: The Dragon-Slayer w/ a Heavy Heart by Marcia Powers:

19 Session III: The Subconscious Mind Men are anxious to change their circumstances, but hesitant to change themselves…they therefore remain bound.

20 Definition: The subconscious mind is the totalitarian government of the population known as your thoughts, feelings and consequent behaviors.

21 As We All Know… The mind is a computer…but, WE can be the computer programmer 95-99% of thinking Habits of thought Self-image/Identity View of what reality is We think our thinking is objective…

22 The Analogy is Source Code Heres a typical website:

23 The HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language)

24 In order to alter the website (thoughts, feelings and emotions), you need to learn hand-coding (skills that allow you to re- condition your subconscious thought) NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Eastern Meditation Free Association (Psychotherapy technique) Self-Hypnonsis (dont get shook) Affirmations

25 Get Your Mind Right Software Technically, Think Right Now Intl. Accelerated Success Conditioning for Thought & Behavior Modification


27 More Resources… My blog, Fundamental Mind-Power Skills that Make ANYTHING Possible…: Think Right Now Intl.s programs:

28 In Conclusion Theres an INTERNAL dynamic to mature masculine development that most males completely ignore: Seeing yourself as the source of power Honoring the relationship you have w/ your own perception, judgment and instincts Exercising conscious control over your thinking process….

29 Remember the Tree: Results in life are REFLECTIVE of internal states and subconscious limitations. If you want to change the website, you have to change the source code FIRST…

30 Recommended Scrolls Reading isnt just fun-damental, it also FUNDS the mental. From Niggas to Gods (by Akil) The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) The Way of the Superior Man (David Deida)

31 PEACE! ANY QUESTIONS??? CONTACT: WEBSITE: RESOURCES: The fool who ask is a fool for five minutes; the fool who keeps silence remains so for the span of his life…

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