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Promoting physics at A-level and beyond LAMPTON SCHOOL Jess Hamer.

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1 Promoting physics at A-level and beyond LAMPTON SCHOOL Jess Hamer

2 Lampton School 11-18 mixed Academy in Hounslow National Teaching School status Physics, Biology and Chemistry A-level offered Above national average numbers of students with English as an additional language 67% A*-C including English and Maths Over 90% of 6 th form continue to study at university Problem of high achievement low aspiration

3 Working with the

4 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Science Challenge Day - Queen Marys IOP Roadshow Queen Marys/SEPnet rollercoaster workshop Hosted RI Lecture Series Im a Scientist- Get me out of Here! Particle detector project with University of Surrey Go4SET University of Southampton astrodome Lectures and visits from individuals (Stemnet & others) Chemnet Ambassador Visits to Imperial/RHUL/Rutherford Appleton Labs, Centre of the Cell, Sangar etc. Science career speed-dating STEM challenges

5 1.Numbers taking physics post-16 have almost doubled 2.Initial figures for this year suggest a significant increase in numbers continuing on to study STEM subjects at university 3. Physics results at GCSE and A-level are now in line with other science subjects 4. The profile of physics has been raised throughout the school IMPACT

6 Visiting Universities Drawbacks Cost of covering teachers Pupils missing lessons Staff missing lessons Journey time Can be logistically difficult Often only small groups of pupils involved Paperwork Benefits Pupils get to experience university Most enrichment opportunities are university-based Learning skills away from the classroom Rewarding for pupils

7 Bringing university to school! Im a ScientistWorkshops Lectures

8 UCL University of Westminster Surrey University RHUL University of Liverpool St Georges

9 OUTCOME Pupils were enthused Pupils made aware of the range of physics-related subjects at university Face to face contact with university students Learning about university and inspired pupils to be ambitious Not teacher-led Many pupils had access Fairly easy to organise thanks to outreach staff at universities University students gained valuable skills and experience (and apparently enjoyed it!) Promoted university/subject area

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