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Safety Internet safety By Daria Morgan And Elin Tuckwood.

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1 safety Internet safety By Daria Morgan And Elin Tuckwood

2 contents page Online gaming Lists of websites Watch out Age Help Be safe

3 Online gaming (1) Be aware when playing games online as some are scams. They may say free but some may charge over time just be careful what you/child/grandchild or some one you care about checks the site first (2) Dating sites be careful when entering dating sites as some people enter them as a joke and insult people flirt with you or go on fake dates this may upset you or someone you care also dating sites are usually 18 or 21 (3) Some gaming sites have age limits and most are easy to fake make sure your child or someone you care about doesn't do this Go back

4 Lists of online websites Face book- some people can pretend to be someone else and ask you questions over a long period and when they know a fair bit about you they may ask to meat up, in this case you should press the alarm button and the owner will - keep an eye on the person. EBay – things may not arrive and money scams. Bin weevils - this kids game can be dangerous people bullying others and people pretending to be someone they are not if this happens press the report button. Next page

5 Lists of online websites Twitter – people can follow you even if ignored MSN – webcam safety, if you do not shut down your computer/laptop properly other people you do not now can do it with out you knowing and they can watch you. This may not happen to you but be careful. Go back

6 Watch out Be aware lots of things online can be very dangerous and you can never be to careful. It can be dangerous to shop online dodgy items may come and lots of people are scamming other people with photos of items they are selling but do not posses, PayPal is an online site that is safe and easy to use when you are buying items online, PayPal does all the research for you and will give your money back, you simply pay the money to PayPal they will check its ok when you have the item PayPal will give the money to the seller.

7 Go back Age You may not realise that most online games, dating sights and online chats have an age limit. Age limits are very easy to fake it is very important that you or any one you know does not do this age limits are there for a reason and it may be that they can be dangerous and things you perhaps should not see be very careful. Do not fake age limits it may be for your own safety.

8 Go back End slide Help There are some websites that help you if you are being bullied click the eye that should always be on your screen it will take you to a great website were you can play games, have fun and talk to some one who can help. If you see a green tick on the side of a site name it means the site is safe. If you see a padlock by a site it means the site is safe.

9 go back finish The end Keep safe on the internet make sure you follow what you have learned.

10 The end By Daria Morgan and Elin Tuckwood

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