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Healthy Relationships

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1 Healthy Relationships
Workbook 2014 Family Boy Friends Girl Friends Friends Acquaintances Provided by the Partnership 4 Safety A Program of The Arc of Spokane

2 Healthy Relationships
This is your Healthy Relationships workbook. This book is to help you to choose healthy relationships! It is easy to read so that many students can use it. It has coloring sheets because many people like to color when they are learning. You do not have to color the sheets. This workbook has pages on: Personal rules Different types of Relationships Healthy Friendships Healthy Dating Consent Phone safety Facebook safety Unhealthy relationships Recognizing abuse What to do if you are being abused Enjoy using your Healthy Relationships workbook!

3 Group Rules Group rules: Care for each person’s feelings
Make it feel safe to talk Make it easy to be heard Remind us of how we want to treat others Remind us of how we want to be treated!

4 Adult words for personal body parts
Why doesn’t everyone use these words? Some people did not learn body part words. Some people think some body parts are “dirty”. Many people are embarrassed by sexual body parts. Why use adult words? Because you are a young adult, and these are adult words So your doctor will treat you like a young adult. So the police will take you seriously.

5 What are Personal Rules?
Your Rules tell other people how you want to be treated! Your Rules can be about: How close people can be to you. How much room do you like? -A lot of room? A little room? Your body Who gets to touch you? When do people get to touch you? Where do people get to touch you?

6 4. Why rules are important!
3. Your feelings; How do you want people talk to you? Nicely, with respect Or not nicely, with NO respect 4. Why rules are important! Rules let YOU choose: Who you spend time with How people should treat you. Rules help you choose who your friends are!

7 Your rules are IMPORTANT!
My Personal Rules Your rules are IMPORTANT!

8 Teaching about your rules
Who do I want to teach? Boys or girls at school, friends teachers, co-workers, supervisors How do I do it? 1. Sit up or stand up straight 2. Look into the other person’s eyes 3. Use a nice voice 4. Tell the person what you need them to do EXAMPLE: If you don’t like people to sit close to you – you could say “Please don’t sit so close to me” 4. Remember to say “Thank you”

9 1 2 3 Stopping Scary People When do I do it?
Anytime someone makes you feel afraid. When you do not feel safe! How do I do it? Walk away If they bother you Yell “go away” or Blow your whistle Go get help Who can help? 1 2 3

10 What IS a relationship Write your ideas here

11 Healthy Relationships
are an important part of life! Healthy relationships are like healthy food. They make you healthier They make you stronger They make your life better! Which foods are healthy? What can happen if you only eat unhealthy food?

12 Types of Relationships
There are many types of relationships. How many can you think of?

13 RESPECT in a healthy relationship
What does Respect mean to you? RESPECT is a CHOICE you make It’s not about liking people It is about treating people like human beings RESPECT is beginning of ALL Healthy Relationships RESPECT has to go both ways in a healthy relationship 6. RESPECT must be IN a relationship from the BEGINNING or it will never be in it AT ALL!!!

14 TRUST in a Healthy Relationship
What does TRUST mean to you? TRUST is NOT the same as liking TRUST is NOT the same as respect Trust has to be earned! It talks TIME to trust people People must prove they are trust-worthy Honest time dependable time TRUST

15 Friend or Acquaintance
A Friend shares your hobbies and activities with you An Acquaintance is just someone you know Acquaintance Is with you to do a job: Bus driver Nurse Caregiver Job Coach Payee Friend Is with you because: You do fun things together You like each other You enjoy spending time together

16 Friend or Acquaintance?
Most of the people I know are friends or acquaintances?

17 What do you want in a friend?
Someone who shares your hobbies! Someone who enjoy being with you! Someone who supports you! 4. Write down some of your hobbies or activities

18 Friendships take TIME It takes time to get to know a person.
Take the time to learn about a person’s hobbies. It takes time to learn what a person likes and doesn’t like. It takes time to know if a person can be trusted!

19 In a Healthy Friendship
You agree to be friends You treat each other with RESPECT You feel happy, safe and cared for You share the cost of activities You are nice to each other You listen to each other

20 Are you ready to be in a Dating Relationship?
You are ready to be in a dating relationship if: Neither of you are already married Neither of you are in another dating relationship You are close to the same age You are both old enough to be in a relationship You BOTH want to be in a dating relationship

21 Date or NOT date? Types of romantic relationship (Dating relationships) Boyfriend or Girlfriend Husband or Wife In romantic relationships you: Go on dates together Do not date other people Are committed to each other Learn A LOT about each other Might hold hands or kiss Might have sex Healthy dating relationships start as healthy friendships. Types of nonromantic relationships (NOT dating relationships) Family Acquaintances Co-Workers Bus Drivers Employment Specialists Payee

22 What do YOU want in a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
Write down what is important to you!

23 What is a GOOD Girlfriend or Boyfriend?
Yes No 1 Teases me and hurts my feelings 2 Stands up for me 3 Cancels our dates a lot 4 Picks fights with me 5 Hits me 6 Enjoys the same things I do 7 Accepts me the way I am 8 Supports me when I am down 9 Tells me who I can be friends with 10 Yells at me 11 Wants to know where I am ALL THE TIME 12 Calls me mean names 13 Respects me 14 Is jealous of my friends 15 Thinks I am cheating with other people 16 Scares your friends or family 17 Tells me I am stupid 18 Is a real friend 19 Does not make me do things

24 How much do I know? Take this quick quiz to find out how much do you know about your boyfriend or girlfriend We have met in person Yes No I know her/his hobbies Yes No I have met his/her friends Yes No I know what movies he/she likes Yes No I know what activities he/she likes Yes No I have met his/her parents or family Yes No Count the yes and no answers I know about my boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes No ? ? ?

25 In Healthy Dating Relationship
Your rules are RESPECTED So…can I kiss you? No, I’m not ready for that yet OK

26 In a Healthy Dating Relationship
You are HONEST with each other You can TRUST each other You RESPECT each other You do not feel forced to do anything-ever!

27 CHOICES in a Healthy Dating Relationship
You share choices like: What movies to see What friends to hang out with How much you talk on the phone How much time to spend together You both get to make choices in the relationship!

28 Good Communication its important!
Talk about your rules Be honest about your feelings Be a good listener Fight fair No temper tantrums No threats No name calling Do you want to go to the car show with me Friday? No, thank you. I don’t enjoy car shows . How about a movie instead?

29 How to have a difficult talk
When you have something important to say: Pick the right TIME to talk When you both have the time to talk When your boyfriend or girlfriend is not busy Pick the right PLACE to talk Choose a place where other people can not hear your conversation Pay ATTENTION Do not answer calls or texts Be CALM - do not talk when you are angry or upset

30 My rights in a Dating Relationship
I have the right to: Relationships without violence. Not to be controlled other people. Have your own friends Change your mind. Not be together all the time Start slowly. Want physical closeness. Have your own activities Change the relationship when your feelings change. You always have the right to say, "No.“ Modified from Teens Stopping Rape, distributed by United Learning, 1996.

31 Sex! Are you ready? Before having a sexual relationship it is very important to ask yourself: What does sex mean to me? What are my values about sex? What are my family values about sex? What does my religion say about sex? Why am I thinking about it right now? Is someone pressuring me to do this now? What are some of the things that can happen Pregnancy Sexually transmitted diseases This is an important decision! It might help to talk to someone you can trust

32 Am I ready Worksheet 1. What does sex mean to me? 2. What are my values about sex? 3. What are my family values about sex? 4. What does my religion say about sex? 5. Why am I thinking about it right now? 6. Is someone pressuring me to do this now? 7 .What are some of the things that can happen 8. Who can I talk to about this important choice?

33 What is Consent? Consent is a word used in romantic or dating relationships It means you are old enough to make the choice to have sex It means you are ready for sex in a romantic relationship It means you have talked and your boyfriend or girlfriend It means your girlfriend or boyfriend is ready too It means you BOTH know what could happen after sex It means NO ONE is forced – EVER! Consent means talking first!

34 Consent has laws The Consent laws are important!
Sixteen is the “age of consent” in Washington State If someone is younger than 16 they cannot consent to have a sexual relationship Breaking the Consent laws can mean going to jail. Breaking the Consent laws can put you on a sexual predator list – for life! REMEMBER!!! If a person is not old enough – it is RAPE If a person does not give consent – it is RAPE If a person is forced to have sex– it is RAPE

35 Texting and Sexting Texting is a fun way to stay in touch!
But it is NEVER OK to: 3. Text you too many times a day 4. Want to know where you are all the time 5. Read your texts from other people 6. Send scary or threatening texts It is NEVER OK to SEXT: To ask for pictures of you in your underwear To ask for pictures your breasts, bottom, pubic area or penis To ask for naked pictures of you Send you pictures of their breasts, bottom, pubic area or penis To send anyone pictures of YOUR breasts, bottom, pubic area or penis EVER! Information modified from lwww.ove is

36 What can you do? If someone is sending too many emails
2. Tell them that it is bothering you 3. Tell them how often they can call you 4. Do Not answer when they call 5. Turn off sound so you do not hear call 6 . Block their number 8. Get help from a person you trust 9. If someone sexts you 10. Do not reply to the text 11. Tell a trusted adult right away!

37 Facebook Safety To be safer on Facebook
Don’t post your address Don’t post your phone number Don’t post your school Don’t post your birthday Keep your password private You do not have to “friend” everyone who asks People can make up fake pages 8. They can have fake pictures 9 .They can have fake personal information Remember- you can not control posts on other people’s pages Change your privacy settings so that only friends can see your page

38 What is an Unhealthy Relationship?
In an Unhealthy Relationship: A person uses violence to get their way. A person uses anger to scare the other person. A person forces the other person to do things. A person uses bribes to get what they want Money Food Special treatment You are SO stupid!!

39 In an Unhealthy Relationship
There is NO respect Your Rules are not respected Your Feelings are not respected Your Property is not respected Your Privacy is not respected YOU are NOT respected

40 Jealousy is NOT love Love is: Jealousy is: Love says: Trust Fear
Acceptance Respect Love says: I trust you You are honest You are faithful You love me I respect you WE make decisions together Love is a 2 way street Fear Envy Control Jealousy says: I don’t trust you You are not honest You cheat You don’t love me I don’t respect you I make all the decisions Jealousy is a DANGER sign of an Unhealthy Relationship

41 In an Unhealthy Relationship
Only one person gets to make the decisions: Where to go Who to talk to Who to hang out with When to get physical How to spend money One person has all the choices

42 ABUSE Happens in unhealthy relationships
ABUSE is when someone pretends to care about you ABUSE can be Physical Abuse can be Sexual Abuse can be Emotional/Verbal Abuse can be Financial Why do I always have to pay for the movies?

43 Physical Abuse 1. Physical Abuse: 6. Physical abuse can be:
2. Is unwanted touching of you or your clothes 3. Is used to scare you 4. Is used to control you 5. Physical abuse in a romantic relationship is called Domestic Violence 6. Physical abuse can be: 7. Scratching 8. Punching 19. Pulling your hair 10. Pushing you 11. Grabbing your clothing 12. Forcing you to go somewhere 13. Using a gun, knife, bat or other weapon 14. Grabbing your face to make you look at them Information modified from lwww.ove is

44 Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse is Sexual abuse can be
Being made (coerced) to do something sexual Being forced to do something sexual Being told that you do not have a choice Sexual abuse can be Unwanted kissing Unwanted touching of your sexual body parts Forcing you to have sex Threatening you if you do not have sex Threatening to hurt your friends or family if you do not have sex Having sex with a person who is not old enough Having sex with someone who is drunk Information modified from lwww.ove is

45 Emotional/Verbal Abuse
Emotional/Verbal Abuse is when someone uses: Scary non-touching behaviors To control you To keep you away from your friends and family Emotional/Verbal Abuse can be: Yelling or screaming at you Calling you names or putting you down Not letting you talk to family and friends Threatening to hurt your pets or family Checking up on where you are all the time Starting rumors about you Embarrassing you on purpose Telling you what to wear Blaming you for their own behaviors Information modified from lwww.ove is

46 Financial abuse/Exploitation
Financial Abuse/Exploitation is: About your money When someone else spends your money on themselves When you can’t get the things you need with your own money Financial Abuse/Exploitation can be: Running up your phone bill Not letting you see your bank records Making you pay for other peoples clothes, food and rent Writing bad checks on your account Only visiting with you on pay day Who could do this? Family members People who call themselves your friends Neighbors Boyfriends or girlfriends Information from Tracie Thompson /Arc Financial Management and

What Can You Do? If you think you are being abused: Talk to someone you trust Report what happened to the police Report what happened to Adult Protective Services For help with sexual abuse Call Lutheran Community Services Northwest For help with domestic violence call the YWCA Ask for help from someone you TRUST ABUSE IS NEVER YOUR FAULT

48 Who are MY Trusted people?
Trusted people are people who: Care about me Are adults Can help me Are not the people abusing me Some trusted people might be: Teachers Parents or Guardians Adult Family Home staff Employment support staff Write down the names and phone numbers of people you trust

49 You Deserve Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships make your life better Healthy Relationships do NOT have abuse in them Healthy Relationships are a choice YOU make Make the choice to have Healthy Relationships!

50 Some of the information in this workbook came from:
Equality Wheel for Teens from the Nation Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about their Bodies, Boundaries and Sexuality by Terri Couenhaven, MS, Woodbine house press at The SCAR booklet published by Partners in Prevention Education at Tracie Thompson –Director of Financial management/ The Arc of Spokane Feedback for the workbook was provided by: The awesome students and teachers at: District 81 IMAGES program the East Valley STAR program North Central STEP program Mr. Holden’s class at Rogers HS

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