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Relative and Absolute dating You know your old when……

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1 Relative and Absolute dating You know your old when……

2 People have been curious about the earth since the beginning of time. As technology and knowledge have increase more and more information has been uncovered. All agree that the processes ( rain, erosion, weathering, etc.) occurring today are the same ones that occurred millions of years ago. This is known as uniformitarianism. Relative Dating No you cant date your cousin

3 The concept of relative dating places the ages of rocks and the events that formed them in order, but without exact ages. This is done by comparing the rock layers to each other Several laws are used to explain the relationships: Law of Original Horizontality Law of Superposition Law of Crosscutting Relative dating

4 Law of Original horizontality states that rock layers are laid down flat, one on top of the other

5 Law of Superposition states that the oldest rocks are located on the bottom provide there hasnt been any disturbances.

6 Law of Cross-cutting states that if a rock layer cuts across another layer, the rocks on top are younger.

7 Practice slides List oldest to younges

8 A is oldest B is next oldest C is the youngest. Use the law of superposition and law of cross cutting Answer

9 More practice List youngest to Oldest

10 Answer Oldest to youngest J, K, F, Tilting, H, B, G,E,D-fault, I, C Now look at the handout…Read the instructions and begin. Work independently… by yourself.

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