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DATA VISUAL BRIEF by Norris A. A. Rowley Jr. & Devin Asaro 1.

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1 DATA VISUAL BRIEF by Norris A. A. Rowley Jr. & Devin Asaro 1

2 TITLE CARD Title: Valentine's Day Subtitle: Online Dating Habits Before & After Target Audience People that are interested in online dating Demo: Men & Women 30 -45 Story Track and detail online dating habits around Valentines Day. Highlighting the days leading up to Valentines Day, along with the days following. Also taking into account the overall yearly traffic to dating websites Visual Minimalist, data-forward designs that Im talking about. Stay away from high-concepts, we dont want to confuse the user since were already hitting them with a lot of data.

3 STYLE EXAMPLE minimalism of this: kw2FwRWyKWS5ATE*a8*C9ggkdjoUOqeTwYkkbWf8GwXn Dk*S3LnCDPFqQYFA*PoVIQ8qpQVQRalBwCIMIYWeCwq0l/ Snow_White_texture1.jpg kw2FwRWyKWS5ATE*a8*C9ggkdjoUOqeTwYkkbWf8GwXn Dk*S3LnCDPFqQYFA*PoVIQ8qpQVQRalBwCIMIYWeCwq0l/ Snow_White_texture1.jpg graphic elements of this: http://media-cache- bb5387.jpg http://media-cache- bb5387.jpg two-color elements of this: Fashioned-Infographic-Designs-7.jpg Fashioned-Infographic-Designs-7.jpg data-forward this is: US/DontLookAway/PublishingImages/ g US/DontLookAway/PublishingImages/ g

4 INTRO COPY Do dating sites see more traffic on Valentines day? Well, not really. [line graph showing volume from Wednesday 2/10 to Monday 2/15, emphasizing spike on Friday and flatness of sat and sun. Clearly emphasize valentines day.] But they do see a big spike a few days before Valentines day. Though on the big day (and the day before) they drop down to just above normal. Why? People dont set up first dates for Valentines day. Its just way too much pressure. The real increase in traffic comes a few days after Valentines day. Thats when singles get sick enough of seeing their friends romantic photos, and get the dating bug. [line graph of volume from Saturday 2/13 to Tuesday 2/22, emphasizing spike and then return to normal, and clearly showing Valentines day] After a week of heightened volume, the February daters forget about their love lives again, and online dating traffic drops right back to normal.

5 COPY What do the numbers look like the rest of the year? The numbers stay steady for most of the year. But, like gym memberships, online dating also sees spikes in January as people make New Years Resolutions. [no graph here. Perhaps just some sort of visual representation that shows people feeling determined and confident, and then, later, feeling lazy/depressed.] On a week-to-week basis, traffic peaks on Sunday and falls off significantly on Wednesday. Who uses online dating? 24% of dating site visitors are married. There are 3% more African American people on dating sites than White People. People age 60 – 64 see an 8 percent spike in online dating over people 55-59. College graduates do more online dating than people without degrees.


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