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Unit 6 Intelligent Dating. EQ How can we date intelligently?

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1 Unit 6 Intelligent Dating

2 EQ How can we date intelligently?

3 Intelligent v. Brainless Dating Intelligent dating- being selective about who you date, hanging out and having fun, remaining through the natural highs and lows of romance, and keeping your own standards. Brainless dating- dating anyone who has a pulse, becoming centered on your girlfriend or boyfriend, having you heart broken repeatedly, and doing what everyone else seems to be doing.

4 6 Universal Dating Questions 1. What should I expect? Expect lots of drama Expect fickleness, pickiness, and indecisiveness Expect to make a fool out of yourself Expect the unexpected; you are getting to know another person who has the same type of crazy family and weird quirks as you do

5 2. Who should I go out with? - Dont go out withsomeone based on looks alone - Do research like you would do if you were buying a car - Make a list of things you must have, and things you can live without

6 My Dating Wish List Gotta HaveCan Do Without 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

7 3. What if I never get asked out? - Dont sweat it if you have not been asked out yet, there is plenty of time for that later - If you really want to date, here are some things you can control that may help you date…. - A nice, healthy body – Confidence – A Good Job – Fashion Sense – Nice Hair – Good Manners – Scent – Lack of neediness - Creativity

8 4. What is the biggest mistake teens make when dating? - Becoming boyfriend or girlfriend centered - There is nothing wrong with having a boy or girl friend but when you center your life on them, youre going towards a breakup - Center your life on your morals and principles, not your boy or girl friend

9 5. How will I know when its time to break up? - Watch for these red flags 1. Ultimatums- Do this or Im breaking up with you 2. The Savior Complex- when you think you can change someone or save them from themselves 3. Lies- If someone is lying to you continuously 4. Youll never find anyone else who will love you. 5. If you leave me, Ill hurt myself

10 6. How do I get out of an abusive relationship? Get out quick checklist: Does your boyfriend or girlfriend….. Make you cry all the time Do or say things that make you feel stupid, embarrassed or worthless? Keep you from spending time with your family and friends? Keep you from doing things you want to do, like keep a job or join a team? Act super jealous or possessive? Shove, Shake, Slap, or Hit you? Threaten to hurt or kill you or themselves? Lie or hide things from you? Always expect to get their way?

11 6 Guidelines to Intelligent Dating 1. Dont date too young 2. Date people your own age 3. Get to know lots of people 4. Date in groups 5. Set your own boundaries 6. Have a plan

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