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2 Objectives Students will be able to define relationships
understand the stages in a relationship Realize the importance of communication appreciate healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships Dangers of “bravado” on social media websites Relationship ending

3 Relationship Question Box ?
Write down your definition of a relationship and be prepared to share your definition. re·la·tion·ship (noun) 1. a connection, association, or involvement. 2. connection between persons by blood or marriage. 3. an emotional or other connection between people: the relationship between teachers and students. 4. a sexual involvement; affair. Relationship Question Box ?

4 Relationship Benefits
Learn about yourself through dating Values – family, personal Honesty Trust Respect Effective communicator

5 DATING Roller coaster – fun, exciting, scary, challenging
You want to try it, and you think you will like it, but you’re not sure exactly what to expect. Spending time with somebody who you think of as more of a friend can lead to a romantic relationship. Need to look after yourself – learn about date rape, birth control, STIs, mental abuse, physical abuse and know when and where to get help.

6 Dating – Is it for Me? Goals for education, sport, music, careers – dating is a large responsibility and can become a distraction from your goals Parents won’t allow it – family values, religion and recognition of family Dating can be enriching and learning more about yourself when the time is right.

7 To date or not to date? What does dating mean?
Important to communicate clearly. Make sure that you both agree on the kind of relationship you will have. It is easy to hurt someone’s feelings if you are not communicating. Teenagers are curious about their bodies, new emotions, and finding they are sexually attracted to others. Sensitive – respect your partners thoughts, feelings, opinions even if you disagree Natural to feel hurt, jealous and anger – solving problems together makes a relationship stronger!

8 Parents? Not a Problem Parents where once teenagers and went through dating and building relationships Communication is key and building trust with parents. Present a thoughtful argument for dating and you are prepared to behave responsibly. Acknowledge parents concerns to build their confidence in your abilities to make good decisions. Parents who forbid you to date, ask them why? If not, it is best to obey them.

9 STAGES Crushes Flirting Dating Romantic Relationship

10 Crushes Crushes – it always happens when you least expect it, the person of your dreams walks by, time stops and the world fades away. Uncertainty of crushes can be fun as long as you do not get obsessed – crushes are a safe way to get used to all the feelings that attraction bring Crushes are not the same as relationships; you may admire someone without the feeling being returned

11 Flirting When you have a ‘crush’ on someone you want them to notice you. Flirting is acting in a way that draws attention to you and is often a playful way of getting to know someone.

12 Dating Just like writing a paper, the hardest part of dating is getting started. Either boys or girls can ask each other out – have a plan before you ask. Vulnerable and run the risk of being rejected. First date work better with a group of person to ease tensions – school dance, game, movie

13 Handling Rejection Dating disappointments happen to everyone but they hurt just the same. Acknowledge their answer and walk away – all sorts of reasons why they may not be able to attend and it may not be you. Do not continue to seek answers as you may get hurt feelings.

14 Saying No to a Date Request
A polite and firm “No thank you!” if you are not interested in the person. Do not create an excuses as it may give the person asking a sense that you may still be interested. Dating someone because you don’t want to say no or because you feel bad for that person is not fair to either one of you.

15 The Big Moment Despite what some will say, there is no fast and steady rule about no kissing on the first date. Do what feels right for you. If you like the person and want to kiss them, make sure you it’s okay with the other person. If the time is right, the kiss will happen.

16 Relationships After going on several dates, the two are realizing they are getting to know each other better. You get to learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, family and friends, hopes, dreams, fears, and sense of humour. Innermost thoughts and feelings can make you vulnerable to getting hurt.

17 Right Stuff for Relationship
Healthy Relationship Communication – it is not easy to share your feelings with someone, problem solving Individuality – couples complement one another by playing off each other strengths and weaknesses Honesty and Trust Respect – Keep things in Perspective – need to find a balance between your relationship and all other aspects of your life – family, friends, school, sports, jobs,

18 Unhealthy Relationships
Date Rape occurs when two people on a date and one forces the other to have sex by pressuring or physically intimidating. If you don’t want to have sex say firmly “No” and walk away and get help. Abusive relationship is when one person mistreats the other in some way – sexually, physical, or emotional. Abuser has emotional problems, drug problems or difficulties at home. Leave the relationship immediately and seek help.

19 Resources to Help You may feel alone but you aren’t and many people have survived the abuse, guilt and shame from being abused. Go to a hospital and seek help from the police. Victim Services in Muskoka are there ready to help. Counsellors are trained to work with victims who are experiencing feelings of anger, shame, embarrassment, depression and thoughts of suicide Tell your parents. Remember you have done nothing wrong.

20 Sexting & Social Media Sexting – sending provocative, nude or partially nude images over cell phones and social media sites Sexting is a crime Sending nude images of those under 18 through digital media is considered child pornography The people taking or sending the images can be charged with a crime whether they themselves are underage or not While often meant to be private, images often find their way to other people. Images on the internet can not be removed and this can create complications for future relationships with friends, partners, family, potential employers.

21 Breaking Up Relationships are learning experiences – help you figure out what you do and don’t want in your life. In a relationship it is because you care about the person. It can be difficult to end a relationship in a nonhurtful manner. It takes a lot of maturity. Pick a private place to tell them how you feel and why it is best to end the relationship. Be prepared for the person to be upset by after telling them to leave the person alone to deal with the news. If you think they will hurt themselves make certain somebody is with them such as a friend.

22 Getting Dumped People rarely expect a break up when it happens.
When someone breaks off the relationship with you, you need to accept that its over. Take some time alone to reflect on your feelings Keep yourself busy. Truly devastated you need to speak to a counsellor

23 Moving On When a relationship ends, it sometimes feels like the end of the world. It takes some time to recover from the hurt and the loneliness. Remember that being single has a lot of advantages Working on your grades at school Reconnecting with family and friends “There are many more fish in the ocean!”

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