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Geology and Dating Millions of Years. Geology and Dating: The Unreliability of Dating the earth by using Geology… The strata or geologic column, from.

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1 Geology and Dating Millions of Years

2 Geology and Dating: The Unreliability of Dating the earth by using Geology… The strata or geologic column, from the features in the earth do they prove the earth is old? Compiled by B. D. Tate

3 Millions of years began to be applied to the earths existence by agnostic and anti-Christian philosophers, scientists, and educated elites roughly starting in the seventeen hundreds. They began to look at the geologic features of the earth and interpreted them for long ages in order to discredit scripture. It was suggested at first and then argued, then asserted, and finally dogmatically presumed that the geologic column seen in the earths features meant that millions of years of accumulation created them. The lower layers were said to be far older than the layers on top of them. It made sense that the layers on top had to come after the layers underneath; however there are many problems in determining how long after the bottom layers were laid that the next layers were placed on top.

4 Creation Scientists agree that the top layers followed the lower layers however what is not agreed is how much time passed. PROBLEMS: 1) The geologic strata/layers that adorn text books are rarely found in the real world. Many locations show missing layers, layers out of order, or older layers on top of younger layers.

5 2) EROSION IS MISSING If millions of years had passed between the layers then we would not observe the clean lines of delineation. The smooth transitions from layer to the next all over the earth would NOT EXIST because erosion of wind and water in rainfall would have destroyed them. There would be huge gaps, jagged edges, intermixing of contents so that in many places the lines would not exist. Therefore Erosion which is a major force of change in our world today is non existent in the geologic column which shows there has been no exposure between the layersno time.

6 The beauty of these layers exists because between them NO erosion has taken place… YET as we can see over-all massive amounts of erosion have created the canyon itself after the layers were together

7 3) FOLDING/BENDING OF LAYERS. When we observe the geologic column if millions of years had passed between the time the first layers were laid down AND the next layers there could be no folding or bending of layers. The layers of rock are solid, hardened, and stiff like concrete. Once concrete is cured we cannot bend it or fold it. Any attempt to do so would completely break or crumble it. Only when concrete is still pliable could bending or folding occur. There are massive sites of bending and folding of not just one layer but all layers together. There is no explanation for these features other than while the layers were laid down together by water, still pliable, not cured, the continents and plate movement of the earth produced forces that buckled, bent, and folded them creating the mountain ranges we see on the earth. Think about how long it takes for concrete to harden. It hardens in a short period of time maybe 24 hours, not 24 million years. Only a flood of Noahs dimensions could account for the creation of these folded layers!

8 All the layers WERE together then they folded? How is that possible over long ages?

9 4) POLYSTRATA FOSSILS (multiple layers) There are many instances of tree trunks in varying positions (sometimes upside down) fossilized in cross section throughout multiple layers of the geologic column. There is no way these can exist if millions of years existed between the layers. If a tree were plunged into the lower level after just a few years the exposed tree would have rotted and decayed away long before the next layer of the strata would have even begun to form. The only way that these trees or other polystrata fossils could exist is for the geologic column to have already existed. If it did then what force buried these thousands of fossils into and across these columns? Something catastrophic had to do it and at the time the column was created. Creation Scientists agree that the column already existed when these polystrata fossils were buried. During the flood with all of the mixing of sediment these fossils were caught in the layered fall out.

10 This is a tree trunk buried and fossilized in multiple layers of the geologic column. 1 M

11 5) WHERES THE NEXT LAYER? This may seem silly but if you consider the evolutionary teaching of the geologic column it means that the first layer existed for millions of years while the upper layers had not formed yet. There are tons and tons of rock layers above the oldest bottom layers where were those rocks and sediment? Were they floating in air? Did the sediment of the next layers come from outer space? And now that we are thinking about this where are the next millions of years of geologic strata now? Is it above us in space? The next layer will certainly show erosion between them, we can see its affects all over the earth now in only thousands of years. If the next layer forms slowly and minutely how does it build with erosion washing it away? In regards to the folded strata how will it align and be the next layer flush in similar relationship with the layers that are already existing?

12 Where were the layers before they accumulated? Where is the next one?

13 The geologic column points to cataclysmic forces which laid down these layers by water all over the earth. The gigantic forces that created the mountain ranges, lowered the ocean bottom, created the volcanic islands and move the continents do not exist now. Erosion, time, wind, rain, the present earthquakes and volcanoes, cannot account for the dramatic large scale geologic features we see in the earth. What buried the massive graveyards of fossil fish, sea life, plants, and animals located on every continent? Especially the sea life massive burials located on top of many mountain ranges? What forces buried the plant life that turned into the coal beds? What forces buried the animal life that turned into the oil reserves in the earth?

14 The Answer: Noahs World Wide Flood As difficult as it might be to believe such an event of biblical proportions took place consider that if it did it explains perfectly what we see in the geology of the earth. The Water is here…if the mountains were lowered and the ocean basins rose there is enough water to submerge the whole earth up to a mile deep. Did you know that over 250 cultures around the world have a world wide flood legend?

15 Geologists know… The continents have shifted The mountain ranges were forced upward The mid-ocean ridges show massive movements. That the earths land everywhere had been under water sometime in the past. That some kind of catastrophe buried the fossils in the billions, rapidly…

16 Want to know more?

17 Consider these readings & resources… Scientific Creationism, Henry M.Morris The Genesis Flood, The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications, John C. Whitcomb & Henry M. Morris In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, Walt Brown

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