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A new platform for a renewed Re-Use of PSI strategy.

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1 A new platform for a renewed Re-Use of PSI strategy

2 Foster a culture of Reuse of Public Sector Information Pave the way for the provision by the government of the existing public sector information Promote the market of Reuse of Public Sector Information Promotes a culture of reuse of public sector information, raising awareness of the importance and value of public sector information and reuse among government, citizens and businesses ESTABLISHED IN OCTUBER 2008 The genesis of

3 Just the tip of the iceberg Open Standards Licences Governance Structure Collaboration with stakeholders Public Sector Information

4 Re-use of PSI in eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015 Estrategia de Granada Increase availability of public sector information for reuse. R29.M5. Implementation of education and awareness measures complementary of Law 37/2007 on reuse of public sector information, aimed at disseminating the basic aspects of the regulation and the promotion of a culture of reuse of public sector information Spain. Development of Royal Decree for the Law 37/2007 on reuse of public sector information.... spelling out and providing the technical details for the provisions included in the Law 37/2007 for the national government ADOPTED JULY, 2010

5 The goal of the strategy Visibility Re-usability barriers Accesibility Value of Public Sector Information = X Equal Conditions Maximising the value of Public Sector Information

6 Removing the barriers New rules for a new strategy Data should be open and available by default and exceptions should be justified Octuber 20th 2011 Council of Ministers of Spain passes a new regulation which includes de opendata-by-default principle : the Royal Decree 1495/2011 Octuber 21th 2011

7 counting with Increasing PSI visibility New platform for a new strategy Focus on the PSI concept Focus on the data … … and what to do with it. Developed in collaboration with

8 Main sections Data catalogue Searching facilities Recomended Data Filtering facilities Subject Format

9 Main sections Applications gallery Searching facilities Recomended Applications Filtering facilities Subject Platform

10 Other sections Self-training, news, social networks Self-training: Studies, guides, legal framework News: International and national opendata and Re-Use of PSI affairs with RSS service Social Networks: Creation of a national opendata community around twitter and LinkedIn profiles

11 PSI portals in Regional and Local Governments Comunidades Autónomas Gobierno del País Vasco. Open Data Euskadi Gobierno de Cataluña. Datos Abiertos Gencat Gobierno del Principado de Asturias. Catálogo de datos Gobierno de Castilla-La Mancha. Portal de Datos Abiertos de JCCM Gobierno de Navarra. Iniciativa Open Data Navarra Gobierno de las Islas Baleares. Dades Obertes CAIB Gobierno de Extremadura. Reutiliz@ Junta de Andalucía Ayuntamientos Ayuntamiento de Badalona. Open Data Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. Open Data BCN Ayuntamiento de Córdoba. Open Data Córdoba Ayuntamiento de Gijón. Portal de Datos Abiertos Ayuntamiento de Lleida. Dades obertes de Lleida Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza. AyuntamientosCCAALeyenda: We are not alone in Spain Thousand of flowers blooming

12 Infomediaries: Companies who re-use public sector information for create value added applications, product and services for third parties Business volume 1.600 M Infomediary activity 550-650 M 5000-5500 employees 230 companies Re-use of Public Sector Information Sectors Economy 37,6% Cartography 30,5% Legal 17,0% Transports 5,2% Society and Demography 1,9% Meteorology 1,1% Others,… 6,7% Source: Caracterización del sector Infomediario en España, Proyecto Aporta, Junio 2011 45,7% customers in other Member States We are not alone in Spain A dynamic infomediary sector

13 More information Description of the case in ePractice RD 1495/2011 in English

14 Proud members of the Spanish and international opendata community Alex Rovira Being part of a community is not an obligation, it is a responsibility

15 Muchas gracias Twitter: @proyectoaporta Twitter: @egarciagarcia

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