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Day 1. Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities presents Safety Awareness Training.

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1 Day 1

2 Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities presents Safety Awareness Training

3 Everything we talk about you can do Everything we talk about you can afford Everything we talk about can be used to help protect yourself Now all you have do is it give it a try

4 Who are the good people and who are the bad people?

5 Pick out the Bad people Not every one looks like a criminal Unfortunately most of the time we know or have known the person who caused us harm A Bad person can be nice, friendly, willing to help, offer to do things for you, at first, and then change into their new attitude.

6 What is your definition of a friend

7 What makes someone trustworthy Someone who is there for you when you need them) Someone who shares, willing to support your activities of interest) Admits when they are wrong Never intimidates or threatens you. Respects your personal space, boundaries, morals, beliefs and supports you during difficult times. Tells the truth

8 What actions make people not friends What does this picture mean to you?

9 What makes people not trust worthy Lies Violent, threatens, or intimidates you Controlling of who you talk with, see, or work with. They want to know everything you do. Want to isolate you from family, friends, providers. Doesnt take no for an answer.

10 What can we do to get dangerous people out of our lives Tell them no. Thats right you have the right to say no. 911 for dangerous or threatening behavior Tell a trusted friend, Family, SSA, Provider about the situation. Ask for help. You can evict them if they moved in The important thing is you need to stick with keeping them out. Most bad people will try to talk you out of calling police, evicting them, or telling trusted people in your lives.

11 It is never your fault when some one else harms you, steals from you, or tricks you. The Bad person does this to everyone This is why you need to report this type of issue to people you trust who will get you help.

12 You need to identify those people you trust and can help you stay safe FamilySSAProviderPolice Church/Religious leader Who else do you trust Write down people you trust exercise (participants will have a folder they will take home. The Safety Folder)

13 Home safety Always call 911 if you are in danger or someone is trying to hurt you. Do not hang up the phone until the police or fire/EMS arrives.

14 Home Safety Lock all your doors and windows.- sounds simple but most people dont do it. Keep porch light on or use other exterior lighting around your house.- Criminals hate being seen Use of lights inside your house such as a living room light left on is a good idea.

15 Home Safety Consider leaving a radio on low for background noise when you are away. Cant have a dog? No problem just buy a cheap dog bowl and food at the dollar store and occasionally fill the bowl. This looks like a dog exists. The bigger the bowl the better.

16 Home Safety Security Chain or door stopper can offer more protection Security Chain or door stopper can offer more protection Security alarms are great. A cheap alternative is fake stickers of security companies or cheap door/window alarms.

17 Keys Security Codes Only give these out to people who need it Who would you give these out to?

18 These people should not have keys or codes Girl friends and boy friends (breaking up happens all the time) Friends do not need keys or codes as they should respect that safety issue. (you might have one and I mean one friend to give an extra key to, but they should be a long time friend)

19 Home safety Lets talk medications! Do not tell people you have lots of meds or pain meds. This makes you a target for those who seek drugs. If some one asks you about your medication other than doctor, provider, trusted family or SSA be aware they may be trouble. How can you answer this question? Keep them locked up. If meds are missing report it.

20 Home Safety Money and Personal Identification Unless needed do not carry lots of money on you. If they steal $10 thats better than $50. Use a bank for most of your money. Pin numbers to cards should never be with the cards. Check books should be locked up All bills, bank statements, tax documents, and anything with personal information should be shredded before throwing it away.

21 Home safety Social Security Number Dont carry in wallet or purse Only give out your social security number in person to a trusted individual. Never give it out on the phone. Remember your bank, DCBDD, Provider, Insurance Company, and any agency you have already had contact with has this number. The scam is some one pretends to be one of these agencies and needs more info. Report this immediately if it happens.

22 Answering the Door Use the peep hole, front window, or yell through the door to identify some one. Use a security chain if you have one when opening the door. Always ask for identification of any one you dont know. Remember a real police officer, electric worker, or other good person will have no problem letting you confirm who they are. Thats right you can call their work to confirm they are for real.

23 End of home safety Next week is community safety Is there any concerns you have about the community or something you want me to cover.

24 Day 2

25 Community Safety Buddy System: This is the best defense when out in the community. Know your surroundings. Look around make quick eye contact with those you are concerned about. Bad people like those who dont pay attention.

26 Community safety WHEN IN DOUBT GET OUT and SHOUT!!!!!!!!!! Run, scream fire, yell fire, make noise, blow a whistle, set off your own car alarm, but get away. Noise is your friend Trust your instincts

27 Community safety Walk or park in areas that have lights. Consider small metal flashlight on key chain if that is not possible. Gives light and can be used as a punching tool if attacked.

28 Money How can you protect your money while in the community? ATM Safety Store Safety Crowd Safety We wished it rained money but it doesnt so we need to protect what we do have.

29 Money in the community Who carries a wallet or purse? How do you carry it? Do you carry only the money needed? Is your Pin numbers in your wallet or purse next to your cards? Do you flash your money around or tell people how much you have? Is your social security card in purse or wallet?

30 Options for safety Carry Wallet in front pocket. Dont carry a purse in crowds resort to pocket book and carry in front pocket Dont carry purse wrapped around neck. Sounds safe until some one drags you trying to get it. Better to loose purse than have injury Pin numbers, social security cards should not be in your wallet or purse. Keep money in purse or wallet until needed and dont show it off.

31 The ATM Is it well lighted? Can you see all around it? Is there people close by just standing around it If drive up dont turn car off allows for quick escape

32 Stores Do not flash your money around. Make sure you get the right change back Do not allow clerks to write your credit card numbers down. Social security numbers should not be given out. The store can accept a check with out it. If you feel some one is watching you go to customer service and let them know.

33 Taxis Say the name of the driver or the taxi number and then say where to go. (This makes them realize you are paying attention) If you have a cell phone then call ahead to your destination and say the taxi number or name is bringing you in. Always report dangerous driving or rude behavior.

34 Day 3

35 Dating Safety What does BUDDY SYSTEM mean to you? Why does this make you safer

36 Dating The same rules for who is safe and who is not safe can be used for dating. Who remembers these rules? Who can think of new safety ideas when dealing with dating?

37 Dating safety rules Always meet for the first time in Public If this is someone you met over the internet then drive yourself and take friends. This gives you support (Buddy System) and a way to escape. (Always meet in public) Consider driving yourself for first dates this gives you option of when to leave. Consider driving yourself for first dates this gives you option of when to leave.

38 Dating Safety Know your expectations for the date. Your date should tell you what you will be doing. Movie, dinner, bowling, ect. If they wont tell you dont go. Tell your friends and family who is taking you out and where you are going. Have a friend or family member call you during the date to check on you. Tell your date that they will call as you do this for your own safety. Dont let them try the you dont trust me yet game Of course you dont trust them that is earned over time.

39 Dating Safety Intimacy such as hand holding, kissing, or sexual activity is up to you. No one has a right to force you to do anything you dont want to do. Saying No is all you need to do. Sometimes people use alcohol, drugs, or say I paid as a way to make you feel like you owe them something. These people are not trustworthy and get rid of them. Remember our rules in Friend section. Men and Women can be victims NO MEANS NO!!!!!!!!

40 Dating Safety Violence is not OK in any relationship. Violent people tend to tell you their sorry and it wont happen again. They are lying. They have issues that need corrected and you cant correct it. Get away from anyone who is violent. Let your Family, SA, Friends, Police, and Provider know if someone is hurting you. Almost always the violence gets worse.

41 Dating Safety Warnings of violent people Threatening, hitting, verbal abuse, or threatening to harm friends, pets, family, providers, or things you love like collectables. People who dont allow you to talk with friends or family. Isolating you is a bad sign. Control where and who you are with. These behaviors will only get worse over time so get rid of them.

42 Dating safety Sexual Assault is never the survivors fault. In Delaware County we have a team that works together to do our best to put these violators in prison. We will support you. Sexual Assault is any unwanted touch of your body in the following areas breasts, buttocks, inner thighs, vaginal, and penis. Always report such unwanted touches to authorities immediately.

43 Dating safety I know we just covered the dangers of dating but if you follow these basic rules it will help make dates easier and more enjoyable for your self. You will pick people who can be good friends and partners. Dating mean, violent, or intimidating people may be dating but it is miserable. Dont you want to have a good time?


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