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FLAC – RU’s Adjunct Course Assignment and Payment Process

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1 FLAC – RU’s Adjunct Course Assignment and Payment Process
Presented by: Connie Phillips, Director Heather Miano, Administrative Assistant Office of Academic Budgets & Administration Office of Provost 10/25/20212

2 Presentation Overview
FLAC – What is it? FLAC Benefits Access Requirements Data Entry Flow INB Banner Data Workflow (Departments) Self-Service Banner Components – Review and Approvals (Departments and Administration) Final INB Banner Process (HR and Payroll) Situations Requiring Special Attention Errors & Trouble Shooting Editing Compensation Adjunct’s Review and Acknowledgement Process for Corrections after Submissions Established Deadlines Q&A

3 FLAC: RU’s Adjunct Course Assignment and Payment Process
What is FLAC? Faculty Load And Compensation Automation of Faculty Assignments from Banner Student to Banner HR Provides access to information through new Self Service Banner Components Provides Faculty-Oriented View of Compensation Details and contract information

4 Faculty Load & Compensation
Faculty Load and Compensation Designed for PT, by-course view of their assignment but also accommodates FT T&R Overloads Module will also be used for Wintermester and Summer School terms. Self Service access for set up by Departments Self Service access for Adjunct Faculty Members with ability for acknowledgement

5 FLAC: Benefits Sustainability - Creates paperless PT instruction contracts in Self-Service Banner Information presented to faculty and administrators in an easy to understand format. Allows faculty to view their course load, compensation details and allows for acknowledgements online. Fewer payment issues – reduction in errors (i.e. Non-payments, late contracts, etc.)

6 FLAC Benefits Integration between Banner Student & HR
Improves user productivity through automated application of Job Assignments from primary faculty assignment data (HR function) Allows the Department/College to reconsider who does what when assigning courses and pay to faculty. No need to submit RG32’s for course instructors. Assignments are directly entered by the Departments. (RG32s will only be used for location/day/time changes.)

7 FLAC Benefits FLAC provides a better collaboration opportunity for:
Registrar’s Office Schedulers/Department Chairs College Deans Provost Office - Academic Budgets & Administration Office Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants Management Human Resources Office of Payroll

8 Access to FLAC Processing Components
Banner access is required for FLAC processing. Departmental Users need both INB-Banner access and SSB-FLAC. Form should be submitted to DoIT with a copy to HR. User will be notified when access is granted.

9 Important Notices Grant Funded Courses:
Departments must notify the Office of Academic Budgets & Administration if the instruction of course is to be funded by a grant. Providing the CRN, the Fund-Org-Program. This must be done to ensure that the proper FOAP is charged. All instructors must be assigned by the deadline provided by the Office of Academic Budgets & Administration (in order for FLAC and payments to be processed in a timely manner).

10 Adjunct Process Data Flow
Initial Data Entry Schedule Employee Data FLAC Process Assignments Review Approvals Payment Payments processed

Banner Student Course Schedule This is set up at least one year in advance. PPAIDEN/PEAMPL/PEAFACT Human Resources-PPAIDEN/PEAMPL Academic Budget & Admin - PEAFACT Banner HR – Employee Information Employee records set up based on hiring proposals (if new adjunct) This information is entered by HR based on PeopleAdmin data and processing of I-9/e-Verify. SIAINST Registrar Banner Student Faculty Contract Type Set Up This information is set up after HR processes PEAMPL for the faculty member.

12 For FLAC to work properly each employee must have:
Person record in Banner – PPAIDEN Usually created by an HR Analyst when she gets the information that you have hired/appointed a new adjunct. Employee record in Banner– PEAEMPL created by HR HR Analyst enters information in Banner. PEAFACT – faculty compensation level from this banner form used in pay calculation for retired faculty. Office of Academic Budgets & Administration assigns the faculty compensation level Contact persons – Heather Miano and Suzy Roop SIAINST – Contract type from this banner form determines which payroll (semi-monthly or bi-weekly) and is also used in pay calculation PT used for adjunct faculty and full-time teaching overloads. Contact persons – Megan Dixon or Norma Whitlow (Registrar’s office) Errors will occur if any one of the above elements is not in place.

13 FLAC Process – Data Flow
SIAASGN Department Faculty Record, Assignments and Load Data Entered FLAC Academic Budgets – Extract Data into Employee Self-Service Sponsored Programs review grant records and send corrections to the department. Departments and Deans review and lock records Faculty review and acknowledge contracts HR-Records Human Resources runs final report to create payment record. Payroll Payroll Technician reviews and processes the payment.

14 Faculty Load & Compensation
Processes Within BANNER INB: Development of Couse Schedule using SSASECT. Departments update course assignments in SIAASGN using the Adjunct’s RUID and CRN with: Adjunct position #; Suffix; and Contract type for faculty (PT) and courses that should be paid based on the sessions and sections. Deadlines for this are established by Academic Affairs. Academic Budgets and Administration processes PEPFLAC to create Self Service Environment.


16 Checklist for Reviewing SIAASGN:
Contract type & position number match PT positions numbers go with the PT contract type Position number is the correct number for your department and employee. SIAASGN was updated for only one of the courses that are cross listed Review faculty members teaching courses for Distance Learning to ensure that only one CRN has the contract type, position number and suffix updated. If multiple CRNs are updated, the faculty member could easily be overpaid. The suffix is correct. (Suffix Code to be provided to Departments by Academic Budgets and Administration.)

17 FLAC: Self-Service Banner Process
Academic Budgets & Admin (ABA) will process PEPFLAC and then request that OSPGM review records that are charged to Grant Funds/Orgs. OSPGM reviews records. If correction is needed, they contact ABA to make the change. ABA notifies the Departments that the records are available in SSB for their review and editing. Departments review Self Service records for accuracy & modify as necessary . Departments notify Dean’s Office once records have been reviewed (may send spreadsheet – The Dean determines notification process). Dean/Associate Dean reviews spreadsheet or SSB-FLAC to make changes or approve. Deans lock records. Only the Dean’s Office should lock records. Dean’s Office sends an to Academic Budgets & Administration that their college is complete – the completed spreadsheet can should be ed to Director of ABA.

18 FLAC: Review and Implementation
In Employee Self Service, the FLAC administrators Office of Sponsored Programs & Grants Management has the opportunity to review and approve compensation that will be paid by grants. Departments and Deans have the ability to edit the course work to add classes, stipends and incremental pay attributes as needed. When complete, FLAC allows: the Adjunct to view their courses and pay, and other important information including pay dates; and the Adjunct to acknowledge their assignments on-line instead of returning contract letters.

19 FLAC: Self-Service Banner Process
Faculty members receive an to check SSB to confirm or acknowledge their courses and compensation. Deadline will be specified for receipt of all acknowledgements. Adjuncts acknowledge contracts in SSB by date required. *Only those adjunct contracts that have been acknowledged will be compensated. Academic Budgets & Administration will contact faculty who have not acknowledged their assignments. Final review by the Director of Academic Budgets & Administration. Budget transfer will be processed to cover the expenditure. Academic Budgets & Administration notifies the Office of Human Resources that the records are prepared and ready for processing.

20 FLAC: Final Banner Process
Within BANNER INB: PEPFCAP - run by Human Resources This action creates NBAJOBS record in Banner Reminder: Only acknowledged contracts will be processed for payment. NBAJOBS records are reviewed by Human Resources Report is forwarded to Payroll The Payroll process is run and paychecks are generated

21 Situations Requiring Special Attention
Entering Cross-listed courses – only update SIAASGN for one of the courses. Example: A faculty is teaching a course as both a graduate & undergraduate course each with it’s own CRN, and the courses will be only compensated as one course. **Same scenario for Distance Ed courses that may be cross-listed with other courses. On SIAASGN, select just one of the courses to enter the information The faculty member will only be paid for one course Full – Time Faculty teaching overload courses Only update SIAASGN for the course designated as overload Use the faculty’s full-time position number (F0….) and the Suffix code provided for the term. Contract Type will need to entered as PT The faculty member will have compensation for this course added to his regular check. No need for PR40s for overloads to be processed when using FLAC. Departments are encouraged to use this method.

22 Situations Requiring Special Attention
Courses that do not run the entire term Courses that begin at the beginning of the semester but end early Enter their information on SIAASGN at the same time as the other courses. Their pay will begin with the first payment and end according to the end date of the job. These records will be available in the web portion for review.

23 Situations Requiring Special Attention
Labs/Lectures – Faculty only teaching the lab portion: The Session number in SIAASGN should match the session number in SSASECT. SSASECT will be available in query mode after it is locked by Registrar’s office. This will make sure that the compensation calculates correctly. See next slide for example

24 Situations Requiring Special Attention


26 Situations Requiring Special Attention

27 Errors & Trouble Shooting SIAASGN
Unable to enter the contract type on SIAASGN *WARNING* No records exist to query LOV – This will come up when you try to enter a contract type for a person who does not have a contract type on SIAINST. Contact Megan Dixon/Matthew Brunner to check on SIAINST to see if a contract type has been assigned to this person. If the contract type has not been assigned, the Registrar’s office will enter the contract type for you if the adjunct’s PEAMPL data is complete. (This is set up during the appointment process.)

28 Errors & Trouble Shooting SIAASGN
Error* Person not an instructor for the term. a. Person has not been assigned to any courses for the selected term 1. Check the term to make sure that is correct b. If the person is teaching this term, SIAASGN needs to be updated to make that person an instructor which will update SSASECT.

29 Errors & Trouble Shooting SIAASGN
*Warning* Position number and suffix not yet assigned to employee This is a warning and will not stop any of the processes from happening. Department will need to make sure that the position has been assigned for the employee. Indicates that this is the first time that person will be paid from that position.

30 Errors & Trouble Shooting SIAASGN
“ERROR Instructor Schedule Conflict” This error occurs when a faculty is assigned to two courses during the same time slot. Solution, check the “override conflicts” box on SIAASGN for both courses.

31 SSB – Faculty Load and Compensation

32 SSB – Faculty Load and Compensation
3 Choices : Compensation & Acknowledgement: This section is for faculty to view their compensation. Faculty Compensation Administration: This section is for departmental & deans level personnel to review & edit compensation for each faculty member. Lock or unlock records. Summary View of Locked and Unlocked Status: A quick way to view the records in those statuses.

33 SSB-Faculty Load and Compensation
Faculty Compensation Administration The filter selection screen gives you choices to filter the records you want to view. Selection choices are by: Term Part of Term Campus College Organization code – you will be limited to the codes in your security set-up


35 SSB - FLAC You can then select what view you want:
Organization Summary – list of individuals in order by organization code Employee Summary – list of individuals in alpha order From there you can select a specific person to view record Employee filter –view to a specific person by entering the last name, first name, or RUID

36 Administrator can override any pay component – System will store and report calculated and overridden.

37 Department will need to make sure that adjuncts are paid properly
Department will need to make sure that adjuncts are paid properly. If an error is found (see previous page), you will make the change and save the record. In this example, the rate is corrected to be flat rate of $ for the lab.

38 Enter reason for change. This is for auditing purposes. Save Comment.

39 FLAC Links and Components
PARTS of the Organization Summary View First column: Links to other areas of the FLAC module Link to the errors are associated with this record Link to the Faculty acknowledgment Link to the Employee Summary page where you can see the locked or unlocked status of this record This indicates that comments have been entered on this person. Click this link to view the comments.

40 Links and Components

41 FLAC Links and Components
Second Column: Restart A check box in this column indicates that this record could be restarted. No check box means that the record is in a status that does not allow restarts. Restart means that the system will go out to Banner and refresh the information for the faculty member. It could bring over additional courses that were added to SIAASGN or an updated rank or compensation value. Caution: Restart refreshes the entire unlocked record in SSB. It will clear out any changes that you have made to the record in the self service environment, such as any rate changes or incremental rates. You will need to update rates again, if you choose to use Restart. *This action can be taken during review/approvals.

42 FLAC Links and Components
Clicking on Restart Selected Employee will bring updated information from Banner to the self service environment. Records must be in “unlocked” status in order to perform a restart. You may want to do this if: The employee has had additional courses added to their workload The compensation for the employee came into self service as 0.00 This may have happened because the campus & schedule type were not defined on the PTRFLAC table maintained by Academic Budgets & Administration. Clicking on Download Employee Data will create an excel spreadsheet of the organization or employees displayed. A spreadsheet is one way to give the chair or associate dean an opportunity to review the compensation.

43 Editing Compensation in SSB-FLAC
Editing is done on the Course Calculation View. 2 ways to go from the Org Summary in order to edit: Click on the name or Click on the course. Clicking on the course takes you to the Course Calculation View.

44 Editing Compensation You can edit: Rate Calculation Method
Credit Hours Flat Rate - Academic Affairs will review these comments to ensure compliance with compensation rates & policies You can add incremental or special payments not listed above based on college and disciplines.

45 Editing Compensation Incrementals:
Incrementals are the rules set up based on the course discipline. Click down arrow in the box to select incremental options. The rate and calculation method will fill. These values can be changed. Enter comments whenever you change the rates or calculation method from the default values. SAVE the record. You will get a message at the top of the screen indicating that the change was saved successfully.

46 Do Not Use The Back Arrow To Move From Screen to Screen!!!
Editing Compensation Do Not Use The Back Arrow To Move From Screen to Screen!!! Your changes may not be saved.

47 FLAC Records Locking Records and Approvals
Locking and unlocking records is done on the Employee Status Summary page. Records should be locked for employees once the compensation has been reviewed and found to be accurate. Only those records that are locked may have jobs created in Banner and paychecks generated. IMPORTANT: Deans/designee must LOCK records by the deadline issued by Academic Budgets & Administration each semester. Failure to do so will delay the paycheck to the employee. Once all records are locked, download the employee data to a spreadsheet for the Departmental and College records.

48 FLAC Records Making Changes to a Locked Record
Changes cannot be made to a Locked record. The Dean must first unlock the record on the Employee Status Summary and Save. This will take you the Course Calculation View where you can click on the course that needs to be corrected. Reminder: Save all of your changes.

49 FLAC Records After all edits are complete, download data to a spreadsheet for your Chair and/or Dean to review. Notify your the College Dean’s office that your departmental records may be reviewed and locked. DO NOT Lock records for faculty who should not be paid at this time; faculty teaching a course in the second half of the semester would be an example.

50 Locking/Unlocking Records

51 FLAC - Acknowledgement
Faculty Perspective: Faculty will be notified by of their compensation (Responsibility of the Dean’s office unless it is automated) Adjunct Faculty can log on to RU Portal and SSB, select Employee and Faculty Load and Compensation and Acknowledgement links to view their compensation along with any important information related to their pay. Faculty can log onto FLAC at any time and view their compensation after the record is locked. Note: Prior to ABA running its process, compensation may change as it goes through review and approvals.

52 FLAC - Acknowledgement

53 FLAC - Acknowledgement
Through the RU Portal, Adjunct will use Quicklinks to access Self-Service Banner

54 FLAC - Acknowledgement

55 FLAC - Acknowledgement

56 FLAC - Acknowledgement

57 FLAC - Acknowledgement

58 FLAC - Acknowledgement

59 Process for Corrections After Submissions
Contact Academic Budgets & Administration for the following situations: Late Submission; SSB created but employee record not locked or applied in Banner; Wrong Position Number assigned to person; Error in compensation; Cancelled Classes; Change of faculty mid-semester

60 FLAC Deadlines Action/Submission Wintermester Submission Deadline Course Assignments (INB Banner)* Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Spring 2013 Submission Deadline Requests for Grant Reassignment or Release Time (PR40s) Friday, December 14, 2012 Adjunct Appointment/Reappointments Course Assignments Entry (INB Banner)* Tuesday, January 8, 2013  FLAC Approvals by College Deans (SSB)  Monday, January 14, 2013 *PR40s will no longer be accepted for Overloads and Adjunct Assignments. All Overloads and Adjunct Assignments must be entered into INB Banner using SSASECT and SIAASGN for FLAC (Faculty Load and Compensation module). Assignments must be entered by the deadlines published.

61 Questions Questions may be submitted in writing to Answers will be sent in response to inquiries. FAQs will be posted on the Provost website.


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