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Developped in collaboration with the FireFight II project group.

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1 Developped in collaboration with the FireFight II project group

2 Involvement To be or to become a firefighter is an important involvement. It is one of the most well regarded job in the world, but also one of the most dangerous. A safer working environment Training is a tool you cant go without to help fire services to Save lives and limit damage without putting at risk the lives of the Firefighters.

3 Training Teaching Schéma de C. Chauvin, « le kit de formation », Issy-les-Moulineaux 2001 ; J. Houssaye, « Le triangle pédagogique », Bern 1992 E-learning is not meant to replace traditionnal training. It complements it and is a fun way to aquire knowledge. The student is the principal actor its training. Knowledge Content End user Student Train Teach Learn

4 Classroom training Classical method. Aiming at the knowledge and skills. E-Learning Through computer based training. Contributes to the aquisition and maintenance of knowledge and know-how. Practical training Performed by experienced trainers, aiming the know-how.

5 Training Management records (annual reports and real-time monitoring) Standardization of practical skills & competencies optimized trainers workload Increases personnel retention (greater motivation) Improves the performance of the department 24/7 availibility of the courses Learning at own speed Flexible theoretical training schedule Knowledge updating Professional advancement Safer intervention More time with family

6 The dashboard regroups all of a student or administrators training sessions : current, upcoming or closed. A session is a role based access to a training content and group. Individual and adminitrative reports are available within a training session.

7 Getting the knowledge is done with a combination of 3 multimedia tools : text, images and animations, voice over. With simulations, the ability to think is put forward.

8 Everything a student does within the training content is tracked and recorded. Those tracked datas are used to produce reports. Administrators have access to complete reports

9 The messaging feature allow sudents and administrators within a session to send and receive messages

10 The tutoring features allow students to ask questions to the tutor of the session.

11 Raw Content Flow ChartValidationProductionValidationDeployment

12 E-Learning Package Production Subject Matter Experts Tools, Knowledge, Concepts


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