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Course Information Fall 2009 Algebra. Course Objective: To provide students with a working knowledge of basic algebraic concepts. This course will cover.

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1 Course Information Fall 2009 Algebra

2 Course Objective: To provide students with a working knowledge of basic algebraic concepts. This course will cover the following topics: Variables, Algebraic Multiplication / Division / Addition / Subtraction, Linear Sentences, Linear Systems, Slopes & Lines, Exponents & Powers, Quadratic Equations & Square Roots, Polynomials, Factoring, Functions Prepare students for the 8 th Grade MCA II test.

3 Daily work: Students will be notified of all assigned daily work through monthly assignment calendars. Students will receive 5 points extra credit if the student brings back the assignment calendar with their parents signature. All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period 2-days after the assignment has been given, unless other-wise notified, and will be corrected by the student in class.

4 Daily work: Students should do all assignments neatly, show the original problem (except for word problems), show all work needed to solve each problem (so they can see what they are working on), and write with a pencil to make changes as needed. Students may correct any incorrect problems on any assignment by the end of that chapter (before the day of the test) in order to achieve 100% on each assignment. Students should keep all assignments through the end of the quarter. In other words Dont throw them away!

5 Daily work: Student assignments will be returned to the student to be re-done for the following: Unacceptable work (messy or incomplete) Assignment not done in pencil Assignment incorrectly corrected Students are expected to: Have all work handed in before they can take the test for that chapter Have all work handed in for mid-quarter, end of the quarter & semester grades.

6 Notes: Students are expected to write down the notes provided in class along with attempting the examples given and demonstrated during class. Students are expected to do the practice problems so that they have practice for working out the problems, these practice problems should be kept in their notes. The notes and examples identify steps and procedures, in addition to the book, to help students learn how to solve the problems. Practice problems are a good way to prepare for a Quiz!

7 Little Books: Students will make a book for each chapter that will contain the following Vocabulary: Bold face words in the explanation section of each lesson. Formulas & Definitions: These are usually found in the beige colored boxes in each lesson. Other helpful information from the chapter for you to use. Students may use these on tests, not quizzes. Each book will be graded as an assignment.

8 Quizzes Students will take two quizzes per chapter. Each quiz will contain problems from the previous sections in the chapter. The quiz date and the sections, from the chapter, that will be covered on the quiz will be identified on the assignment calendar The lowest quiz score, in a quarter, will be dropped. Students may not retake a quiz.

9 Test Reviews: The test review is similar to the test. The review is handed out in class 2-days before the test is given. Student are expected to bring the completed review to class the next day. The problems on the review are discussed and demonstrated during the next class period in order to answer any questions the students may have (Note: this is extra credit)

10 Tests: To provide an evaluation of the students progress each test contains problems that have been covered in the previous chapter. Students should use the review to identify the problems that they need additional help with and ask questions before the test is given. Students should show all work on the test and double check all work before handing in the test. Each problem on the test is graded as 5-points per problem, this allows for partial credit to be given for individual problems based on the work shown for each problem. All assignments for the chapter must be handed in before the student will be eligible to take the test.

11 Tests: Students who do not have all assignments handed in before the test, will have two classroom days to take the test before a zero is given for the test. Additionally, the student will need to take the test before the end of the quarter. Students will have five classroom days, from the date that the test is returned to the student, to re-take the test. Students will need to schedule a date and time to re-take the test. (no show / no test). Students who have failed a test and whish to retake it, must go over their test with me before the retake. Students will receive the score on the test re-take, not the higher of the two scores.

12 Semester & Final Tests: Students will not be given Semester Projects or Semester Tests at this time. If a test or project is to be assigned, students will be notified well in advance.

13 Grade Policy: Students are expected to complete all work assigned in the class. Students with missing assignments may be given an F for their letter grade, even if they have a passing percent in the class. Student may be given an I incomplete for a quarter grade if there has been a parent meeting and a schedule for completing the work has been set.

14 Grade Policy: Students Percent grade is based on the following: Assignment Percent is weighted at 25% Assignment Completion is weighted at 5% Quiz Percent is weighted at 10% Test Percent is weighted at 60% Extra Credit is 3% added onto a students percent grade based on the following Assignment Calendar is weighted at 1.5% Test Review is weighted at 1.5% All percents are rounded to the nearest tenth.

15 Grade Policy: Letter Grades are identified by the following percent ranges: A: 100%-93%, A-: 92%-90% B+: 89%-87%,B: 86%-83%,B-: 82%-80% C+: 79%-77%,C: 76%-73%,C-: 72%-70% D+: 69%-67%, D: 66%-63%,D-: 62%-60% F: 59%-0%

16 Grade Policy: Student grades will be kept on the schools online grade book system and will be updated at least once a week. Students may also ask for their current grade during class time.

17 Calculators: The text requires the use of a graphing calculator. Graphing calculators will be used in future classes as well as most college mathematics courses. Graphing calculators ( TI-84 ) are available for student use during class time, additionally a graphing calculator program is available for student use. A basic scientific calculator will be sufficient for student use in the class. Students are not required nor encouraged to purchase a graphing calculator for this class.

18 Classroom Behavior & Discipline: Students Right To An Education: Every student has the right to an education. No student has the right to interfere with another students education. Individuals Responsibility For Their Education: You have a responsibility for your education. Your education is just that, YOUR EDUCATION. You are the only person responsible for doing your homework, taking notes, participating in class, and studying for tests. You are responsible for your classroom behavior, participation, preparation, and attention.

19 Classroom Behavior & Discipline: Respect for School Books & Equipment: You are provided with these materials for your education. These materials are intended to be used by many people, NOT JUST YOU. It is your responsibility to use these materials in the manner intended. If you damage the materials provided, you will be charged for their repair or replacement. Education is a learning process, and from time to time students do not make good choices for their education. When this occurs a discussion will be held with the student to help them understand what they need to do.

20 Classroom Behavior & Discipline: If the student continues to make the same choices, the student will be held accountable for their behavior according to the Student Handbook. If a student is removed from the classroom, a parent meeting will be held before the student will return to the classroom

21 Other information: Students will also be expected to put on and maintain a cover on their textbook. This will be a graded assignment at 1 - point each quarter. Note: 1 - point = 100%, 0 - point = 0%! And will be considered as a missing assignment if the student does have their book covered. Students should try to do their assignments by themselves as much as possible. The less a student relies on others, notes & the book the more the student learns the material. Remember on a test the student can not ask others or use the book, other wise it would not be a test!

22 Other information: Students having problems should talk to me. I am available in the mornings at 7:50 am or earlier if needed and until 3:50 pm or later if needed. If you need help, ASK! THAT IS WHY I AM HERE!! Mathematics Department Web Site: ml ml E-mail:

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